Come In From The Cold

Hot nights at the Wild Buffalo

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Everyone has a friend like me. I wear long sleeves during the summer, long underwear during the winter and am never without auxiliary layers of clothing, just in case. In other words, I am always cold.

I long to be one of those hardy folks who don technical layers and then tromp into the mountains seeking cold temps and attendant snowpack. I wonder what it’s like to be eager for winter instead of dreading it, to enjoy it instead of suffering through it like I’m being personally persecuted by Mother Nature.

Of course, anyone who has tried to get me out of the house when it is below 50 degrees knows I’m lying right now. I hate the cold. I do not wish to make my peace with it or for it to be my friend. I shiver at the thought.

But this time of year—when it is warm enough to venture forth and not so warm that I want to remain outdoors—is the perfect show-going season. And because Bellingham always provides, there are shows aplenty to pique my interest and bring me out of hibernation. As is often the case, many of those shows are happening at the Wild Buffalo, and it will be a weird and wild ride at the venue during the coming days.

After Wednesday’s customary ’90s night with Boombox Kid doing the DJ honors, the next night, Thurs., March 21, will feature a return visit by G. Love & Special Sauce. Almost exactly one year ago—on March 23, 2018—G. Love played the Wild Buffalo, and that show sold out. I’m a little surprised tickets are still available for Thursday’s performance, so consider this your opportunity to take advantage of Bellingham’s buy-at-the-door proclivities and purchase your tickets early. For those of you who’d like a more immersive experience with the “Cold Beverage” and “Baby’s Got Sauce” rappers, you can avail yourselves of VIP passes that will get you entry to a preshow performance, Q&A session and other perks to commemorate the event. Maybe you can ask G. Love what that whole “Miss I’m your mister/My sister’s your sister/My mother’s your mother father’s your father” lyric from “Baby’s Got Sauce” that I never really thought much about until right now is all about. When: 8pm Thurs., March 21 Cost: $30-$99

It hasn’t quite been a year since Grant Eadie, the artist otherwise known as Manatee Commune, played the Wild Buffalo, but he’s been very busy during the intervening months recording new music that he’s only just begun to trickle out into the world. Having followed the Bellingham musician since he burst onto the scene just a few years ago—an auspicious debut that saw him play SXSW, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, and Capitol Hill Block Party in short order—it seems Eadie has spent his months out of the spotlight focused on creating music he has a deep personal connection with. The result is a forthcoming album of tracks he’s not only proud of, but just plain likes a whole bunch. You can’t get your hands on the record just yet, but you can hear most of it, along with remixes of Eadie’s previous work and music he says he’ll probably never officially release, when Manatee Commune plays a DJ set Sat., March 23 at the Wild Buffalo. Bellingham audiences were very early and proud adopters of Manatee Commune, so it’s the safest bet in town to say this show will sell out. You know what to do. When: 9pm Sat., March 23 Cost: $10

Weirdly, the last time Metalachi played the Wild Buffalo, it also happened during the same week as G. Love and Special Sauce. A year ago, they hit town the night before the rappers, and this time, they’ll take the stage three nights later, on Sun., March 24. Do the two musical acts follow each other around on tour? Do they like each other? Are they sworn enemies? If they were in the Wild Buffalo at the same time, would they fall in love or fight to the death? We may never know the answers to these pressing questions, and it’s partly because the mariachi/metal hybrid band is batshit insane and it is therefore difficult to predict anything they’ll do other than put on an entertaining show before going anything but gently into the good night of Bellingham. Local band Cousin Marvin opens the show, which seems as appropriate a fit for Metalachi as it gets. When: 9pm Sun., March 24 Cost: $15

I don’t know if I’ve seen Black Mountain every single time they’ve played Bellingham, but if I’ve missed a show, it’s only because I’ve been out of town. I will admit to not being won over at first, but my ambivalence was short-lived, and now I’m a full-fledged fan. There’s no real secret to how the Canadian band wooed me: Dreamy psych rock played at full volume with impeccable musicianship can pretty much do the trick every time. As with the previous shows I’ve mentioned, Black Mountain has a history of selling out venues in Bellingham, so do a little advance planning and invest in a ticket for their Tues., March 26 show at now. Although the forecast suggests I will not have to do so, I would leave the house in freezing weather for this band—and I’m far from the only one. When: 8pm Tues., March 26 Cost: $16 Where: 208 W. Holly St. Info:

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