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Western wankers

On Feb. 2, a man was reported masturbating in his car in a parking lot on Western Washington University campus.

On Feb. 2, a woman reported a man was masturbating as he walked by her on Forest Street in downtown Bellingham.

On Feb. 3, a man was reported masturbating in the window of a residence on Maple Street in downtown Bellingham.

On Feb. 4, a man was reported masturbating in his car in the parking lot of the AM-PM on Old Fairhaven Parkway in Bellingham.

On Feb. 9, a woman on south campus reported a man was watching her with his hands down his pants and making rude gestures.

On Feb. 7, a man was escorted from the Lakeway shopping center by Bellingham Police after he’d made threats against an employee. The employee had observed the man loitering around the women’s restroom.

On Feb. 5, University Police checked on a man making girls uncomfortable near the Viking Union.

On Feb. 5, University Police checked on a man yelling and swearing at people in Red Square.

Squat versus SWAT

On Feb. 6, five people were arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail Tuesday after police said they were squatting in a home in a vacant housing development in Birch Bay. A property manager visiting the site found a home that had not been sold and had no authorized tenants was being occupied by several people. Deputies arrived and observed a woman through a window of the residence. She ran away. Over the next three hours a crisis negotiator and a SWAT team flushed five people from the residence at different intervals, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office reported. All were charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest; one occupant also had a U.S. Marshal’s warrant for dangerous drugs.

The runaways

On Feb. 10, two mothers reported their 12-year-old daughters were runaways. The girls were just dropped off by Bellingham Police, but were tying to run away again.

On Feb. 10, two naughty kids pulled a fire alarm in Roosevelt neighborhood and ran away. They were located safe and sound a few hours later by Bellingham Police and booked into juvenile detention.

The borrowers

On Jan. 30, an Anacortes couple heard their front door open in the early morning and walked into the living room to discover a man standing there. The man was still on scene when officers arrived and attempted to talk to him, but police were unable to understand his incoherent speech, possibly due to him being under the influence of a narcotic. Officer’s inquiries were met with a blank stare, so they discontinued the conversation and took him into custody and booked the 31-year old in the county jail on a criminal trespass charge.

On Feb. 2, Bellingham Police responded to the Alabama Hill York’s after an employee reported that an intoxicated man had tried to get into a vehicle that didn’t belong to him. Police did not locate the man.

On Feb. 3, a Bellingham couple reported that their car had been stolen. They later found it had been towed by police the evening before after it had been left at the scene of a hit-and-run collision.


On Feb. 10, Bellingham Police searched for yet another bomb-like object after residents on Aldrirch Road reported they’d heard a loud explosion.

Just saying hi

On Feb. 7, a Bellingham woman returned home from vacation and found a bullet hole through three walls of her apartment.

Beer is the best medicine

On Jan. 27, Anacortes Police spoke to a 64-year old man at a local pharmacy. “The man told police that he brought enough money for beer, but not enough for the $41 package of medicine that was concealed in his pocket,” police reported. He was arrested for theft and trespassed from the store.

Grift that keeps giving

On Feb. 2, an Anacortes man received a phone call from someone claiming to be his grandson. “The reporting party does not have a grandson matching the description, so he hung up and did not provide any personal identifying information or money to the caller,” police commented.

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