Live Music

Wednesday, 07.10.19

Don Virgovic (5:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Piano Night w/Aaron Guest (6pm), Aftersounds w/Metanoia Collective (8pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Kiefer Sutherland, Darcy Windover (8:30pm), Commodore Ballroom

Polecat and Friends, Downtown Sounds

Cop Talk, 36?, Laura Hickli (8pm), Firefly Lounge

Old-English Songs w/David Vergin (2pm), Greene’s Corner

Open Mic (8pm), Honey Moon

Brittany Collins (7pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

Trish Hatley, Rockfish Grill

Karaoke, Royal

After Party Drag Show w/Vivienne Duchanne (10:30pm), Rumors Cabaret

Derek Duffy (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

90s Till Now w/Boombox Kid (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Thursday, 07.11.19

Anniversary Party w/Ebb, Slack and Flood (6pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Stringband Thursday w/Robt Sarazin Blake and Chris Glass (5pm), Twilight Series w/Kickin Names, more (8pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Open Mic (8:30pm), Brown Lantern Ale House

SonReal (9:30pm), Commodore Ballroom

Stephen Pilolla and Friends (7:30pm), Conway Muse

Down North, Oso (8pm), Firefly Lounge

Blues, Brews and BBQ w/Baby Cakes (6pm), Hotel Bellwether

Karaoke, Royal

Spin-off Thursday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

Arsenio Hall (7pm, Event Center), Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

18 and Older Night, The Underground

Jam Night (8pm), The Village Inn

Jackie & Friends, Poisons Jams, more (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Friday, 07.12.19

Dorian Michael (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

The Dave McAdams Band (7pm), Beach Store Cafe

Karaoke, Big Lake Bar and Grill

Fish Fry Fryday (4pm) w/The Industrials (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Old Town Tonic (7pm), Prozac Mountain Boys (7:30pm), Conway Muse

Pride Party (7pm), Firefly Lounge

Second Fridays w/Sage Romey (6pm), Greene’s Corner

Adriane Clarke, Hotel Bellwether

DJ Jester, Royal

Rikki Sinsation’s Drag Wars (8pm), Rumors Cabaret

Summer Cannibals, Wild Powwers, Cat Valley (8pm), The Shakedown

DJ TonyBoi (9pm), Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

Groove Nation (9pm), Skagit Casino Resort

The Spencetet (8pm), Skylark’s

Fever Creek (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

Harmonious Funk (9pm), Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Karaoke, The Underground

Karaoke (9pm), The Village Inn

Free Funk Friday (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Saturday, 07.13.19

Heron & Crow (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Pride Family BBQ (12pm), Betties After Party w/Spaceband (9pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

DJ Ontic (10pm), Brown Lantern Ale House

MuseBird Cafe w/Amber Sweeney, Donald Kellogg, Eric Robert Kosarot (7:30pm), Conway Muse

The Walrus (8:30pm), Edison Inn

Tanglers, Sanoma, Bird and Shooter (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Bellingham Youth Jazz Band (7pm), Greene’s Corner

Whiskey Fever, Enduro (6:30pm), Guemes Island General Store

Tango Cowboys (8pm), Honey Moon

Marvin Johnson, Hotel Bellwether

Sunnyland Stomp (12:30pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

Live Music (6pm), Old World Deli

DJ Jester, Royal

Bellingham Pride Drag Show (6pm), Rumors Cabaret

Bellingham Pride Goth Night Dance Party (9pm), The Shakedown

Lemon Creek (9pm), Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

Groove Nation (9pm), Skagit Casino Resort

Anissa Quintet (8pm), Skylark’s

The Penny Stinkers (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

Harmonious Funk (9pm), Swinomish Casino and Lodge

DJ Little, The Underground

40 Oz to Freedom, KraymerGdot (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Sunday, 07.14.19

Piano Night w/Paul Klein (3pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

The Atlantics (5:30pm), Edison Inn

Sons of Rainier, Chris Acker and the Growing Boys, Nick Shoulder (8pm), Firefly Lounge

Janette West Quartet (4:30pm), Hotel Bellwether

The Devillies (7pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

Musehead, 21 Guns (8pm), The Shakedown

Rebuild, Remember, Reunite (5pm), Wild Buffalo

Monday, 07.15.19

Poetrynight: Double Anniversary (7pm), Alternative Library

Irish and Folk Night w/Gallowglass (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Guffawingham (9pm), Firefly Lounge

DJ Night, The Underground

Open Mic (7pm), The Village Inn

Lip Sync Battle (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Tuesday, 07.16.19

Karl Blau, Calvin Johnson, Kristin Allen-Zito (8pm), Alternative Library

Out of the Ashes (3:30pm), Kaeli Earle Trio (6:30), Boundary Bay Brewery

Common (9:30pm), Commodore Ballroom

Karaoke (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Karaoke, Royal

DJ Night, The Underground

Pride Must Go On Drag Show (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Rumor Has It

My dad is the kind of guy who will stop and give five minutes of his time to just about anyone. Because of this, I have learned that it is entirely possible to form lasting, meaningful bonds with people five minutes at a time. 

If ever there was anyone made for friendships formed in five-minute increments, it was Peter Gunn, who passed away a few days ago. In his official capacity before his recent retirement, Peter was a longtime employee of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership dedicated to keeping our streets beautiful, as well as a steadfast volunteer for and board member of the local nonprofits he so loved.

In his unofficial capacity, he was a sort of People’s Mayor of Bellingham, elected year in and year out by an overwhelming majority of the popular vote.

But to the marrow of his being, he was a standup comedian, no matter what he was doing.

For me, spending five minutes with Peter—a thing I did a few times a week for many years as I’d go about my downtown business—looked a little like this: First, he’d spot me across a street or down a block and his face would light up with anticipatory glee. We’d go through the standard niceties of greeting each other before he’d ask me if I had a minute—and I always did—and then, with a decided twinkle in his eye that belied his somewhat deadpan voice with the thick East Coast accent he never lost, he’d tell me a joke. But it wouldn’t just be a joke. It would be a bit, complete with setup and punchline. In keeping with his off-kilter sense of humor and comedic timing, his bits never went where I thought they were headed. Most of them made me laugh, some of them made me groan, but I never tired of being one of the likely hundreds of people treated to a mini standup act with every encounter.

But Peter packed so much more than laughs into our five-minute visits. We talked baseball—I enjoyed pretending to hate his beloved Yankees—politics and whatever local happenings that captured our fancy. Over time, we talked about other things that were harder and more personal, and that’s how I discovered his generous nature, sensitive soul, and the depth and breadth of his love for the people he cared about.

Peter’s death, from natural causes, was both sudden and surprising, enough so that it left many of us feeling not just bereft, but also robbed of opportunity. I never got to tell him I don’t really hate the Yankees. I never told him there’s a big piece of my heart with his name stamped all over it. But I think he knew. You can tell a lot about a person in five minutes.