Fuzz Buzz

Creepy peepers

On Sept. 9, a resident of Puget neighborhood noticed a disturbance outside the bedroom of his roommate and discovered a man peering inside with his pants down, masturbating. The roommates ran outside and confronted the man, holding him down until Bellingham Police arrived. Police arrested the 49-year-old for indecent exposure and voyeurism.

On Sept. 9, Bellingham Police responded to another report of someone looking into the windows of an apartment in York neighborhood at roughly the same time as the incident in Puget neighborhood. Police were uncertain the events were related.

On Sept. 9, Bellingham Police cited a 32-year-old man for indecent exposure near the South Bay Trail.

On Sept. 10, an employee with the Bellingham Police Department observed a man urinating in the department’s parking lot.

Worrisome women

On Aug. 30, Blaine Police checked on a report of suspicious females. Officers contacted the reporting person, who advised the women were acting odd but didn’t see them involved with any criminal activity. Officers contacted the women, who advised they were passing through the area.

On Aug. 26, a caller reported seeing a man hit a woman and then drag her toward a nearby bus stop. Anacortes Police contacted two people at the bus stop who matched the description. “They were both calm and did not appear upset with each other,” officers noted. “The woman told officers she twisted her ankle while walking and her boyfriend helped her to the bus stop to sit down. The man provided the same story.”

On Sept. 9, a man called Bellingham Police concerned about the welfare of his intoxicated girlfriend who called and said someone was following her as she walked home from a restaurant. She arrived safely.

No exit

On Sept. 14, University Police learned of someone running across campus, carrying an exit sign. Police recovered the sign but did not know where it had been taken from.


On Sept. 13, the Bellingham Police Department’s Hazardous Devices Unit evacuated a four-block area downtown in order to safely detonate yet another bomb-like object, this one a suspicious duffel bag that appeared to contain wires. “Loud noise now,” police warned, “device being disrupted!”

On Sept. 12, a citizen brought old ammunition and an unknown device to the Bellingham Police Department for destruction.

Lost in translation

On Sept. 3, the daughter of a Blaine man advised him she had read a text message from a person she knew, who indicated he had a hand gun and was heading to the pier to possibly hurt himself. Officers responded to the father’s report and located the person who had sent the message. “Officers determined the person did not have a hand gun and did not plan on hurting himself,” police said. “An officer saw the message and determined the message did not mention anyone having a hand gun, but did say he could now use his concealed weapons permit. Officers cleared the scene once they determined the person was not a threat to himself or others.”


On Aug. 29, a neighbor reported hearing someone yelling for help inside a home near Lake Whatcom. The resident had fallen and was transported to the hospital by Bellingham Fire Department.

On Aug. 28, Bellingham Police learned of a man laying on the ground in pain in Roosevelt neighborhood. The Bellingham Fire Department transported him to the hospital.

The grift 
that keeps giving

On Aug. 30, Blaine Police were called by a woman reporting suspicious loan activity. “The woman applied for a loan online and immediately noticed possible fraudulent activity,” police reported. “She alerted her bank. Her bank was aware of the loan company from several other complaints against it. The woman did not lose any money during the process. An informational report was filed,” police noted.

The continuing crisis

On Sept. 1, Blaine Police responded to a 911 hang=up call. An officer arrived and found the three siblings at the home to be okay. They were just having an argument about video games. “The juveniles were told about better ways to communicate with each other and their mother was informed of the situation,” police reported.

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