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Special Report: Alternative housing

On March 3, Blaine Police were asked by management of a storage unit to contact a couple who might be living inside it. “The manager wanted to advise the occupants they are not allowed to live in the units, and he wanted them trespassed if they were,” police explained. “Officers checked the unit and found no one was currently there. Officers followed up with the manager who decided to hold off on taking any action until he could confirm the people were living inside the unit.”

On March 9, the Port of Bellingham called police for a assistance with a man who was sleeping in a vehicle near Gate 1 of the Blaine Marina. Officers spoke with the man, who had a valid driver’s license and no outstanding warrants. He was asked to leave the property by port officials.

On March 11, Blaine Police checked on a woman sleeping in her car. “The woman was hard asleep but was eventually awakened from her slumber,” police reported. “The woman explained that she had been up all day and ran out to get snacks when she was overcome with exhaustion. The woman was alert and embarrassed about the incident. Alcohol was not a factor.”

On March 14, Bellingham Police spoke to a man who was sleeping in his car north of the city.

On March 12, Bellingham Police checked on a person sleeping in Roosevelt Park.

On March 12, Bellingham Police spoke to a man having a nap on a sidewalk downtown. He declined an offer of assistance from officers and was issued a citation for violating a city ordinance.

On March 13, a Blaine patrol officer observed a person slumped on a park bench. “The officer stopped to check on the man and was able to identify him as a local transient. The man did not want any assistance,” police reported.

On March 14, a bank in Blaine complained about discarded furniture from a neighboring apartment building deposited in their parking area. “No one from the bank wanted the furniture, either, and requested police to help contact the responsible party,” police reported.

Night fright

On March 18, a young woman was awakened by a man in the bedroom of her apartment near Western Washington University. The residents told Bellingham Police that the man had entered their home through an unlocked front door. The man suspect went in to one of the bedrooms where the woman was asleep. She was awakened when he walked in and laid down on her bed. She yelled at the man and he fled. A police K9 attempted to the track the suspect without success.  “Later in the morning the woman called back when she discovered a ground floor bathroom window was propped open. It is believed this was the entry, and possibly exit point for the suspect,” police reported. Police estimated the man is about 20 years old, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds with shorter light brown hair and was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans and a baseball hat. The man smelled heavily of alcohol and cologne.

Jumbo and Dumbo

On March 14, Blaine Police were dispatched to a local motel for a noise complaint. “The caller said it sounded like two large elephants were banging around in the upstairs room,” police reported. “Officers arrived and found two very intoxicated brothers who decided to have a late night WWE Championship-style match inside the motel room. Even after bionic elbows, cactus clotheslines and flying forearm smashes, no injuries were obtained by either participant. Both were actually quite proud of their time in the ring.  The room however had both beds pulled away from the walls and clothes strewn about, evidence that the noise complaint had been valid,” police observed.  “No arrests were made on this contact as both brothers were very adamant the wrestling had been all in fun. However, one of the brothers had an outstanding warrant through Seattle Police Department. The cooperative 29-year-old wanted warrior traded the WWE for the WCJ,” police concluded.

On March 14, Bellingham Police responded to a report of two men fighting near the Sunset Car Wash. Both men began fighting with police officers. They were transported to Whacom County Jail.

Too much mutt

On March 12, a man called Blaine Police to report an aggressive dog in his neighborhood. “The man said the dog frequently wanders the streets,” police reported. “Today the dog barked and charged at an elderly woman. Fearing for the woman’s safety, the man called police. Police contacted the owner of the dog who said she is trying to find a new home for the energetic escapee, who has proven to be too much for their family and for its small yard,” police noted. “The owner will be cited for allowing a dog at large, and the case will be forwarded to the Humane Society.”

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