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The tyranny of tyrannosaurs

On Nov. 6, University Police moved cautiously to intercept a subject who was disrupting library patrons by yelling about the importance of voting while dressed as a dinosaur. The crisis was resolved without paleontologists.

The trouble with government

On Nov. 8, Bellingham Police trespassed a man from the Whatcom County Courthouse for six months after he had urinated in the elevator while highly intoxicated.


On Nov. 9, University Police checked on a student with hives and experiencing tightness of chest and diffculty breathing.

On Nov. 9, University Police checked on a group of people screaming hysterically in a classroom in the sciences department of Bond Hall.

Ivied halls of academe

On Nov, 8, University Police checked on a man reportedly wrapping a large knife in a cloth.

On Nov. 8, University Police checked on a student who appeared to be dealing drugs from his dorm room in the Ridgeway Residence Complex.

On Oct. 30, campus cops checked on a report of people smoking marijuana in the forested Sehome Arborteum above Western Washington University.

Just desserts

On Oct. 30, a woman complained to Bellingham Police that someone had squirted a tube of Go-Gurt on her, and then threw a box of Go-Gurt at her. She did not want to pursue charges. The dairy fairy fled and was not located.

On Oct. 16, a 29-year-old Alaska man was arrested for stealing $13 worth of cookies and cheesecake in Anacortes. Police were contacted by a grocery store manager who had the man in his office. The man told police he was wandering around town and had run out of money. He was cited for theft, given a trespass notice, and released at the scene.

Fashion statement

On Nov. 10, a citizen told Bellingham Police she’d found a cloth bag with really nice clothes inside on the sidewalk near Whatcom Community College.


On Oct. 29, the Bellingham Police Depertment’s Hazardous Devices Unit tinkered with yet another bomb-like object, an old training grenade.

On Nov. 5, BPD’s HDU assisted the Washington State Patrol in collecting and destroying old fireworks, ammunition and marine flares.


On Oct. 9, police responded to a residential burglary alarm at a Blaine residence. Officers arrived and determined that a family member had accidentally set off the alarm when arriving home. Shortly after clearing, the homeowner requested officers to respond back to the residence to determine if her adult son was there, and if he was that he be trespassed from the property. Officers arrived and found the adult son hiding in the bushes on the side of the house. The son was trespassed from the property.

On Nov. 8, a citizen told Bellingham Police about a strange man in the bushes near the Lake Padden boat launch.

People with issues

On Nov. 6, Bellingham Police learned a naked woman was walking in the middle of Iowa Street. “This person was familiar to officers and known to have mental health problems,” police explained. “Officers were able to de-escalate the situation and safely take the woman into protective custody.”

On Nov. 10, Bellingham Police gave a man a ride to the hospital for a mental health evaluation after he was observed waving around a knife at invisible threats.

On Nov. 9, Bellingham Police checked on a person running around downtown with a baseball bat and no shirt.

Crimes against critters

On Oct. 29, Blaine Police learned a man was out walking his cats when he was struck with a recycling bin. The man said he did not want to press charges but wanted police to speak to the person that had thrown the bin.

On Oct. 29, University Police learned of an injured deer.

On Oct. 29, University Police attempted to assist a disabled deer. The creature had disappeared before they arrived.

On Oct. 29, University Police attempted to assist an injured squirrel.

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