Rumor Has It

Rock and Vote

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

If you’ve been reading this column recently, you’re probably well aware that the past couple of weeks have been a real bummer.

It’s long past time we talk about something fun. Like voting.

Was that not where you thought I was going with this? I don’t know how you get your kicks, but democracy is pretty much my main jam.

I am no stranger to using my musical platform to serve my political interests, and now some of Bellingham’s music venues are getting in on that act as well.

The Wild Buffalo set up its giant screen and threw open its doors for anyone wanting to watch the second round of debates between Democratic presidential candidates on Tues., July 30 and Wed., July 31. They even threw in free pizza for Tuesday’s debate. On Wednesday, the candidates will spar inside while Downtown Sounds happens outside, so if you really want to mix music and politics, feel free to transition from one locale to the other for the duration.

The following night, Thurs., Aug. 1, comes an event I only kind of understand, but it sounds like a good time done in service of a good deed, and that’s where my interest lies.

In case you haven’t heard, Shakedown and Racket owner Hollie Huthman is running for Bellingham City Council. With the primary coming up, she’s enlisted not only her businesses, but also just about every other establishment we love along State Street in service of a night dubbed “Rock and Vote.”

Pretty much the deal seems to be this: Starting at 4pm on Thursday, everyone is invited to partake of specials and discounts at such State Street locales as Old World Deli, Cosmos Bistro, Makeworth Market, the Firefly Lounge, the Redlight, Leaf and Ladle, Electric Beet, and others. Once you’ve had your fill of what they’ve got to offer, make your way to the Shakedown, where Stereo Donkey and Dryland will play a free show because democracy demands it. One of the bands features a former member of Soundgarden. The other features a certain candidate for city council. I’ll let you attempt to discern who is who.

It is my entirely personal and wholly fallible assessment that Hollie has about a 98 percent chance (give or take two percent) of making it through the Aug. 6 primary and into the general election. Provided we all vote, that is.

Toward that end, Rock and Vote is a get-out-the-vote effort, but Hollie’s not just acting in her own self-interest. Instead, she’ll have volunteers stationed at each business ready to register folks to vote so they can become active participants in their own democratic destiny. Hollie might be new to the political arena, but it’s clear she’s well-acquainted with one of the oldest political adages in the land: Voter turnout rules all. Rock and Vote, people.

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