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Hillbilly hidey-hole

On July 2,  a woman was arrested after Whatcom County deputies learned she had hidden her stepson, a wanted felon, in the crawl space at her Maple Falls home. During a warrant search of her home, K-9 deputies located one of her stepsons concealed in a crawl space in a bedroom closet. “The opening to the concealed space had been cut into the floor of a bedroom closet and covered with a piece of plywood, WCSO reported. “Several boxes and heavy items had been placed on top of the plywood cover. The woman admitted that she had placed the items over the trap door to conceal her stepson,” WCSO reported. While searching the residence, deputies also located a small amount of heroin and methamphetamine. A large safe located in a back bedroom was found to contain multiple firearms. One of the firearms was a sawed-off shotgun that had the serial number and identifiable markings destroyed.

Proclaim liberty

On July 3, Anacortes Police knocked on the door of a man with multiple warrants and advised him he was under arrest. After multiple attempts to get the man to come out, officers started kicking down the door, which was opened before it broke. The 29-year-old said he didn’t come out because he didn’t want to spend the Fourth of July in jail. He spent the Fourth of July in jail, on his warrants and an additional charge of resisting arrest.

On July 4, Anacortes Police interviewed a man who was walking in and out of the parade route, possibly intoxicated. The man claimed he was trying to help kids collect candy. He was instructed to stay out of the parade and decided to leave.

On July 2, Anacortes Police cited the city’s fireworks laws after a man was reported throwing lit fireworks out of a pickup at passing cars. The man admitted to throwing “pop-its” out of his vehicle but denied everything else, police reported.

The out-of-towners

On July 1, multiple callers complained a silver sports car had been speeding and passing cars before losing control on a roundabout on Highway 20, where the vehicle landed on its top on a nearby bike path. The man walked away from the crash and Anacortes Police caught up with him in a parking lot. Officers noted the 38-year-old Idaho man appeared to be under the influence of something. He was transported to the hospital, where staff noted he had been seen twice earlier in the morning due to intoxication and had been advised not to drive. A Washington State Trooper took over the investigation.

On July 1, police escorted a 27-year-old Othello man from a hotel in Anacortes after a fight with another man from Othello. The 36-year-old picked up the younger man, his boss’ cousin, and allowed the man to stay in the room while they completed a job in town. He alleged the younger man stole his wallet and keys while they were both in the room. An argument ensued. The 27-year-old claimed he did not know where the wallet was, although officers eventually found it underneath the man’s mattress. The 36-year-old, who had paid for the room, asked that the 27-year-old leave. The 27-year-old was provided with a bus pass and given a ride to a transit station.

On July 2, a 69-year-old Seattle man was cited for improper backing after striking a parked car and a tree before plunging over a ledge at a restaurant in Anacortes. “The man apparently hit the accelerator instead of the brake when his vehicle started rolling backward unexpectedly,” police reported.

Outside the lines

On July 13, a couple at Bellis Fair Mall called 911 to report an argument with one another over a coloring book.

On June 30, two boys reportedly rode their bicycles through an Anacortes car wash, making several adult motorists upset. Both boys were escorted out of the business, which made them upset. Officers confirmed no crime was committed and the 14-year-old and 11-year-old were cautioned about riding their bikes in the car wash.

On July 2, a woman reported that her brother punched her while they were arguing over the TV remote control. Officers arrived and spoke with all parties involved.  Officers determined that the adult brother was the primary aggressor and that he had assaulted his sister during the domestic dispute. Officers arrested the brother for assault and booked him into jail.

On July 2, a 77-year-old Anacortes woman was banned from a downtown restaurant after reportedly throwing food at an employee when she was unhappy with the food and service. The woman reportedly threw the food and pounded her fists on the countertop. The woman said the employee had actually acted aggressively and denied throwing anything. She agreed both parties likely acted inappropriately and said she doesn’t plan to go to the restaurant again.

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