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Annals of capitalism

On June 23, a man in York neighborhood reported his bike had been stolen off his friend’s porch. Within an hour, the man had located his bike. The man who had stolen the bike attempted to sell it back to its original owner. Bellingham Police recovered the bike and returned it.

On June 20, a 78-year-old Whatcom County man had his money returned to him after he sent $15,000 to someone claiming to be his teenaged grandson involved in an auto accident in Spokane. Federal Drug Enforcement agents intercepted the package and returned it to the man.

Barkley bear continues his tear

On June 21, wildlife officials confessed they’ve been unable to make contact with a young adult black bear who continues to roam neighborhoods on the north shore of Lake Whatcom. The bear reportedly has a sweet tooth for bird feeders. Officials have received some 50 reports of sightings since the bear began wandering the Roosevelt, Barkley, Alabama Hill, and Silver Beach neighborhoods of Bellingham. Wildlife officials don’t want to harm the critter and hope he soon heads for the high country.

Over-easy overlords

On June 26, witnesses and a victim told Bellingham Police about a silver VW Jetta with several young male occupants who were throwing eggs at vehicles and driving recklessly.

On June 13, a man complained to Bellingham Police about an ongoing problem with his vehicle being egged.

Failing at the funny

On June 19, a caller to 911 dispatch reported someone was screaming and yelling that they were being attacked in York neighborhood. Bellingham Police responded and found it was an intoxicated person attempting to be funny, but failing.

On June 20, Bellingham Police searched for more than an hour after a boy was reported missing from the Barkley Haggen grocery. The 8-year-old was eventually found hiding inside the store.

Walk on the wild side

On June 22, a Whatcom Transit driver reported seeing a woman in downtown Bellingham with no pants on, urinating and masturbating.

On June 26, a man was reported near the Lincoln Creek Park and Ride clad only in his underwear. He reportedly exposed himself and used a flashight to show his goods to passersby. Bellingham Police checked the area for him without success.

On June 28, a couple in Happy Valley were reported naked in a field together, having sexual relations.

On June 22, Bellingham Police checked on a person who was reported lying on the ground, getting up and yelling, and walking into traffic.

App mishap

On June 17, Blaine Police arrived at a business in the early morning hours to speak to a distraught pedestrian who sought protection. “He explained that the occupants of a vehicle had followed him around town for the past 20 minutes,” police reported. “An officer located the suspicious vehicle and interviewed its stalking driver nearby. It turned out,” police explained, “that both guys were independently playing Pokémon and coincidentally chasing the same characters at the same time.”

Nothing left to lose

On June 24, Bellingham firefighters helped extinguish the shopping cart of a homeless person whose clothing, blankets and household items had become fully engulfed in flames.

Dine and dash clash

On June 22, Bellingham Police arrested a woman who walked out on her tab at a restaurant near Bellis Fair Mall. Staff attempted to stop her and collect payment, but the 46-year-old was aggressive with them.

Purloined purses

On June 13, several handbags were discovered along a walking path in Fairhaven.

On June 10, Blaine Police learned someone had broken into a vehicle and stolen a woman’s wallet from a purse inside. “The victim reported that the vehicle had been locked when left, but the wallet was gone upon their return approximately an hour later,” police noted.

On June 23, a purse was stolen from a Winco shopping cart in Bellingham.

On June 12, a passerby discovered a purse at a park in Blaine. “The good samaritan turned the purse into the police for return to the owner,” police reported. “The owner was contacted and retrieved the purse. The owner was very appreciative of the good samaritan.”

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