New Year, New Goals

The resolution rigmarole

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making New Year’s resolutions is all well and good, but it’s always hard to say what goals will stick and what will slowly roll to the bottom of the resolution pile, never to be seen again—at least until next year.

Maybe you don’t even know what your resolutions are. Maybe you just have a vague feeling that something needs to change—whether it has to do with your weight, your finances, the state of your messy living room or that sweeping historical romance you’ve wanted to write since the 1980s.

If you need guidance in jumping into the resolution rigmarole, Village Books is, in typical fashion, coming to the rescue, with two days of free workshops designed to point you in the right direction.

On Sat., Jan. 5, head to the bookstore for “Resolutions: Mini-Workshops to Jumpstart Your New Year.” Starting at 11am, and continuing every hour on the hour until 4pm, local experts will be on hand to offer up helpful hints relating to their particular brands of wisdom.

Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental clutter that’s getting in your way, local therapist Carolyn Koehnline can help you dig your way out of it. Her workshop, “Clearing Clutter for a Creative New Year,” will focus on practical ways to do so. Bring a notepad and pen, and be prepared to alter your life (or at least your home office). 

At noon, facilitator Janet Ott will lead a “Feeling Stuck? Six Keys to Changing Any Behavior in Your Life” workshop, which will focus on what it takes to change ineffective behaviors or patterns that linger like bad boyfriends.

Certified financial planner Leanne Kramer follows Ott, and she’ll be focusing on “A New Year to Love Your Finances.” Artist and author Nancy Canyon is next, and her class, “Setting Intentions with Collage,” offers hands-on guidance to those who want to find out what their subconscious is telling them—whether it’s good, bad or very ugly.

Finally, take part in Erica Quam and Kerry Gustafson’s “Vision and Balance: From Intention to (Injury) Prevention” how-to. While Quam focuses in on ways to “get clear on your vision, take steps to set intention, and determine your purpose each day,” Gustafson will handle the physical part of things, with strategies to “make your physical fitness and injury rehabilitation New Year’s resolution goals more attainable.”

If your goals are more on the cerebral side, you’ll want to come back on Sunday for “Resolutions for Writers: Help Fulfill Your Writing Goals.” The free, daylong workshops will focus on everything from “Journaling for the Writer” to “Blogging for Writers,” “The Care and Feeding of Writing Groups,” “Roadmap for Writing Your Novel This Year,” and “The Many Paths to Publishing: Self, Small & Traditional.” Multiple local and regional authors will lead the way, and, like Saturday’ event, no registration is necessary.

Even if you don’t follow each and every rule set forth by the numerous instructors who’ll be lending their time and efforts to making the new you a better one this weekend, there’s a good chance something you learn will stick. And even if it doesn’t, at least you can’t say you didn’t try.

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