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State of the media

On Jan. 9, police responded to a drunk person at the Bellingham Herald building who was acting aggressively toward employees.

Winter is coming

On Jan. 11, Bellingham Police spoke to two homeless people and directed them to Winter Haven, the new severe weather encampment behind City Hall.

On Jan. 10, a homeless man was trespassed for life from the downtown Parkade after he was again discovered camping there by Bellingham Police.

On Jan. 9, Bellingham Police arranged for an extra patrol after transients were reportedly continuing to dig through the dumpsters of a business and spreading trash around.

On Jan. 9, Bellingham Police checked on an impromptu camp erected near Civic Field.

On Jan. 10, Bellingham Police returned to a park near Civic Field and advised people not to camp there.

Long winter’s nap

On Jan. 10, Bellingham Police asked a homeless man to leave “since he has been sleeping on the private property of (R1) for several weeks,” they reported.

Bad boyfriends

On Jan. 10, a Bellingham Police officer took a report from a woman whose ex-boyfriend was sending her rude text messages.

On Jan. 11, a woman told Bellingham Police she was receiving telephone harassment from an ex-boyfriend.

On Jan. 7, a concerned parent called Blaine Police to report her adult daughter had not returned home from visiting her boyfriend over the weekend. The daughter had also not returned several phone calls. Police called the daughter’s phone and left a message requesting contact. “If the daughter is not heard of in a timely manner, she will be entered as a missing person,” police reported.

On Jan. 6, Anacortes Police learned of a 911 hang-up that included a woman yelling on the other line, then a male voice that said all was OK before the line went dead. Officers spoke with a man and woman, later determined to be husband and wife, at the front door. They learned the two got into an argument earlier that day and the woman said that her husband pushed her against a rack in the bathroom and threatened to throw her dog. The 67-year-old husband was taken into custody and booked in the county jail.

On Jan. 9, Anacortes Police learned a woman had called emergency dispatch to report someone was throwing items, then the line went dead. Officers spoke with the woman at her home and she was visibly upset but said that nothing physical occurred. Her male companion was not found during a search of the home, but he faces possible charges for malicious mischief for fresh damage to the home’s interior.

On Jan. 11, Bellingham Police spoke to a woman who was refusing to leave an apartment on North Forest Street.

Call of the wild

On Jan. 8, Bellingham Police checked on a report of a large man who was punching windows and exposing himself to people downtown. The 46-year-old was contacted and cited accordingly.

On Jan. 9, Bellingham Police checked on a man in Roosevelt neighborhood who was reported aggressively swinging a pipe around and wielding it like a spear.

On Jan. 9, Bellingham Police checked on a woman with mental health issues who was climbing in the bushes near the freeway on Lincoln Street.

On Jan. 11, Bellingham Police arrested a homeless man after he threatened a pedestrian while armed with a knife. The 54-year-old was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

Driving while upside down

On Jan. 5, an Anacortes patrol officer observed a full-sized van swerving within the lane of travel and crossing into the center lane. The officer turned his patrol car around and found the van laying upside down in the ditch. The driver, a 37-year-old Anacortes man, was hanging upside down in the seat belt and sustained injuries in the crash, but was able to respond to the officer as he helped him out of the vehicle. The driver smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred, and his movements were slow and deliberate. Medics arrived and transported the driver by ambulance to the hospital to be evaluated. The man was later cleared medically and transported to the county jail for DUI.

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