Happy Thanksgiving

Make it a weekend to remember

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The weekend following Thanksgiving is good for a lot of things: shopping, decorating for the holidays, making wish lists, baking cookies, etc.

It is typically not great for local music, and understandably so. In fact, I have been known to refer to the post-Thanksgiving weekend as an “entertainment black hole,” a “vast wasteland” and a “bleak hellscape.”

But not so much this year. For reasons I have yet to discern largely because I have not tried, the Thanksgiving weekend is rife with worthy entertainment options. So when you’ve finished stringing the lights and hauling out the holly, head to downtown Bellingham, avail yourself of the libations you couldn’t drink in front of your teetotaler grandma and find some live music. You’ve got plenty to choose from.

The last time I saw Thunderpussy was also the first time they performed in Bellingham, when they played a sold-out Planned Parenthood benefit at the Wild Buffalo. They burned it all down with their in-your-face party rock, pretty much ensuring a warm welcome in our fair burg whenever they roll through. This time, they’ll be joined by Dryland and Sunfellow for a Sat., Nov. 25 show at the Buff, and if their past few shows are any indication, you’d best buy your tickets early as these ladies can pack a house.
Where: 208 W. Holly St. Info:

Not to be outdone, the Shakedown is offering a full weekend of opportunities to pull yourself out of your gravy-induced stupor. First up is a Fri., Nov. 24 reprise of some of the bands that played Make.Shift’s Spooky Cover Show. I find this to be an excellent idea, considering that the bands invest no small amount of time and effort to learn a bunch of songs so that they can play one show and then are never seen or heard from again. Might as well give the bands that covered Evanescence, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Green Day, and Smashing Pumpkins another chance to show off their hard work and us another chance to be entertained by it. The next night, Sat., Nov. 25 is a local band sandwich with a bit of Seattle in the middle when Crooked Neighbours, Bear Axe, and Porch Cat take the stage. Give your holiday weekend a proper sendoff with a solid dose of doom metal Sun., Nov. 26 when San Francisco trio Castle and Bellingham’s Mount Saturn test the limits of your dollar earplugs.
Where: 1212 N. State St. Info:

The Green Frog used to celebrate Thanksgiving by inviting everyone and their leftovers to the bar for an ad hoc potluck. Those days are past, and now they celebrate in the same way they celebrate everything and nothing at all: with a stacked calendar of great music. Local favorite Marcel will kick things off Fri., Nov. 24 with his regular Bluegrass Night, and then a genuine Jayhawk in the form of Mark Olson will play the kind of intimate show at which the Green Frog most excels on Sat., Nov. 25. Olson’s a tough act to follow, but Austin duo Greyhounds are up to the task, combining a bluesy sound with falsetto vocals to create a sound that is way more enticing and way less weird than it sounds. They’re on tap Sun., Nov. 26 after the weekly Sunday Slow Jam.
Where: 1015 N. State St. Info:

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