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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

It was exactly one week ago that I lamented the disappearance of Saxophone Guy from Boulevard Park. I’m not sure if he read my missive or if he just sensed my sadness, but a few days ago, cutting through the standard-issue noise and amplified post-grad glee of the park came the plaintive tones of a saxophone like a hot knife through butter.

Was it the same Saxophone Guy? An acolyte? A competitor? Will there soon be dueling saxophones in the park? A saxophone gang, perhaps?

These questions remain to be answered, but rest assured, I am on the case. Especially since being on the case requires me to do nothing but use my ears when in proximity to the park.

Speaking of expanses of green space where people like to gather and participate in athletic pursuits despite not being forced to by gym teachers, coaches or parents who are coaches (seriously, mom, I’m still not over you grounding me at soccer practice in front of everyone—that was cold as hell), I’ve got news of a new music series in the unlikeliest spot I’ve heard of in a hot minute.

If you don’t golf, there’s a good chance you’ve never been to the North Bellingham Golf Course. Well, now you don’t need to spoil a good walk to want to make your way to the links (that’s what they’re called, right? I’m a sports fan, but golf is out of my depth—what I mean by that is I’m very bad at golf). The Bellingham Sunset Series is a mysterious new musical entity that is taking music where it’s never gone before: the golf course.

Since I am a person who loves nothing more than live music in unorthodox locales—and I’m also incredibly fond of exploring the environs and reaches of Whatcom and Skagit counties—this is obviously custom-made just for me.

Because I am a generous soul, however, you can come too. Any of you. All of you. At the same time.

The first (and at this juncture, only) concert of the series is scheduled to take place Fri., June 21 at the North Bellingham Golf Course. And while I don’t know if the bands will be appearing at the first hole or the 19th (or scattered willy-nilly in between, surprising unsuspecting golfers), Thundercat, Club Mage, Shimmertraps, and Klefto will all perform somewhere on the premises. The goal of the series is to feature the genres of music this area especially loves, namely rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop/R&B, folk and bluegrass, and EDM. Ticket prices are on the sticker-shock side at $40, but since Thundercat first became known as a member of Suicidal Tendencies, has worked with everyone from Childish Gambino to Janelle Monae to personal faves N.E.R.D., and recently won a Grammy for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, I’m guessing he’s worth every penny. But don’t take my word for it. There’s a good walk just waiting to be spoiled for you.

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