Fuzz Buzz

Special delivery

On Aug. 8, a citizen brought an old grenade into the Ferndale Police station. According to police, the man’s father served during World War II and brought the device back with him as a souvenir. The device was determined to be inert and harmless by police as the safety lever and pin had already been removed. “In cases like this, where an explosive device (even though kept as a souvenir and presumably inert) is already in the owner’s possession, we would prefer they call 911 to request an officer and let us determine the proper steps for disposal,” police said, rather than transporting it to their station. Police disposed of the device.

Skimmers and scammers

On Aug. 10, Sedro-Woolley Police arrested a woman who had allegedly been embezzling from the Sedro-Woolley School District. The woman had been serving as the treasurer of the parent booster club of the Evergreen STEM Elementary School.  Detectives located evidence related to the fraud and recovered property purchased with funds that were taken. Detectives found more than $53,000 had been stolen from the booster club by the treasurer.

On Aug. 3, a former Skagit County sheriff’s deputy was indicted in federal court on five wire fraud charges. The Skagit Valley Herald reported the deputy was the treasurer of the Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association and is accused of stealing more than $35,000 since at least 2010.

On July 26, a man called Anacortes Police to report fraudulent activity on his bank account. The man reported a mail scam had resulted in a financial loss. “The scam included a mail solicitation asking if the man wanted to be part of a ‘shopping survey,’” police explained. The Anacortes man responded and he began receiving text messages providing instruction to cash a $1,000 money order and send $724 via a wire transfer to Georgia. The victim later discovered that the $1,000 money order was invalid and he was out nearly $800 including the wire transfer and fees.

On Aug. 8, Bellingham Police took a report of an attempted phone scam. “If the callers are threatening jail over back taxes or fines—scam!,” police advised. “If you are being asked for emergency bail for a jailed relative—scam!—any jailed relative can call on their own. Just hang up!”

On Aug. 6, a man reported finding “ransomware” on his computer. The malware locked his computer blocking all access to his business network and information, Bellingham Police reported.

Hoarder disorder

On Aug. 3, a resident of Puget neighborhood told Bellingham Police her neighbor is a hoarder. “His house is starting to smell strongly of garbage,” police reported.

End of watch

On Aug. 10, the Alaska Ferry reported that a crewmate did not return to the ship for its departure from Fairhaven. “The crewmate was subsequently contacted by phone,” Bellingham Police reported, “and he had decided it was time to go home and was not coming back to the ship.”

Bad news, good news

On Aug. 8, Bellingham Police arrived at a location to find a man had a rope around his neck with the other end tied to a second-floor balcony and was threatening to jump. “He was agreeable to accepting help,” police reported. He was taken into protective custody for a mental health evaluation.

Intersections of intersectionality

On Aug. 6, Bellingham Police checked on a teen, evidently on drugs, who kept getting up after falling into traffic on the corner of Michigan and Alabama streets in Rooselvelt neighborhood.

On Aug. 6, a man who was evidently high on drugs kept wandering into traffic on the corner of Franklin and State streets in Bellingham.

On Aug. 5, a woman who was evidently high on drugs kept wandering back and forth into the roadway near Haskell and Enterprise roads north of Ferndale.

On Aug. 5, Bellingham Police spoke to a 19-year-old who was lying in the middle of the roadway of Cornwall Avenue downtown.

On Aug. 12, Bellingham Police contacted a man who was engaged in disorderly behavior on the corner of Lincoln Street and Lakeway Drive.

On Aug. 12, a person with mental issues who had been wandering in the roadway of Bakerview Road was taken into protective custody by Bellingham Police.

On Aug. 12, Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies checked on a report of a llama on the loose at the intersections of Sand and Kelly roads.

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