Solstice Strolling

Welcoming summer in Fairhaven


If you contemplated turning the heat back on last weekend when temperatures dipped into the mid-50s, you’re probably aware that, for a short time at least, the much-feared “June-uary”  made a return to our corner of the globe.

Hopefully, by the time you read these words, sunny skies will have returned to our warmer-than-usual June, and you can spend the longest Friday evening of the year, June 20, strolling the streets of Fairhaven as part of the historic business center’s annual “Summer Solstice Walk.”

Even if the wet stuff pours down from the sky in torrential, miserable buckets, the seasonal art soiree will go on as planned, and the yellow sunshine flags dotting the doorsteps and windows of the galleries and businesses who are taking part in the event will instead serve as your beacons of light.

Following are a few of the highlights you can expect at the festivities, which also includes meet-and-greets with the artists, and demos. (Keep in mind these represent less than half of the happenings during the affair.)

At Artwood, pieces by woodworker Ray deVries will be on display. In addition to the new pieces he’ll be showing—which include a small coffee table, a hall table, a “shell” table, coat hangers, mirrors and more—the founding member of the creative collective will be front and center to answer questions and talk about his work. Additionally, painter Laurie Potter will be in attendance to dish on her own works, which will show at the space in July and August.

At the Bay to Baker Trading Company, it’ll be hard to know where to look first. Pieces by longtime Bellingham-based watercolor master Jody Bergsma will be on display, as will those by Alaskan Tlingit carver Israel Shortride, raku-fired ceramicist Ainsley Walden, and Beth Robertson.

Meanwhile, the “magnificent” mosaics of Michael Laboon can be perused at Good Earth Pottery, where the artist will be on hand to talk about the laborious process he utilizes to create his clay images, which are said to be both dramatic and graceful.

Paper Dreams will feature “peace pole” artist Stephanie Burgess, who will give those in attendance a mini wood-burning presentation to explain how she creates the garden-friendly artworks. Additionally,  view a display of her works, which feature poetic phrases and colorful painted images, often supporting a message of peace (hence the moniker). If you purchase one, bring sure and bring it to Burgess to be signed.

Although it’s not listed on the website, the Lucia Douglas Gallery will be getting in on the festivities with a multi-artist display aptly titled “Ya Gotta Love Fairhaven.”

Painter Lanny Little says he came up with the idea for the exhibit after finishing the refurbishing of the Fairhaven Village Green mural last fall.

“I thought it would be of interest to the community if I put together a photo-essay chronicling the life of the Village Green mural from 2000 to the present and show it in a gallery setting,” Little says. Gallery owner Linda Gardner agreed, and the exhibit—which will include the photos alongside Little’s colorful paintings of Fairhaven—was born.

Additionally, 20 area artists also submitted Fairhaven-featured artworks to the show, and many of them—including Amy Armitage, Donna Aur, Anita Boyle, Richard Bulman, Mary Greg Byrne, Nancy Canyon, Ben Mann, Lorna Libert, Ron Pattern, Joy Olney, Mary Froderberg, and others—will be front-and-center.

When the event eventually wraps up at 8pm (7pm at the Lucia Douglas Gallery), there’s a chance you may still need your sunglasses to navigate the (hopefully) sunny streets of Fairhaven. Summer is looking bright, after all.

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