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Into the woods

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

No matter when you’re reading this, odds are better than decent that I’m still in the afterglow of having a day that began with a perusal of prizewinning chickens and ended with a raspberry milkshake with a whole lot of goats and hard seltzer (at the Lynden Fair!) and Cheap Trick sandwiched in between. It was glorious, even if I had to give riding the zipper a pass because the line was too long.

Northwest Washington Fair, I will never quit you.

Moving along.

Awhile back, I ran into Sam Top, always up to something, who told me about a show he was putting together, dubbed “L.O.T.H. In the Woods.” The acronym stands for “Lookout Tripping Hazard,” which requires some explanation in and of itself. The “Lookout” in question is the Lookout Arts Quarry, the idyllic spot in Alger that is home to BAMF, Sh’bang, and other arts-related shenanigans. It’s also the locale of Sam’s otherworldly outdoor venue/wizard realm, Tripping Hazard.

L.O.T.H. In the Woods is essentially a heavy metal campout, an idea whose time has long since come. After all, old-timey folks have the Subdued Stringband Jamboree. EDM and jam fans have Summer Meltdown. Bluegrass people have the North Cascades Bluegrass Festival. People who like to dance in the street with every single person they know have Downtown Sounds. Metal fans have nothing, at least not around these parts.

One might assume that’s because metal people don’t like nature, but that’s just not so. Every third promo photo I receive of a metal band is a bunch of bearded dudes standing in the woods. When it comes to promo shots, trees are to heavy bands what bathtubs are to indie rock groups.

I digress.

L.O.T.H. In the Woods happens Fri., Aug. 23 and features Tripping Hazard veterans Dryland as well as Melancholia, Opropos, Serpent Sun, and Deathcave. The quarry gates will open at 5pm or thereabouts, and the music will begin at dusk and carry into the night. Camping is encouraged (the ticket price includes camping, so you might as well) and the quarry is equipped with potable water, composting toilets and the coolest swimming hole around.

Since this is the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of shows at the communal space, it’s imperative that those who attend treat the Lookout Arts Quarry and its inhabitants with respect and leave the place better than it was found. As the event invite says, “We’ve got something to prove here: specifically, that metalheads aren’t all shitty dumbasses.”

Lastly, space is limited and tickets can be had for $35 by going to Brown Paper Tickets and searching “L.O.T.H.” It’s time to party in the woods.

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