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Bear scare

On May 8, a newspaper delivery person called Blaine Police to report seeing a bear at the intersection of Mitchell and Adelia streets. An officer checked the area with the assistance of U.S. Border Patrol. “There were a number of visible animals starting out their day, but none were a bear,” police confessed.

On May 8, Blaine Police received a report of a bear near Odell Road. They arrived to find a juvenile bear of about 250 pounds meandering in and out of the roadway. “Washington State Fish and Wildlife was advised about the creature, which was not posing an immediate threat to life, or property,” police reported. “Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents kept an eye on the animal as it headed north and east out of the city limits. Residents are reminded to keep garbage containers secure and small pets indoors.”

nature just wins

On May 3, Bellingham Police received a report that a hedge trimmer had been found discarded in the bushes in Happy Valley.

Cain and Abel

On April 28, a Blaine resident reported hearing neighbors arguing over one of the party who had ingested illegal drugs. “The anonymous complainant stated fights between the pair have been heard in the past and there was concern the arguing could escalate,” police reported. “Officers arrived and found two brothers were arguing over laundry and other household chores. When asked about the argument over illegal drug use, the one brother stated he was telling his other brother that all of his problems stem from the drug use and that is why he is lazy and doesn’t do anything,” police explained. “Officers determined there were no crimes committed and cleared with no further incident.”

Under construction

On May 5, a contractor reported someone vandalized his construction site in Blaine by tearing down the building permit from off a fence which was next to the portable potty.  “The miscreant then stuck a lot of branches and leaves into the portable potty,” police reported. “Extra patrol at the site was requested.”

Bad boyfriends, ctd.

On May 1, a Bellingham woman reported getting numerous calls and texts from her ex-boyfriend, which she wanted to stop. “He gave a completely different version of events,” police reported. “Each were advised not to contact the other.”

On May 7, a woman called police to report following her possibly intoxicated boyfriend who was driving in Blaine. An officer contacted the reporting person and observed the parked car. The man came outside and spoke with the officer. The officer determined the man was not DUI. “Sadly, (for the man) he did have a warrant from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office for his arrest,” police noted. “He was arrested and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.”

On May 7, a woman told Bellingham Police her ex-boyfriend had threatened her through her door.

On May 6, Blaine Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry after Customs agents had found a motorist in possession of MDMA. “Officers arrived and interviewed the British Columbia resident to find the person had borrowed the vehicle from her ex-husband. Officers patiently explained to the 52-year-old BC woman that the charges are for possession, not ownership.

Teen troubles

On May 8, Blaine Police made contact with a group of juveniles skipping class. Police located a backpack containing marijuana belonging to one of the students concealed nearby. “The juvenile was arrested for possession of controlled substance and his guardians were notified,” police reported. “Charges are being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.”

On May 8, Blaine patrol officers observed two cars racing at a speed of 63 mph in a 25 mph zone. “Two juvenile drivers were arrested for racing,” police reported. “The parents of the two were contacted and the young men were released with a criminal citation and mandatory court date.”

A well-regulated militia

On May 15, a Bellingham Police officer marveled over the conundrum that a man the officer contacted 
“suffers from mental illness yet possesses a concealed pistol permit and at least one firearm.”

Vape scrape

On April 26, police responded to an activated fire alarm at Blaine High School. “The officer arrived and learned from school employees that a student was smoking an e-cigarette in one of the boy’s restrooms,” police reported. “School administrators are reviewing school security cameras and will handle the situation administratively if the culprit is identified.”

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