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Sex In The City:

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

To know Jenn Mason is to know she’s always looking for a dance party. When she cannot find a dance party, she will make one happen. I’m at least 99 percent sure that when she can’t wrangle enough folks to form a party, she’s just fine dancing with herself.

What I’m trying to say is I have long suspected that Jenn’s life is one long dance party.

Given that, it stands to reason that when planning a birthday bash—even when it’s for a 1-year-old—Jenn will instantly default to dance party mode.

And so she has for the one-year anniversary of her super-inclusive, radically cool downtown Bellingham sex shop WinkWink. The party is Sat., Sept. 14 and will take place, not at her Commercial Street store, which is too small to contain the planned revelry, but around the corner at the Wild Buffalo, whose life is also one long dance party.

This means you can begin your Saturday shenanigans with Herbsstock and then wander about half a block to the Wild Buffalo for burlesque courtesy of Ms. Briq House (producer of Shuga Shack, an all-POC burlesque troupe in Seattle), RainbowGlitz and Ruthe Ordare (of Virago Nation, Vancouver, BC’s all-indigenous burlesque troupe), and others, as well as kinky rope demos and that aforementioned dance party that will go late into the night.

If “sex shop birthday,” “sexy demos,” “burlesque” and other unknown and potentially salacious delights aren’t enough to tempt you to the event Mason has named WinkWink YesYes, perhaps knowing that 100 percent of the night’s proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood will do the trick.

At the risk of injecting too much seriousness into this celebratory occasion, shit is real rough for reproductive health right now, and Planned Parenthood is taking it on the chin for the good of all of the millions of people—mostly folks who are poor or have poor access to health care or both—who rely on them. Every now and again, we get an opportunity to let them know they can rely on us too, and this is one of those times.

Plus, out of all the times I’ve given Planned Parenthood my money, this will be the only instance in which I’ve gotten burlesque out of the deal. Sure beats the pants off what I usually get in return, which are a pap smear and a mammogram referral—necessary to my life, but not nearly as much fun. And not just because Planned Parenthood won’t let me drink cocktails during my appointments, like how I can at WinkWink YesYes. They might be negotiable on the subject of a dance party though.

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