Fuzz Buzz

Suspicious circumstance

On Aug. 12, a person was discovered deceased in Bayview Cemetery. “Suicide is suspected,” Bellingham Police commented.

Short trip 
with a long gun

On June 24, a man reported he was standing near the first parking slots next to Marine Park in Blaine when a vehicle pulled up behind him and parked. The driver got out of his vehicle and pulled out what looked like a long rifle. The man walked over to the blackberry bushes and threw the rifle in. The driver got back into his vehicle and then headed north into Canada. “Officers searched for the rifle, but could not get very far into the brambles,” police reported. “The Public Works crew assisted with clearing the bushes and locating the recklessly disposed of property, which turned out to be a replica firearm. Unfortunately, police were unable to identify the man to speak with him about his careless and ill-advised choice,” officers commented.

On July 9, a man was turned back from Canada after accidentally bringing his unloaded sidearm with him. “The man willingly surrendered his firearm to Blaine Police for training purposes, in lieu of destruction,” officers reported. “He then continued on his northernly travels.”

Feeling peckish

On Aug. 13, a drunk kept calling Dominos Pizza in Bellingham.

A stunning view

On Aug. 11, Bellingham Police responded to a traffic hazard after someone left two plastic chairs suspended from the Alabama Hill pedestrian overpass, blocking a lane of travel on the roadway below.

Night deposit

On Aug. 12, a 32-year-old man was arrested after he threw trash cans and rocks through the doors and windows of the US Bank branch in Bellingham.

Dine and dash

On Aug. 12, two people ran up a tab and fled a Bellingham bar wthout paying their bill.


On Aug. 11, a child hopped out of a car in Bellingham’s Cordata neighborhood and snatched up a soccer ball belonging to someone else. “The vehicle then drove away with the soccer ball,” police reported.

Sleepy time

On July 10, emergency dispatch received a call about a man laying on the ground in downtown Blaine. An officer checked on the man’s welfare and found he was in good health and did not want any assistance. Several calls were received regarding the man throughout the day, but he was very clear he did not want or require aid or police assistance.

On July 20, Blaine Police responded to a business for a report of a man who would not wake up. An officer arrived and spoke with the man. “The man was able to contact a friend to come and pick him up, since he could not legally drive,” police reported.

On July 7, police were notified a man was unconscious in a business in Blaine. An officer arrived as the man was getting into his truck to drive away. “Employees in the business were concerned for his safety” police reported. The officer contacted the man before he could drive away, so the fire department could make sure he was OK to drive. “The fire department arrived and determined it was probably not safe to drive,” police commented. “The man agreed to let the fire department transport him home.”

Taking a powder in the powder room

On June 23, a Blaine patrol officer observed a vehicle quickly pull into an abandoned parking lot. After first spotting the officer, the man then walked swiftly away from the vehicle. The officer had the vehicle and its registered owner checked through law enforcement databases and learned there was an arrest warrant for the owner. The officer searched for the driver and located him hiding in the women’s rest-room of a nearby restaurant. After verifying the driver and the wanted man were one and the same, he was arrested on the Bellingham Municipal Court warrant and booked into jail.

Neighbors to the north

On July 21, police spoke to an intoxicated man on the streets of Blaine. “The man was not allowed to enter Canada and was now wandering around Blaine after consuming multiple alcoholic beverages,” police commented. “The man was provided a courtesy transport to the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham after it was determined that no crime was committed.”

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