Boldly Go

Share your own adventure


What: Boldly Went Adventures

When: 6 pm Thu., May. 3

Where: Honey Moon, 1053 N. State St.

Cost: $10-$15

Info: http://www.boldlywentadventures.com

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The first thought I had when I received a press release from Boldly Went Adventures inviting people to share their outdoor adventure stories at a Thurs., May 3 event at the Honey Moon was that I didn’t have any tales worth telling.

But when I gave the topic further attention, I realized even though I’ve never run a marathon, hurled myself out of an airplane, or sailed across an ocean, I’ve still had my share of thrills when it comes to taking chances in nature.

For example, I once attempted to climb the highest mountain in Honduras, but a case of giardia felled me halfway up Cerro Las Minas, and the afternoon I spent alone in a tent waiting for my traveling companions to return forced me to commune with the animals and plants in the cloud forest in a way I never would’ve otherwise (spoiler alert: the sounds of the jungle can be scary as hell).

Among other things, I’ve also felt the heat of an epic lava flow in Hawaii, made it through five days on a semi-deserted Caribbean island with limited food and water, been patted down by Zapatistas in Mexico, landed safely after losing a ski on a chairlift, and, closer to home, jumped from a rowboat to swim a couple of hundred yards through the frigid waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on a $20 bet from my sister.

Some adventures are obviously more life-altering than others, and those are the ones Boldly Went wants to hear. Founded in 2016 by Angel Rossi Mathis—who first had the inkling to start a business focused on inspiring people to get outside and explore places off the beaten track while hiking in the Peruvian Andes—the storytelling faction of the company creates spaces where those listening in can get inspired by the risk-taking people in their own community.

“We’ve heard about what it’s like to hike with a naked thru-hiker, row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean, swim all day and night across the Catalina Channel, accidentally sail onto a prison island, get charged by a hyena in a mine, be held up at gunpoint when found in the Belize jungle, call for a helicopter rescue from the side of a mountain, save a life on a paddle board, spend days in your tent waiting out a snowstorm during an ice field traverse, and so many more,” Mathis says when discussing why people enjoy the live shows so much.

“People attending our events leave feeling inspired by the breadth of adventures taking place in their own backyards and with new ideas about what may be possible in their own lives,” she adds.

If you want to tell your own tale, come prepared to devote 10 minutes to the feat. Names will be pulled from a hat and, even if yours isn’t called, it’s a good guess once you start thinking about that adventure, you’ll soon be sharing the story with someone else.

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