Welcome To The Dark Side

Of Dryland and dragons

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

If I had to sum up the most recent events of my life, my broad strokes would probably resemble yours: The sun came out. I went outside. It was good. Doing so reminds me not only that summer will be here in about a month, but also that very soon the Bellingham music community will take its show to streets, parks and other outdoor environs for the duration of the season.

What I’m saying is it’s time to go back inside. Too much fresh air and natural light before the traditional start of summer on July 5 can’t be good for anyone. Obviously the Wild Buffalo feels the same way, since they’ve stacked the upcoming days with shows designed to entice people away from the light and back into the dark where we belong.

You’ll want to venture in on Thurs., June 7 for a show featuring a strong lineup of local bands. Dryland, Earth Years, Saganist, Mount Saturn, and Black Beast Revival are all lending their skills to raise money for local musician and artist Kelly Hoekema to help offset medical costs she’s incurred recently. Dryland will be fresh off an appearance at Upstream Music Fest, and this will be the second and third shows for Earth Years and Saganist respectively. I’d just like to go on record as saying that if Earth Years doesn’t don the onesies they wore for a recent photo shoot at the show, I doubt I’ll be the only one that’s disappointed. Entry is by donation and this is one of the few times in life when it is perfectly all right to express your love for a person with money.

Because I’m too lazy and uncoordinated to dance, I do not naturally gravitate toward EMD music, which is my way of saying what I know about Sacha Robotti—who will be at the Wild Buffalo on Fri., June 8 with Knows Nothing, JEK, and Strattcatt—could fit on the head of a pin. But in getting (nowhere near) up to speed, I learned that 1. His last name really is Robotti, so obviously he was destined for a life building the machines that will eventually be the death of us all or he’d become an entertainer of some sort. I’m glad he’s chosen the latter. 2. He was a classically trained cello player until he felt the seductive pull of the turntables as a teenager and he hasn’t looked back since. His Wild Buffalo appearance will no doubt be packed, so you might want to buy your ticket early instead of waiting to slap down your sawbuck at the door.

The next night, Sat., June 9, is a show featuring two bands that hit Bellingham audiences right in one of their known musical sweet spots, the Moondoggies and Flowmotion. If you saw this show on the Wild Buffalo’s calendar and responded with, “I didn’t know the Moondoggies were still a band,” you are in some good company, by which I mean I thought the same thing. They are not only still a band, but they’re also a band with a brand new album, A Love Sleeps Deep, released in April. Of course, we all know that Flowmotion is still a band, and between this and his solo work, frontman Josh Clauson is busier than ever. Whiskey Fever will open things up and this whole jam-packed night of sweet jams can be had for $12.

The last time I wrote about the Longshot, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day’s side project, playing the Wild Buffalo, the show was postponed about a second and a half after that issue of Cascadia Weekly went to press. I wanted to call someone and shout, “Stop the presses!” but that’s only a thing that works in the movies. At this point, I feel like writing about the show will only scare it away again, so I’m just dropping in to say the Longshot (with Frankie and the Studs and the Trash Bags) was rescheduled for Mon., June 11, tickets from their original date in May will be honored and the show remains sold out.

Several years ago, a friend asked me if I’d ever heard of Austin, Texas metal band the Sword, and I’m pretty sure I responded with, “Don’t they sing about dragons and stuff?” and that’s how I’ve characterized them every time I’ve spoken of them since. They don’t really sing about dragons. Instead, they’re a critically acclaimed doom/stoner metal band who have toured with the likes of Metallica, Lamb of God, and Clutch, and probably deserve more respect than to be part of a punchline no one finds funny but me. They’re also touring in support of a new album, the long-awaited Used Future, released in March and somehow their Tues., June 12 show at the Wild Buffalo is not sold out. It’ll cost you $20 to get in and hear some sweet songs (that are not) about dragons.

Where: 208 W. Holly St. Info:

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