Conquering all obstacles


What: WonderMud

When: 10 am Sat., Aug. 26

Where: Bellingham BMX, 5022 Guide Meridian

Cost: $25-$59

Info: http://www.mudstosuds.com

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When it comes to the event known as “WonderMud,” the catch phrase “conquering all obstacles” is an apt one.

Literally, it refers to the nearly two dozen physical obstacles participants ages 8 and older must make it through when Whatcom Events hosts the annual outdoor challenge Sat., Aug. 26 at Bellingham BMX. This includes—but is most definitely not limited to—stacked hay bales, tires of a variety of sizes, webs, high and low hurdles, logs, a plot of skunk cabbage, arches made of foam noodles, a slat wall and, of course, an astounding array of mud pits (including ones with ominous monikers such as “mud pit of doom” and “pit of despair”). 

Figuratively, the slogan also lends itself to Lydia Place, the recipient of this year’s concurrent fundraiser. By providing transitional housing, permanent supportive housing services, emergency housing, life skills programs and case management to those struggling with homelessness, the local nonprofit actively works with people overcoming personal obstacles to come up with solid solutions to their situations.

“We believe that housing is a basic human right,” Lydia Place’s mission statement reads. “We believe that in order for an individual to reach their true potential, this basic human right must be met. We recognize that inequality and oppression exist and are among the root causes of poverty and homelessness.”

A portion of the proceeds raised from “WonderMud” will go to Lydia Place’s transitional housing program, as will all of the $2-per-car parking fee, so know that your day of down-and-dirty fun will directly result in benefiting citizens in your own community.

Judging by photos taken at last summer’s soiree—the first time it took place at Bellingham BMX, and also the year the name of the event changed from “Muds and Suds” to “WonderMud”—attendees of all ages reveled in the chance to get dirty, both in the name of a good time and also in order to help others.

Because part of the filthy festivities include a costume contest, zombie brides, angels and tutu-clad participants were among those immersing themselves in the action. Wide smiles were interspersed among those who looked like they were afraid they might be drowning in quicksand, but the takeaway was generally a positive one.

However, if you’re afraid of tackling obstacles such as “mud mountain” or “buoy this is a challenging mud pit,” please note that you can recuse yourself from any one of the challenges. The main directive, organizers say, is for participants to have fun.

When you’ve come to the end of the 1.75-mile course, shower off and partake of root beer floats, bratwurst, short massages, live music and camaraderie with your fellow mud-wallowers. With no further obstacles to conquer, you can go then get on with your day.

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