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Iceman cometh

On Jan. 12, a Bellingham homeowner reported footprints in the snow around theor house that were made by an unknown person.

On Jan. 10, a downtown apartment dweller called Bellingham Police to report an unknown man was messing with the building’s electrical boxes.

On Jan. 14, Sedro-Woolley Police advised that, due to snowy conditions, people should find fun activities other than crime. “Normally we really enjoy the whole cops chasing criminals thing,” police admitted. “Today though, we have to many other things to do and it’s really cold outside. So please refrain from crime today and build a snowman or something instead.”

Construction deconstruction

On Jan. 3, a Blaine resident called police to report that a very tall metal flagpole at a business was leaning dangerously over because of a windstorm. The police arrived and noticed the flagpole was leaning over but did not appear to be in any danger of falling anytime soon. The police officer also found that if the flagpole did fall over it would fall into an empty field. An employee at the business indicated that they put in a priority work order to have the flagpole fixed. The police officer advised the business to call 911 if the pole fell over.

On Jan. 7, a citizen called Blaine Police to report a street light was knocked over. An officer responded to the location and contacted Blaine Public Works. Public Works set out an individual to block off the area until someone can disconnect the light.

On Dec. 20, a Blaine patrol officer checked on a 911 call where only static and a humming noise was heard. The officer found an open door to the building. The officer and a Border Patrol agent checked inside the building and did not find anyone inside. The officer secured the door.


On Jan. 7, Bellingham Police checked on a transient who was being aggressive with other people at the downtown WTA transit station, trying to start fights with people who were waiting for the bus. Police ejected the 34-year-old from the transit station.

On Jan. 7, an unknown man attempted to rob another man, but the latter escaped after punching the suspect, Bellingham Police reported.

On Jan. 12, Bellingham Police checked on a disturbance at a hotel room north of the city.

On Dec. 28, a Mount Vernon man was arrested after he apparently knocked another man unconscious outside a Bellingham nightclub after the two had an altercation. Police said the 21-year-old punched the other man and walked away.

On Dec. 29, a victim reported being assaulted by a stranger in downtown Bellingham after an inadvertent contact with the attacker, police reported.

On Dec. 26, a teen was arrested after he had assaulted a security officer at Bellis Fair Mall.

Critter crimes

On Dec. 27, a Blaine woman called police after she and her dog had been injured by a dog toy. “The toy was purchased online from a company in Blaine,” police reported. “An informational report was completed and the woman was advised no criminal act had occurred. The woman has not gotten any response from the company and will contact an attorney. Her dog may have a minor injury to its mouth.”

On Dec. 22, an Anacortes woman complained that her service dog was AWOL, having wandered away from her place of employment. The dog was later located and reunited with his owner.

On Dec. 22, a 4-month-old pug was reported missing from his home in Anacortes. The pooch was later found in a neighbor’s yard.

On Jan. 2, Blaine Police checked on a vehicle that appeared to have been involved in a collision “because there were two flat tires and mud all over the driver’s side,” police reported. The driver said she’d swerved to avoid hitting a deer the previous evening and then went into a ditch. The driver called a tow truck to haul the vehicle away. An officer found where the vehicle had gone into the ditch and determined that nothing was damaged besides the vehicle.

On Jan. 9, Bellingham Police responded to a report of a woman trying to take another person’s dog in Fountain District.

On Jan. 7, Blaine Police took custody of a suspicious animal. “The animal was found by a motorist who then brought it to an animal shelter outside of city limits,” police explained. “The animal was returned to its owner.”

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