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Cafe Sketches

The art of adventure

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

“Café Sketches,” a lighthearted selection of artists’ travel drawings and paintings, is showing until the end of the month at Perry and Carlson Gallery in Mount Vernon.

The exhibit features line drawing, which since the Renaissance has been acknowledged as the foundation of all visual arts. Gallery co-owner Christian Carlson, an architect himself, selected a number of elegant works by fellow architects as well as other artists. 

Five pencil drawings by Anita Lehmann reveal…

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ICU Roof #2

Sky Gardens

A walk among the flowers

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The road is obscure. It is little-traveled, but by and large is not in bad shape. Along the upper reaches the sides were lined with alpine wildflowers—columbine, lupine, tiger lily, paintbrush, phlox. Glacial ice gleamed blue-green across the plunging valley, its bottom clad in dark conifers. Somewhere down there, invisible from this elevation, a cold, clear creek rushed through the trees.

When the rain stopped, we packed our backpacks and headed up a sort-of-trail that exists on no…

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ICU Roof #2


An optimistic disaster novel

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Author, blogger and activist Cory Doctorow described himself as a “pulp science-fiction writer” while in Bellingham for his latest book tour.

Before turning to writing full time in 2006, Doctorow worked with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an international digital rights group that provides guidance to governments and courts on issues regarding Internet civil liberties. The EFF has been successful in influencing legislation relating to encryption and email privacy.

All this is…

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Going Green

A chef with a penchant for produce

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I grew beets for years without realizing the greens atop the blood-red root vegetable could be cooked and consumed, and were in fact rich with vitamins C, A, and E.

These days, I’m apt to add them to everything from stir-fries to pasta sauces and omelets, and have even been known to contribute a few leaves to bulk up various pesto concoctions—something else I’ve learned can be made not just with basil, but also with various garden goods such as chives, garlic scapes, arugula and…

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A History of Hate

For more than a century, Sikhs have faced suspicion and violence

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The 1907 episode in a seaside timber town in Washington came to be known as the Bellingham Riots. Really, though, there were no riots.

There was a pogrom.

At the time, the United States was suffering through deep economic distress, a panic-filled recession that had begun the year before. Angry anti-immigrant sentiment was ascendant. And hundreds of Sikh men who had traveled from India to Bellingham to toil in the lumber mills paid the price.

Some 500 white men, many of them members…

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On Stage

No Borders

Asperger’s Are Us

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The members of Asperger’s Are Us appreciate it when people enjoy their shows, but they’d also like it to be known that the sketch comedy they’ve been generating together off and on since meeting in 2010 isn’t designed to do anything other than make themselves—and other people—laugh.

“It’s about improving people’s standards for comedy,” cast member Noah Britton says of the group that formed after he met New Michael Ingemi, Jack Hanke, and Ethan Finlan at a summer camp for kids on…

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Aaron Neville

The Green Frog

Four walls and a grilled cheese

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Like all of you, I have spent the past several weeks ingesting the bulk of my musical intake in the great outdoors. From parks to fields to beer gardens to amphitheaters to the streets themselves, no al fresco spot has been safe from the seasonal sonic onslaught.

I’m certainly not complaining. The ability to wander into a concert at many of my favorite outdoor haunts is one of the things I remember fondly and wistfully during the dark days of winter.

But after the orgy of outdoor…

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Logan Lucky

A Southern tall tale

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky is a high-spirited, lowdown blast. It’s a let’s-rob-the-racetrack heist comedy set in that all-American place that even rednecks would have no problem calling redneck country: the land of NASCAR and child beauty pageants, spangly long fingernails and roadside biker-bar brawls, and—these days being what they are—chronic unemployment and spiritual stagnation. The script, by Rebecca Blunt (it’s her first, and it’s a beauty), exploits the Southern…

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SVCR Sweet Suite
The Gristle
The Missing Middle

THE MISSING MIDDLE: Two eddies converged into a stream at Bellingham City Council this week, each carrying the effluent that the City of Subdued Excitement is quickly becoming a place where few of common means can live.

“There’s affordable housing that is subsidized, and then there is…

Alan Rhodes
and the Livin’ is Lazy

Ah, summer: the outdoor concerts, Saturdays at the Farmers Market, evening walks around Lake Padden, all beneath the benevolent canopy of thick gray smoke blowing down from Canadian forest fires.

