Reporting from the heart of Cascadia


Avant Gardening

Bellingham Food Not Lawns

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I first became aware of Bellingham Food Not Lawns in mid-April, when I glanced across the street and spied a few hardy individuals digging up my my neighbor Gabe’s front yard.

Since anything out of the norm seems interesting when sheltering in place, I spent more time than usual pondering what was going on. Why were the shovel-wielding workers replacing the lawn with garden beds—and for what reason were branches, twigs, dried leaves and upturned grass being layered at the bottom of…

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Spring Show

Shelter in place with FishBoy

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Visiting FishBoy’s home studio is akin to entering a circus funhouse. Located in the the heart of Bellingham’s Sunnyland neighborhood, the spot on the corner of Virginia and Iron streets reveals a series of structures and outdoor spaces designed to show off the contemporary folk art of Randy Clark, the longtime artist and retired WTA driver whose nickname points in part to his ethos of “fishing” for found objects such as recycled wood and paint to bring his joyful work to life.…

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Staycation Summer

How to #Recreate Responsibly

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Washington Recreate Responsibly Coalition didn’t exist at this time last year. It didn’t need to.

It wasn’t until a global pandemic stopped the world in its tracks that the coalition of more than 50 Washington state organizations banded together in order to formulate a solid game plan about how to make recreating responsibly easier to remember, follow and share.

The newly formed group was brought together under the leadership of the Washington Trails Association, outdoor…

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Save Our Stages

How you can help

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

“Wow, everyone, this thing is hard to write.”

So began a Sat., May 23 Facebook missive from the owners of the Firefly Lounge.

It went on to say, “We love you. We love every one of you who believed in us, who loved our beers, our whiskies and cocktails, our staff and our dreams. We love you, and wish to raise a glass to you. To Bellingham, and beyond.

“It’s been a long, beautiful road. As much as we want to continue to walk it, unfortunately, the soles of our shoes have worn…

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The Gristle
Napoleons In Exile

NAPOLEONS IN EXILE: In a vote split along familiar 4-3 lines, Whatcom County Council will reluctantly extend their interim moratorium on the acceptance of applications and permits for major unrefined fossil fuel export projects at Cherry Point for the eighth time. They could hardly have…

Alan Rhodes
Corona Days, Corona Daze

Since I work from home (if you can call what I do work), sheltering in place is not a problem. My only contact with outsiders is a trip to the grocery store, which I call my hour of living dangerously.

There’s a lot of routine to my life these days. Every morning I turn on my flashlight…

Rumor Has It
COVID Chronicles

Along with crazy pandemic dreams—like the one I had recently about being attacked by a giant, angry hermit crab—the one thing we all have in common right now is worry.

I live and die by to-do lists, and while my planner is getting much less use than normal these days, I feel like I have a…

On meds

Contrary to the plentiful platitudes, Canada’s supposedly universal healthcare system has much room for improvement.
I—one who champions truly comprehensive health-services coverage—had…

Orchestrated genocide?

In 2016 Trump campaigned against immigration and particularly Latin American immigrants. Despite his countless lies disparaging the value of Hispanic Americans, it is a fact that the…

No one messes with Mother Nature

I am not a scientist or profess to be. I have lived long enough to see what is happening in this world and I think Mother Nature is pissed off at what the human beings have done to her…