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From the Rooftop

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We are all very excited about Downtown Sounds and the fact that Polecat is going to spend their performance cycling through all of their previous Halloween costumes (they’re not doing that, but a girl can dream), but that’s not the only big, free entertainment game in town this week.

It’s high time we talk about the Pickford Film Center’s Rooftop Cinema.

Even if I hadn’t spent most of the last two decades working as a projectionist at the Pickford, I’m pretty sure I would still be enamored of the Rooftop Cinema. The idea of taking over the roof of the downtown Parkade (or is it the Commercial Street Parking Garage now?), blowing up a giant inflatable screen and inviting one and all to watch free movies under the stars combines a fair number of elements that pique my excitement.

Just when you thought this babbling was, once again, going to have nothing to do with music, I’m here to tell you that the first film of this year’s Rooftop Cinema series is Selena, which details the amazing life, groundbreaking career and tragic death of Tejano star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. It also features Jennifer Lopez in the breakout role that caused her to launch her career as a pop singer. Selena shows Fri., July 12 at the Rooftop Cinema, and prior to dark (which is when the movie begins), you can be entertained and entertain others at diva karaoke, drink beer poured for you by Bellingham’s foremost volunteer pint-puller Larry Lober, eat snacks and visit the nonprofits that will be tabling. Or you can just pull up a chair and enjoy the view. Speaking of chairs, you are advised to bring your own. Keep in mind that the first four floors of the Parkade will be open for parking, so if you want to haul something like a couch to the roof, you can get pretty close before you have to resort to heavy lifting. (The suggestion to bring a couch is not a Pickford-sanctioned message, by the way. That one is all mine.)

The Rooftop Cinema will happen twice more before we kiss summer goodbye, on July 26 for Do the Right Thing (watch the movie that earned Spike Lee his first Oscar nomination, an honor he would wait 30 years to see repeated despite his status as the most important black filmmaker of our time) and on Aug. 9 for Scream (my favorite horror movie that is not Children of the Corn, which the Pickford refuses to show on account of how it is so very terrible and no one should love it like I do).

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