I turn shiftless and irresponsible during these summer days, which makes writing 750 words on…

MBT Help
A culture of cruelty

Since 2012, I’ve accompanied Western Washington University students to the Arizona/Mexico border with No More Deaths, an organization that aims to end death and suffering in the Sonora…

A bath of disquietude

I consider the rise to power of the madman in the White House. He burst onto the political scene with the lie that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Like any good con man he noted the political…

Lipstick on a pig

In a recent editorial, Republican Reps. Van Buys and Van Werven attempted to put lipstick on a pig (no offense to pig-lovers here).
The pig is the Republican hostage taking of a bipartisan…

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Today's Events
Northwest Washington Fair


Performances by Night Ranger, Scotty McCreery, and Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias will be a few of the highlights of the annual Northwest Washington Fair taking place from 9am-11pm Monday through…

Bicycle Noir


You’ll need a two-wheeled conveyance to take part in Bicycle Noir, which hits the streets at 7:30pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 2pm Sunday starting at Cafe Velo (120 Prospect St.) and…

First Tee Golf Tournament


The second annual “First Tee” Golf Tournament will begin with a 10am shotgun start in Anacortes at the Swinomish Golf Links. The tournament will be hosted by the Kiwanis Sunrisers and…

Boating Center Open


The Community Boating Center will be open through the summer from 12pm until sunset on weekdays and 10am sunset on Saturdays and Sundays at their headquarters at 555 Harris Ave. Rentals…

Lynden Farmers Market


Local farmers and artisans will sell their edible and creative wares at the Lynden Farmers Market from 12-6pm at 324 Front St. Visit the market Thursdays through October 12.

Skagit Tours


As part of the annual “Skagit Tours,” Seattle City Light, the North Cascades Institute, and the National Park Service offer Diablo Lake boat tours, Gorge powerhouse tours and Newhalem tours…

Bow Farmers Market


Attend the volunteer-run, open-air Bow Farmers Market from 1-6pm every Thursday through Aug. 31 at Samish Bay Cheese, 15115 Bow Hill Rd.

The Art of Adaptation


Adults and school-age children are invited to “The Art of Adaptation: Skill Sharing” with local artist Ben Mann at 2pm at the Lecture Room at the Bellingham Public Library, 210 Central Ave.…

Blues and Brews


The Chris Eger Band performs at a “Blues, Brews & BBQ” summer concert series taking place from 5-9pm on the waterfront terrace at Hotel Bellwether, One Bellwether Way. Additional concerts…

Riverwalk Summer Concert Series


As part of the free Riverwalk Summer Concert Series, Whiskey Fever performs from 6-8pm at Mount Vernon’s Riverwalk Plaza. Additional concerts happen Aug. 24 (Polecat), and Aug. 31 (Rivertalk).

Bard on the Beach


Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, The Winter’s Tale, The Merchant of Venice, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona can be seen as part of the 28th season of Bard on the Beach at Vancouver, BC’s…

Elizabeth Park Concert Series Finale


Hear bluegrass by the Quickdraw String Band from 6-8pm at the Columbia neighborhood’s Elizabeth Park. Entry to the final free summer concert series of the season is free.

Brave Deeds


Montana-based author David Abrams reads from his new book of fiction, Brave Deeds, at 7pm at Village Books, 1200 11th St. Spanning eight hours, the novel follows a squad of six AWOL soldiers…

Balkan Folk Dance


The Balkan Folk Dancers meet from 7-9:30pm most Thursdays at the Fairhaven Library, 1117 12th St. Dances are taught, and mentoring is available. Suggested donation is $5.

Skagit River Shakespeare Festival Finale


Shakespeare Northwest concludes its 15th annual Skagit River Shakespeare Festival this weekend with showings of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II at 7pm Thursday and Saturday at the Rexville…

An Iliad


Power, humor and poetry can be expected when Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao presents Lisa Peterson’s and Denis O’Hare’s adaptation of the ancient Greek classic An Iliad at 7:30pm Thursday through…

The Cemetery Club


The “life comedy” play The Cemetery Club concludes this week with showings at 7:30pm Thursday through Saturday at the Anacortes Community Theatre, 918 M Ave. The plot follows three Jewish…



Actress Kimberly Richards of Late Nite Catechism fame stars as a woman who has just survived her 50th birthday and refuses to slide gently into middle age at the final showings of Help! My…

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