Birthday Your Brains Out

It’s a Marty Party

Shakedown owner Marty Watson is not the kind of guy who likes to draw attention to himself. In fact, the further under the radar he can fly, the happier he is. Which is why, when he decided to throw himself a birthday party at his bar, those of us who know him could hardly believe it.

Since Marty is unlikely to host a birthday bash (also known as a Marty Party) every year, he stacked his event, which takes place Sat., March 30 at the Shakedown (natch) with his very favorite local bands and musicians—and at least a couple of them don’t grace stages anywhere at any time for any reason very often.

Chief among these seldom-seen bands is Ship to Ship, a two-piece (and one of my favorite bands as well) that seems to only emerge from wherever it is they hide at the behest of friends. Joining them will be their friends and musical cohorts Falling Up Stairs, along with Pan Pan (who will play a set comprised entirely of new music), and Part Wolf.

Given Marty’s desire to not want to make a fuss of himself, it’s unlikely he’ll be jumping out of a cake or otherwise engaging in birthday-related public displays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big deal of him when you see him. After all, we couldn’t have a Marty Party without him.

Marty’s birthday bash takes place at 9pm Sat., March 30 at the Shakedown (1212 N. State St.). Cost: $3. More info:

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