Rumor Has It

Hot in Herre

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

One of the enduring mysteries and source of speculation in my life revolves around the musical acts at the Northwest Washington Fair.

Much more than any other annual entertainment event, the fair’s booking hews to no genre or style and seems to fall under the general header of “stuff people like,” so it feels like just about anyone can—and has—appeared on the Grandstand stage at the fairgrounds in Lynden.

Huey Lewis? Sounds great. Weird Al? Perfect. Cheap Trick? Go ahead and surrender. Trisha Yearwood with a surprise appearance from Garth Brooks? That’s just shameless. Ted Nugent? Go home, fair. You’ve obviously caught a case of cat scratch fever.

This year, coming to Lynden, home of old-fashioned Dutch family values and wholesome good times, is none other than Nelly, he of such lyrics as “good gracious, ass is bodacious,” “my grammar be’s ebonics, gin tonic and chronic,” and “but as long as you a thicky-thicky-thick girl you know that it’s on”—and that’s at the tamer end of the Nelly lyrical spectrum.

You know I’ll be there, band-aid on my cheek, to witness Nelly tell the mainstage audience that it is “hot in herre” before instructing them to “take off all your clothes.” The odds of this show selling out are higher than everyone on Nelly’s tour bus, so if you’re lucky enough to snag tickets during the reserved and VIP presale Jan. 22 second, I suggest you do so before the public gets a crack at them on Jan. 24.

Somewhere, Craig Jewell is hatching a plan to lure Nelly to the Wild Buffalo while he’s in our neck of the woods. I don’t know this for certain, but I’d bet my band-aid on it.

Shifting gears quite a bit, while I’ve spend the first part of 2020 getting ready to act on my laundry list of Groundhog Day resolutions (I can’t rightly call them New Year’s resolutions anymore), the Bellingham Alternative Library has been moving into their new space. Although still not the permanent home of their dreams (can someone please buy them a building with a lot of built-in shelving and great acoustics?), the Alt Lib has landed at 1309 Billy Frank Junior St., in the building that used to house the ceramics studio of beloved artists Eugene and Ene Lewis, which is right next to the building that used to house the Baskin-Robbins I made my mom take me to during my first visit to Bellingham (thanks, mom!). They’re still unpacking and getting their 9,000-plus volumes of readable material squared away, but Poetry Night has resumed, shows have been hosted and the ever-resilient Alt Lib remains with us, as it should be.

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