A Big Bellewood Bash

Baby’s first birthday


Although none of us really want to face this fact, fall is indeed coming. You can feel it in the increasingly cool nights, see it in the turning of the leaves, smell it in the air.

Fall means many things to many people, but to me, it means readying my stack of sweaters for daily wear, transitioning my nightcap of choice from Kool-Aid to hot cocoa and journeying into the wilds of Whatcom County to search out fall’s tasty bounty.

And if I can help Bellewood Acres celebrate the first birthday of its Farm Market and Bistro while doing so, so much the better.

One year ago, Bellewood unveiled its 14,000-square-foot, strikingly lovely, Farm Market and Bistro to better encompass a business that has expanded far beyond its signature HoneyCrisp apples. Along with a menu of simple, hearty meals, the Farm Market and Bistro also offers all the delicious Bellewood peanut butter you can eat, pies, hot and cold cider, and the tasty, tasty cider doughnuts I may have mentioned a time or two in the recent past.

Aside from all those many enticements, the Farm Market and Bistro has also proven itself to be an excellent and scenic venue for live music, and Bellewood has taken advantage of that all summer long with its Farm Tunes series. And, come Fri., Sept. 6, Bellewood will use its Farm Market and Bistro to celebrate itself—and Bellingham’s very own award-winning Polecat will be on hand to provide all the foot-stompin’, booty-shakin’ music that any enterprising one-year-old would be happy to have at their birthday party.

While Polecat’s nimble, high-energy, fiddle-fueled, hybrid-Americana music can be heard and understood on any of their three releases (including their most recent album, Fathoms), this is a band that really must be seen live to be truly appreciated. A rigorous show schedule—to ever-growing audiences and in places farther and farther flung from their Bellingham roots—have honed this band into a force to be reckoned with. And whether they’re playing in the streets of Bellingham as part of Downtown Sounds or a place that evokes a little more of their Americana roots such as Bellewood, Polecat is more than capable of showing all and sundry their version of the best good time.

To be sure, attending Bellewood’s big birthday party likely involves a trek for most of us. But when the pot of gold at the end of this entertainment rainbow involves great, all-ages music in a scenic locale for a mere $5, it’s well worth the journey. Just don’t forget to avail yourself of those doughnuts while you’re there. And maybe some peanut butter. Or a pie. Oh, and I hear they’ve got some apples there too.

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