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What: Harry Potter Burlesque

When: 8 pm Thu., Jul. 5

Where: Firefly Lounge, 1015 N. State St.

Cost: $10-$15

Info: http://www.facebook.com/friskyfandoms

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In the past couple of months, Frisky Fandoms has given Star Wars and Game of Thrones the burlesque treatment. On Thurs., July 5, they’ll do it again with Harry Potter. We caught up with founder Charlie Fun-Facts to find out more about how she’s planning on putting the audience under her spell.

Cascadia Weekly: Is Charlie Fun-Facts your real name?

Charlie Fun-Facts: It’s my stage name/nickname. A drunk Australian called me that on a road trip once, and the name stuck.

CW: What does nerdy burlesque look like compared to “regular” burlesque?

CFF: To create nerdy burlesque we make routines that honor characters or play with themes from our favorite shows, books and movies. It’s a little more referential than your average burlesque, since we get to make a lot of inside jokes about the characters and stories.

CW: In what ways are you a nerd? 

CFF: I’m from a family of nerds, so I grew up playing tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. As an adult, I love great stories, as you can see with our choice of themes. And also, I love trivia about history and science.

CW: How do you choose your themes? 

CFF: I work closely with Erin Gill, the owner of the Firefly Lounge, to pick themes that will create visually stunning shows. The first couple have been very specific. But soon we’ll be moving into more general themes like Monster Hunters and Time Travel—that way we can incorporate more fandoms per show.

CW: Can you give us some sneak peeks regarding content for the Harry Potter Burlesque show? 

CFF: Our house dance troupe, the Fireflies, will be there to school us all with a class on Sexy Magic. You’ll see a few familiar faces, such as Luna Lovegood. There will also be a Sorting Ceremony, but it will be a good deal more scandalous than the one in the books.

CW: “Nerds. Sex. Mayhem” is your tagline. Given that premise, what can audiences expect from a Frisky Fandoms show? 

CFF: Well, the Nerds are on the stage and in the audience. The Sex is mostly on the stage. And the Mayhem is imbued in every element of our show. We bring audience members onstage for our “Birthday Burlesque” segment, serve drink specials like shots of Felix Felicis, and our lovely Fireflies are constantly bustling through the audience stirring up trouble.

CW: What do you love about producing these shows?

CFF: I love the community. Our local nerdy businesses have really come out in spades to help make these shows happen.

CW: What else do you want people to know?

CFF: Our performers for the night will be Uncle Kunkel, Bellow Wing, Chayla Coolitah Carraha, Shine DeLonge, Emerald Fire, Kalamity Jean, and myself, Charlie Fun-Facts.

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