Pizza Party

Seek out a slice

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I’m always bummed when I realize I’ve once again forgotten International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but this year I plan on being prepared for National Pizza Day, which takes place Sun., Feb. 9 and serves as a swell reason to seek out a slice or three.

In advance of the “holiday,” I sought advice about people’s favorite places to obtain the circular, dough-and-cheese-based menu item that originated in Italy and has become one of the most popular fast foods in the known universe.

“I could talk forever about the La Fiamma lunch special,” my officemate Carey Ross opined. I’ve seen her take down an eight-inch Grecian Formula and side salad ($12.95 until 4pm) on numerous occasions, so I know she’s not joking around.

She wasn’t the only one who mentioned the wood-fired wonders to be found at the mainstay in downtown Bellingham. Another friend pointed to her love of the veggie pizza at La Fiamma’s Pye Hole, which sells slices on the Chestnut Street side of the eatery for those who want to grab-and-go.

Ovn in Fairhaven was also mentioned by more than one acquaintance as being a pizza place to keep on speed-dial.

“When I crave pizza, I typically want something other than a greasy slice of pepperoni,” Carey continued. “I often head to Ovn. Crisp, slightly sweet thin crust that’s charred in their insanely hot oven, toppings ranging from potatoes to Calabrian chiles to marinated figs to pepperoni. It comes out hot and fast and they’re ridiculously accommodating if you want something not on their current menu. It’s fancy pizza, but it’s not pretentious in the slightest.”

Deming’s North Fork Brewery also topped the list of faves, with one fella noting he likes to build his own pie with capicola, gorgonzola, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato. Tino’s in Sudden Valley also got an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

A former New Jerseyan with “extremely” high standards about what a “real” NY slice is pointed to the now-mobile Cicchitti’s Pizza to fill his cravings, and a onetime Bellingham mayor chimed in to say he loves eating the pizzas prepared by Russ Kendall at Gusto during the Bellingham Farmers Market.

“My favorite pizzas in Skagit are at Pacioni’s in Mount Vernon and Terramar in Edison,” Cascadia Weekly restaurant reviewer Jessamyn Tuttle told me. “I also like Skagit River Brewery. The new owners there redid their menu and added some fun new pizzas (including breakfast pizza on the weekend), and Railroad Pizza in Burlington is very good. I’ve always heard great things about Annie’s Pizza in Concrete.”

“I will never not love Cascade Pizza in Sedro-Woolley, even if it’s a little bit stodgy by some people’s standards,” another friend said of the Skagit offerings, leading me to believe pizza doesn’t have to be fancy to be appreciated, and that variety is indeed the “slice” of life.

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