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The clues to this week’s crossword puzzle

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

By error, the wrong clues were attached to this week’s crossword puzzle. We regret the error.

“Free Reign”—another freestyle for everyone.
Matt Jones

1 Competition with bonus questions
9 “Let’s do this!”
14 Buster’s stance, maybe
16 MacGowan of the Pogues
17 “Animal” band whose name was inspired by In-N-Out Burger signage
18 Staves (off)
19 Word after fake or spray
20 “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Ferrer
21 Mid-sized string ensemble
22 “... so long ___ both shall live”
24 ___ Plaines, Illinois
25 Canadian novelist (and partner of Margaret Atwood) Gibson
26 Closes up
28 Jared of “My So-Called Life”
30 Bluster
31 SFO posting
33 Verbose
35 Comment in a Johnny Paycheck song title
39 Scans over
40 Copier mishap
42 First (and last) king of Albania
43 Like 6 and 10
44 Yoke mates
46 Stuttgart sausage
50 Bring by the truckload
52 Former Cambodian premier Lon ___
54 Disney tune subtitled “A Pirate’s Life for Me”
55 Cafeteria stack
56 Hill who joined the “SNL” Five-Timers Club in 2018
58 No-good heap of junk, euphemistically
59 “Sizwe Banzi is Dead” playwright Fugard
60 Handel pieces
62 Disney princess from New Orleans
63 1990s Nintendo cartridge attachment used for cheat codes
64 “Melrose Place” actor Rob
65 Pennsylvania Dutch symbols on barns

1 Airline based in a suburb called Mascot
2 Anxiety
3 2017 biopic that won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar
4 West Coast red, briefly
5 Ram
6 “No turn ___”
7 “Night” author Elie
8 Frank who won a Pulitzer for “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”
9 Words between a letter and a word starting with that letter
10 Jim Carrey movie directed by Ben Stiller
11 Afro-Cuban religious practice
12 Immediately available, like video
13 Golden Years resources
15 “The Puzzle Palace” org.
23 Age Bilbo Baggins turns at the beginning of “The Lord of the Rings”
25 Morticia’s husband
27 Ending for ham or young
29 Pine product
32 Spicy spread
34 It may be mopped
35 Watch from the bleachers
36 Some Danish cheeses
37 Collapsible wear for some music fans
38 Word on two Monopoly spaces
41 Hanukkah centerpiece
45 Generic
47 Rodeo skill
48 Certain winner
49 Cornhole plays
51 Mallorca y Menorca, e.g.
53 Glove material
56 Workout on the streets
57 Pen occupants
61 Washington-based sporting goods store
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