Music Venues

Wednesday, 09.18.19

Don Virgovic (5:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Piano Night w/Aaron Guest (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Daddy Treetops (7pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

After Party Drag Show (10:30pm), Rumors Cabaret

Paul Cataldo (7pm), Stones Throw Brewery

90s Till Now w/Boombox Kid (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Thursday, 09.19.19

Artists’ Open Stage (7pm), Alternative Library

DJ Yogoman (9pm), Aslan Depot

Stringband Thursday w/The Devillies (5pm), Twilight Hour w/Three for Silver (8pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Caixa (7:30pm), Conway Muse

Cory Vincent & Chris Eger Unplugged (7pm), Edison Inn

Surfer Yeti, Cold Comfort, Warren Dunes (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Spin-Off Thursday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

Nebula and Sasquatch (9pm), The Shakedown

Noah Gundersen, Lemolo (7pm), Wild Buffalo

Friday, 09.20.19

Tom Mullen (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Fish Fry Fryday (4pm) w/High Mountain String Band (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

MuseBird Cafe (7:30pm), Badd Dog Blues Society (8pm), Conway Muse

The True Loves, DJ Moohah (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Three for Silver (6:30pm), Guemes Island General Store

Adrian Clarke, Hotel Bellwether

Flashback Friday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

Lovestock w/Sam and the Savages, Porch Cat, more (9pm), The Shakedown

DJ TonyBoi (9pm), Silver Reef Casino Resort

Motown Cowboys (9pm), Skagit Casino Resort

Troy Fair Band (9pm), Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Paul Wall, Nacho Picasso, more (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Saturday, 09.21.19

Meghan Yates (7:30pm), Anelia’s Kitchen & Stage

Harpdog Brown (7pm), John Hoover and the Mighty Quinns (7:30pm), Conway Muse

The Walrus (8:30pm), Edison Inn

Max Gain’s Big Deck Party (5pm), 45th Street Brass Band, Swindler (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Adrian Clarke, Hotel Bellwether

Latin Tinge (6pm), Old World Deli

Party Saturday (10pm), Rumors Cabaret

M.A.R.C. and the Horsejerks, Maneken Hand, The Unfortunates (9pm), The Shakedown

Smash Mouth (7pm, Event Center), Bleeding Tree (9pm, Lounge), Silver Reef Casino Resort

Motown Cowboys (9pm), Skagit Casino Resort

Fresh Hop Block Party (11am) w/Sapphire, High Mountain String Band (2:30pm), Stones Throw Brewery

Hell’s Belles (8pm), The Machine (9:30pm), Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Sunset Superman, Blindfate (7:30pm), Wild Buffalo

Sunday, 09.22.19

EnertiaCall Birthday Party For AltLib Fundraiser (7:30pm), Alternative Library

Piano Night w/Paul Klein (3pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Ron Bailey & The Tangents (5:30pm), Edison Inn

Hammell on Trial, Unkel Kunkel (8pm), Firefly Lounge

Janette West Quartet (4:30pm), Hotel Bellwether

The Devillies (7pm), Kulshan Brewing Co.

Panty Hoes Drag Show (9:30pm), Rumors Cabaret

Twrp, more (8pm), The Shakedown

Thoughts for the Builders, Dawson Shaw, more (8pm), Wild Buffalo

Monday, 09.23.19

Poetrynight (7pm), Alternative Library

Irish and Folk Night (6pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Guffawingham (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Karaoke (9pm), Rumors Cabaret

Lip Sync Battle (9pm), Wild Buffalo

Tuesday, 09.24.19

Out of the Ashes (3:30pm), Heat Speak (6:30pm), Boundary Bay Brewery

Karaoke (9pm), Firefly Lounge

Jigjam (7pm), Wild Buffalo

Rumor Has It

For a person who can’t drink beer or hard cider, I sure spend a lot of time talking about it. But that’s because there’s always something worthwhile to say.

No, I’m not talking about whatever new brewery or cidery that’s about to open, although I imagine there are probably 10 or 12 of those in the works in our booming beer economy. Instead, it’s time to give a shout out to Bellingham’s OG brewery, the one that started it all and continues to be an example of how to do nearly everything right: Boundary Bay.

The brewpub recently celebrated its 24th anniversary and they also just brewed their 7,000th batch of beer. It’s noteworthy that they’ve brewed that many batches, and it’s also pretty incredible that we have imbibed 6,999 batches of Boundary beer in their nearly quarter-century of life. I say “we” because before I accepted that my beer allergy was real, I drank my fair share of those 6,999 batches, one pint of Scotch Ale at a time.

A special occasion requires a special brew, and Boundary’s milestone beer isn’t just another batch of Cedar Dust IPA or Oatmeal Stout (not that there would be anything wrong with that). They’ve dubbed their 7,000th batch—wait for it—Batch 7000 and it’s an Imperial IPA available for a limited time. I don’t really know what makes an Imperial IPA different than a standard one, but I do know Batch 7000 appears to come in the special Boundary glass instead of the regular pint glass, so that’s good enough for me.

Across town, another brewery that’s doing things right, Stones Throw, is gearing up to throw its final block party of the year—the one I suspect might be its favorite of them all—the Fresh Hop Block Party, which happens Sat., Sept. 21. As the name suggests, they’ll be taking over their block for the all-day affair, with live music by Sapphire and High Mountain String Band, food trucks and all of the other celebratory things we’ve grown accustomed to at their block parties.

They’ll be pouring not only pints of their 2019 Fresh Hop beer, but also a beer made from six different kinds of hops. And, as has become their autumnal custom, Stones Throw will be collecting hops from friends, neighbors and the community at large, which they will then use to brew their Community Ale, set for a mid-October release. The event is free, family-friendly and some of the proceeds will benefit the nearby Chuckanut Center, which will be on hand to oversee a produce swap at this multifaceted affair. And that’s it for this installment of Brews News You Can Use. Now go treat yourself to a cold one.