Fuzz Buzz

Bomb box

On Oct. 2, Bellingham Police took a second man into custody who was suspected of touching off a series of explosions in York neighborhood in August and September. No one was hurt, but damage to a bridge and two bus shelters was estimated at $4,200. The 21-year-old was being held on charges of malicious mischief.

On Oct. 9, the Bellingham Police Chief asked for approval to seek a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant in the amount of $194,456. The money will be used to purchase a trailer and bomb disposal box for the safe disposal of hazardous devices and other high-risk materials.

Praise the Lord, pass the ammo

On Oct. 1, Blaine Police checked on a report of a man reported to have a gun and causing a disturbance at a local church. “Officers arrived and detained the man for investigation of a crime,” police reported. “The man was released to the custody of deputies.” The man was booked into jail.

Promises made, promises broken

On Sept. 27, a Blaine patrol officer observed a man yelling at no one in particular downtown. “Passersby reported that the gent had been drinking alcohol in public earlier, and two nearby empty alcohol containers lent credence to their observation,” police reported. “The homeless man received and accepted warnings for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, in exchange for a promise of better behavior.”

On Sept. 27, a Blaine patrol officer observed the same man publicly piddling away a good conduct promise he had made just 15 minutes earlier. “The transient was arrested for lewdly and publicly expelling the alcohol he had previously been warned about drinking in public,” police explained. “He was booked into the semi-privacy of Whatcom County Jail.”

On Oct. 9, Bellingham Police checked on a homeless man who was yelling at bushes. They calmed him down.

Belgian whiffle

On Oct. 2, a Blaine patrol officer spotted a weary traveler from Belgium who was in need of restroom facilities. “Not finding one, the young man had decided to help with the city’s water bill by watering the shrubbery at 3rd and H Streets with his own implement,” police commented. “The Belgian guest was cited and released with a criminal citation for lewd act, and the officer supplied directions to the nearest restroom for future reference.”

Photo felons

On Oct. 3, Bellingham Police arrested a man for allegedly taking pictures up a teenager’s skirt at Walmart. He had been sentenced for a similar offense the previous week. He immediately appealed his conviction for voyeurism. Police said they found dozens of up-skirt images in the man’s possession during their investigation.

On Sept. 26, a neighbor spotted a man using a cell phone to record or photograph another neighbor from the outside of her bedroom window near Broadway Park in Bellingham.

Reverse charges on a local call

On Oct. 8, a man entered the downtown station of the Bellingham Police Department to make a call on the 911-only phone. He broke the phone. He was arrested.

High-seas hijinks

On Sept.9, Blaine Police attempted to untangle a collision of two boats in the marina. “One boat was trying to park in its slip and crashed into a boat that was parked in the adjacent slip, causing the parked boat”s motor to break off and submerge into the water,” police reported. The officer took a report of the incident and provided case numbers to the involved parties.

On Oct. 9, Bellingham Police got in the middle of a quarrel between two commercial fishermen from different boats who got into a heated argument. “There is an ongoing dispute between them regarding fishing etiquette on the fishing grounds,” police explained.

Oyster heist

On Sept. 12, Blaine Police responded to a reported theft of oysters. “The business only wanted the suspect trespassed from their business,” police explained. Police obliged.


On Oct. 7, Bellingham Police arrested a young man after he stole seven glass bottles of chocolate milk from the Barkley Haggen. Police discovered the 19-year-old had an outstanding warrant for an earlier theft.

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