Sarah Goodin

Finding her Voice

I don’t know much about these things, but I assume when someone charged with casting the reality television sing-off competition The Voice calls and asks you to audition, you immediately say yes, even if the audition in question happens to be in, say, Miami.

But that kind of thing doesn’t happen to people around here.

Unless you’re Sarah Goodin, that is. A few days ago, she received such a phone call with such an invitation, and as I surmised, her response was something along the lines of, “When do you need me to be there?” The answer: about two weeks from now. But there’s a catch: Goodin has to pay her own way there, and a plane ticket to Miami isn’t exactly cheap.

Enter Marissa McGrath and Sarah Holodnick, otherwise known as the Good Time Girls. On the verge of opening a storefront, the Bureau of Historical Investigation, the Good Time Girls scheduled a grand opening celebration for Feb. 1 at their new Holly Street shop, and invited Goodin to come and play a fundraiser as part of the festivities, an offer she readily accepted.

Of course, Goodin’s Voice audition doesn’t guarantee her a place on the show, but as anyone who’s ever heard her sing well knows, hers is a rare talent certainly deserving of far greater exposure than what she’s able to get here. And it’s not often the money we pay at the door has the potential to help a person perform in front of a television audience of millions of people—and that’s an investment that has the possibility of paying real dividends.

Sarah Goodin plays at 7pm Sat., Feb. 1 at the Bureau of Historical Investigation, 217 W. Holly St. Cost: $10. More info: http://www.thebureaubellingham.com

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