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Bad optics

On March 14, a man was annoying the employees and customers at a vision clinic in Blaine. Police learned the man had told one of the employees she had nice eyeballs and made other odd comments about them. The man then left his official doctor’s eye exam with the employee, and said “call me.” Police spoke to the man just outside the business. “At the business’ request as they were afraid to speak to him, the man was trespassed from the business and stated he understood he would be arrested if he returned,” police reported.

Whatcom wankers

On March 8, Blaine Police learned a man was staring at two underage kids and making masturbating gestures toward them. Police arrived and collared the man. “After fully investigating the matter, officers determined there was probable cause for the individual’s arrest,” police reported.

On March 13, University Police searched for a man who had been reported following a woman in his car.

Bad hombres

On March 14, a resident of York neighborhood called 911 to explain that members of the Bandito Motorcycle Gang were after her. Bellingham Police explained the woman suffers from mental health issues and admitted to them that she has not taken her medications in a couple of weeks. Officers contacted her caseworker with the details.

On March 13, a man came to the Bellingham Police Department to complain about the FBI, OSHA, and other federal agencies. 

On March 12, the managers of a business on the Guide Meridian reported they’d received several calls from a man who claimed he was outside and then made threats to shoot up the business, Bellingham Police reported.

On March 14, Bellingham Police learned a man was waving a gun around in his car near the Sehome shopping center. The man was gone when police arrived.

Train complaints

On March 8, Blaine Police searched BNSF and city property for a possible transient camp. Officers checked several hundred yards of area without locating signs of an encampment. Officers cleared with no further actions.

On March 14, Bellingham Police issued a homeless man a lifetime trespassing warning from all BNSF properties.

On March 11, Blaine Police spoke to a boy who was walking a dog on the railroad tracks. An officer explained the dangers to the 8-year-old. The officer then walked with the boy to his home and advised his parents as well.

Wrong way on 
the right-of-way

On March 9, Blaine Police learned a driver was backing down the on-ramp to Interstate-5, then drove away on the sidewalks. “Officers checked the area and were not able to locate the vehicle,” police reported.

Unclear on the prohibition

On March 11, Blaine Police spoke to a woman in the parking lot of Cost Cutter and learned she had a warrant for her arrest. While she was in custody on the warrant police learned she had also been trespassed from the grocery store. She claimed she did not know she was trespassed from the parking lot as well. “Charges were referred to the prosecutor for review,” police noted, but the prosecutor declined to move forward due to lack of evidence.

Black-&-white taxi

On March 14, a Bellingham patrol officer contacted a woman at 4am who was walking “home,” very far from where she lived. “She was intoxicated and had no sense of direction, so an officer transported her home,” police reported.

On March 15, Bellingham Police gave an intoxicated person a courtesy ride home from Barkley Village to ensure the person’s safety.

On March 11, Bellingham Police gave a courtesy lift to a homeless person near Bellis Fair Mall.

On March 11, University Police contacted a drunk student. Campus cops gave him a courtesy transport back to his own residence.

On March 17, University Police checked on students stumbling and staggering down the road.

On March 17, University Police took custody of another drunk student.

The continuing crisis

On March 16, University Police spoke to a student who was carrying an orange traffic cone. The cone was taken from the student and returned to its proper location.

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