Music Venues

Wednesday, 03.11.20

Don Virgovic (5:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Piano Night w/Aaron Guest (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

The Beethoven Experience (6:45pm), Commodore Ballroom

High Mountain String Band, Heron and Crow (7pm), Firefly Lounge

Open Mic (7:30pm), Honey Moon

Trace Rezideux and the Rainbow Ranchhands (7pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

After Party w/SueNami Meadows (10:30pm), Rumors Cabaret

Grieves, The Holdup (7:30pm), The Shakedown

Badd Dog Blues (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

90s Till Now (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Thursday, 03.12.20

Thomas Sandblom and Friends (6:30pm), 122 West Brewing Co.

Grace Potter, Bailen (7pm), Commodore Ballroom

Karaoke (9:30pm), Culture Cafe

Werq Drag Show: 50 Shades Of Green (9pm), Firefly Lounge

RSS Trio Jazz Jam (7:30pm), Honey Moon

New Music Thursday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

Emo Therapy w/Boombox Kid (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Friday, 03.13.20

Scrub Hubner (7pm), 122 West Brewing Co.

Cosmo’s Dream (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

BJ Block (8pm), Aslan Depot

Steve Loeffler Trio (6:30pm), Beach Store Cafe

Penk O’Donnell Dancers (6pm and 8pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

A Bowie Celebration (8pm), Commodore Ballroom

Gallowglass, Rosie O’Neil & Lydia McClaran (7pm), Firefly Lounge

Moonwater (8pm), Honey Moon

Queer AF Drag Party (8:30pm), Flashback Friday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

Todd Barry, Katie Nguyen (8:30pm), The Shakedown

DJ TonyBoi (9pm), Silver Reef Casino Resort

Burton Cummings (8pm, Showroom), The Wingmen (9pm, Lounge), Skagit Casino Resort

Queen’s Bluegrass (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

JP Falcon Grady (8pm), The Thirsty Badger

Myron Brown (7pm), The Vault Wine Bar and Bistro

Red Not Chili Peppers, Green Daze (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Saturday, 03.14.20

The Penny Stinkers (7pm), 122 West Brewing Co.

Meghan Yates (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

The Devilly Brothers, Flattery, more (12pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Coronation 49 (5:30pm), The Command Show (9:30pm), Commodore Ballroom

Gin Gypsy (8:30pm), Edison Inn

Skerik Band (9pm), Firefly Lounge

The Savage Blues Band (6:30pm), Guemes Island General Store

The McHughes (8pm), Honey Moon

Bilongo Quintet w/Sabrina Gomez (6pm), Old World Deli

Party Saturday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

The Vaticunts, Spunj, Cop Talk (8:30pm), The Shakedown

Lemon Creek (9pm), Silver Reef Casino Resort

Burton Cummings (8pm, Showroom), The Wingmen (9pm, Lounge), Skagit Casino Resort

St. Pat’s Celebration (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

Song Wranglers (8pm), The Thirsty Badger

JP Falcon and Michael Longenecker (7pm), The Vault Wine Bar and Bistro

Manatee Commune, Soffos, Vervex (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Sunday, 03.15.20

Penk O’Donnell Dancers (2pm and 5pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Open Mic (6pm), Culture Cafe

Orville Johnson Band (5:30pm), Edison Inn

Scandalous Sunday Charity Drag Show (9:30pm), Rumors Cabaret

Karaoke Night Fundraiser (7pm), The Shakedown

Monday, 03.16.20

Burlesque 101 Showcase (7pm), Guffawingham (9:30pm), Firefly Lounge

Kristin Allen-Zito (7pm), Honey Moon

Karaoke (9pm), Rumors Cabaret

Tuesday, 03.17.20

Robert Sarazin Blake & The Dublin Letters, Gallowglass, more (11am), Boundary Bay Brewery

Drive By Truckers, Kelsey Waldon (8pm), Commodore Ballroom

Trad Music Session (6pm), Karaoke (9pm), Firefly Lounge

St. Patrick’s Day w/The Moving Hats (6pm), Stones Throw Brewery

Liquid Stranger, Luzcid, more (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Rumor Has It

As I type this, I have no idea what’s about to take place, but things look real uncertain for the Cascadia Weekly.

Despite an outpouring of community support—that came with donations from some of our longest and staunchest readers—it’s not enough to counterbalance the breathtaking loss of advertising revenue that happened within the space of just a few days due to COVID-19 closures.

These advertisers were as heartbroken to stop placing ads with us as we were to lose them—we get it. They’re suffering too, some of them catastrophically so. We’ve always prided ourselves on our fiercely local ad base—we are supported by the very same community that we support. It’s how it’s supposed to be.

At present, we don’t know what the future holds, only that it is uncertain and we don’t have much left in the tank. But save for some kind of 11th-hour miracle, on hiatus we will have to go, and what happens after that is unclear. In that, we are in plentiful and excellent company.

No matter what the coming strange days hold, writing for the Weekly and especially writing this column, for you, for so many years has been the gift of my life. Period, full stop. Through it I have done and learned so much, and all of you have been my sounding board and soft place to land from the start. You have forgiven me when I have been clumsy and praised me beyond what is reasonable when I manage to get things right. You have thoroughly embraced each and every iteration of the chicken with an affection I thought only I felt for chickens.

But mostly, you have read what I’ve had to say, week in and week out, with an interest and devotion that has felt like nothing short of a miracle. I’m not sure I earned it, but I’ll sure take it.

However, the greatest benefit of this job has always been you. I’ve met and come to care about so many of you that I can’t begin to take measure of it. I’ve gotten to write about and bring attention to what you’re up to, and, in turn, you’ve kept me in the loop and allowed me to be part of and a mouthpiece for this rich and rewarding community.

I don’t know what comes next, not for me and not for the Cascadia Weekly. These are bizarre and troubling times, with each day more surreal than the last. But I do know for a fact that if this is the final time you read me, I have few regrets and would do nearly all of it over again. In a heartbeat. Writing for you has been an honor without parallel. I hope to see you on the other side.*

*If a miracle does occur and an issue of the paper comes out next week, forget I said any of this.