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Coates without pants

On Dec. 5, Bellingham Police arrested a man for indecent exposure near Western Washington University. Officers responded to reports of a man without pants in a parking garage and took Daryl James Coates into custody. Coates was later ruled out as a suspect in a string of voyeurism incidents near campus. He was charged with indecent exposure and possession of methamphetamine.

On Dec. 8, a woman reported seeing a man with his hands down his pants and possibly masturbating at the intersection of Iron and Gladstone streets in the York neighborhood near WWU campus. The woman reported he walked away. Bellingham Police issued a new scruffy sketch of the man.

On Dec. 8, a man in pajama pants exposed himself to a store clerk as he purchased a beer at JJ’s Food Stop in Happy Valley neighborhood near WWU campus. Bellingham Police were uncertain if he was the same man decribed in the earlier exposure.

On Dec. 11, a woman at a residence on North Garden Street near campus looked out her kitchen window and saw a man exposing himself. The man, wearing a black hoodie, then ran off on foot. Bellingham Police searched the area but did not find him. It is not known if this incident is related to other recent incidents near and on campus of lewd conduct.

On Dec. 6, a man followed a concerned woman into the WWU Wilson Library and then left the area. The man later saw his description on Snapchat and called University Police to say he was not a sexual predator and was only going back into the library, where he worked, to get his keys he forgot.

Santa’s helpers

On Nov. 30, the Blaine School District bus garage supervisor called police to report one of his drivers relaying to him that an elderly woman, wearing a gray dress, had been opening and looking inside multiple mail boxes along the street.  Officers checked the area but could not locate anyone matching the description.

On Nov. 29, an Anacortes resident saw a vehicle drive slowly down her street and pull into her neighbor’s driveway. A woman got out of the passenger side and walked to the front door, returning with a package. An officer was later able to talk with the homeowner, who found the package near her door. It had been opened and there was a note on it saying it had been found in the front yard of a home down the street. The woman reported nothing was missing from the package.

Foreign objects in the body

On Dec. 5, a woman made numerous calls to Bellingham Police to complain of having a tracker installed in her body.

On Dec. 7, Bellingham Police arrested a man after he threatened to put a bullet in another man’s head.


On Nov. 30, Blaine Police were dispatched to a possible domestic violence situation in progress. “Officers arrived and listened prior to knocking and only heard two loud voices who were laughing and yelling,” police reported. “Officers made contact with both parties and found they were wrestling and slightly intoxicated. Officers asked the two to keep the noise level down as it was disturbing the neighbors. While taking the involved parties information one of them was found to have an active warrant out of Bellingham,” police noted. The 22-year-old man was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

On Nov. 30, Blaine Police learned several people were dumping their personal garbage into a business’s garbage. “Officers then discovered there had been an unreported domestic violence assault which happened the previous day. The suspect of the assault was also found to have a felony escape warrant, as well as being a suspect in an assault on another individual the previous day,” police reported. The man was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

A cornered cornucopia

On Nov. 28, a 26-year-old Anacortes man was arrested on a charge of theft after officers found butter and an energy drink stuffed in his waistband at a corner grocery store. “Officers were originally called around 4pm for an intoxicated man the store wanted removed,” police explained. “The man voluntarily left the store. An officer expressed concern due to his high level of intoxication and offered him a ride home—he would just need to be patted down for weapons.” The man reportedly put his hands on his head, which made his sweatshirt lift up and the food items visible. He told officers he had purchased the items earlier at a different grocery store. Officers also found a bottle of vodka in his pants leg and two protein bars in a pocket.

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