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Campus creeps, ctd.

On June 8, a Western Washington University student reported she’d seen a man masturbating in a parked car on Billy Frank Jr. Street near campus. The man, reportedly about 30 to 40 years old, was seated alone in the front passenger seat of a dark green or black four-door sedan. Police responded to the report within minutes and began searching for the man, who had driven off. University officials said it is not known if this incident is related to other incidents of lewd behavior over the past few months in the area.

On June 6, a Western student reported she was walking along Highland Drive near the tennis courts of the Ridgeway residence hall when a man ran up to her and put his hand down her pants. The man was seen running on the service road away from the tennis court. University Police searched the area without success.

On June 2, a Western student reported she was groped by a man while she was walking through the Haskell plaza at the university’s business school. She provided police with a description of the man.

On June 9, a man told Bellingham Police that a transient had been watching his sister change her clothes through a window of an apartment south of WWU campus.

On June 9, a strange man was reported knocking on the windows of residences at the Ridgeway Delta dorm. The man was gone when police arrived.

On May 31, a man in the coffee shop at Miller Hall began yelling and threatening staff. University Police took him into custody for transport to the hospital for a mental health exam.

Popular mechanics

On May 27, a Bellingham man was arrested on charges that he had drilled into soda machines to steal the money inside. Police believed the man had drilled into two separate soda machines, causing more than $750 in damage. He was found in possession of meth and stolen property after police caught him trying to sell the stolen items.

On June 4, Bellingham Police interrupted a man who was attempting to drill out a coin-operated washington machine at an apartment complex south of WWU campus.

On May 4, a passerby reported seeing a man trying to drill out the lock of a coin-coin operated washing machine in an apartment complex in downtown Bellingham.

On May 11, a man told Bellingham Police that his girlfriend may have seen the man who was trying to break into a washing machine the previous week.

On May 21, a woman came to the Bellingham Police Department to turn in some property she had discovered in the street. She wanted police to know she’d spotted a man scooping up and taking off with some cash that had been with the property she turned in.

Puzzling packages

On June 4, University Police checked on a suspicious package, a plastic pack wrapped in duct tape. “Package was a sandbag,” police reported.

On June 2, University Police checked on a suspicious package left at a bus stop south of campus. The package was determined to be harmless.

On June 2, University Police checked on a suspicious package unattended at the Haskell plaza. “Unfounded,” police reported. “Sandbag.”

On June 4, University Police checked on a suspicious package at a bus stop on south campus. “Sandbag,” police reported.

Unlimited refills

On May 25, a representative from a fast- food restaurant in Anacortes called police to report that a man and woman came into the store, removed beverage cups from the trash, and filled them up with soda. The store wanted the couple banned.

On May 27, police learned someone had entered the carport of a home in Anacortes and looted the chest freezer. The victim told police that approximately $350 worth of turkey, roasts, chicken, and hamburgers were stolen in this incident.

Critter crimes

On June 10, Bellingham Police checked on a man who was reportedly in possession of a butchered deer. Police thought game wardens could more ably handle the matter.

On May 10, a Bellingham man complained to police that his neighbor was feeding wild animals on his property near Lake Whatcom.

On June 7, a Bellingham patrol officer checked on a sighting of a feral feline.

On June 1, a passerby reported a rat mother was nursing her babies in the trunk of a car parked on South College Drive. “Unknown if domestic or wild,” University Police reported. “Whatcom Humane Society notified.”

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