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Creative Color

Bellingham Rep’s Blush Punch


What: Blush Punch

Where: Firehouse Arts and Events Center, 1314 Harris Ave.


WHEN: 8pm Nov. 8, 9 and 15; 5pm Sun., Nov. 16

Cost: $15-$28

Info: http://www.bhamrep.org

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

During a recent online fundraiser for Bellingham Repertory Dance, one thing became abundantly clear: The women who share their talents with audiences throughout the year aren’t hoping for a giant cash payout.

“BRD is run entirely on a volunteer basis, which means we collectively donate thousands of hours per season to keep the company alive,” organizers explained. “When we reach our goal for this campaign, we hope to offer partial stipends to each dancer for performance time. Though small, these checks will be symbolic of our belief that artists should be paid for their art.”

Although the professional-level modern dance collective didn’t end up with the entire $10,000 they’d been asking for to help usher in their ambitious 14th season, they got close, raising more than $8,000 to help send panelists to a Women in Dance Conference in Philadelphia, secure rehearsal space and theater rentals at the Firehouse Arts and Events Center, and pay for choreographers’ fees and housing.

That last line item is an important one. In “Blush Punch,” BRD’s fall performance, six recognized movement-makers from around the country—from Seattle to Minneapolis, San Diego, Brooklyn, Santa Barbara, and Asheville—spent time in Bellingham to help hone their varying visions. When the curtain opens, dancers will confront audience assumptions and taboo subject matter, investigate what “home” really means, use satire to express themselves. explore unison without uniformity, restructure a traditional aspect of ballet, and get playful.

For further enumeration, a recent press release describes “Blush Punch” as “A pop of color. A twist on tradition. It’s the convergence of vulnerability and strength. The feeling of yes

“Collectively, these pieces reconfigure conventional notions of gender and how they are often represented onstage.”

If you weren’t able to contribute to BRD’s fall campaign, purchasing tickets to the show is another way to support the organization working tirelessly—and with minimal pay—to expand the cultural offerings available to the community. If you’re already a contemporary dance enthusiast, it’s probably already on your must-see list. If you’re curious about the art form, this is your chance to get better acquainted with it.

Although “Blush Punch” doesn’t officially open until Fri., Nov. 8, young people who are interested in finding out more about the intricacies of modern dance are invited to the final dress rehearsal on Thurs., Nov. 7 at the Firehouse. The run-through starts at 8pm, and all that is needed is to show up at the door with $5, a valid student ID, and an open mind. It’s just another way Bellingham Repertory Dance is giving back and enriching lives in the process.

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