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Conflagration salvation

On Nov. 2, a Blaine man intentionally set fire to a recreational vehicle where he and a woman lived in a suspected attempt to kill her, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office reported. When firefighters arrived at the structure fire, “the man was still on scene and was creating issues for fire personnel as he refused to listen to commands and then became argumentative with firefighters,” deputies reported. “At some point, the man had pulled a knife on fire personnel and threatened them with it.” One of the firefighters took the knife away, but the man was still creating a ruckus when deputies arrived. Deputies tried to detain the man, but he fought with them until he was taken into custody. Deputies learned that a woman who had been living in the RV saw the man spray lighter fluid on combustible material inside the residence and then used a flare gun in an attempt to start the pile on fire. The woman was able to extinguish that fire with a damp towel and then escaped the residence. She was not injured. Investigators learned the 29-year-old man had been making statements over previous days about killing his partner and had made a statement that morning that, “Today’s the day! We’ve been living in Hell but we will be happy in Heaven.”

Pink ink stink

On Oct. 28, a woman complained to Anacortes Police that her car was covered in pink paint and a derogatory comment was scrawled on the hood. “The victim said her ex-boyfriend was a possible suspect and she was the protected party in an anti-harassment order with him,” police reported. The investigating officer reached out to the ex-boyfriend. “The 23-year-old initially said he was at a friend’s house and did not know anything about the painting incident, however, the pink paint on his shoe told a different story,” police observed. After the officer brought this to the man’s attention, he admitted to the crime and was taken into custody for violation of the anti-harassment order and malicious mischief.

Rockhound impound

On Oct. 26, Anacortes Police learned a man had been observed outside a house that is for sale. The reporting party said the man was rummaging through the rock garden. When contacted by police, the man was placing decorative rocks into his backpack and was unable to provide a logical reason why he was on the property. He stepped out of the fenced in area and was placed in handcuffs. A pat down revealed a knife in his front pocket and a subsequent search yielded methamphetamine and a pipe.

Creating a convenience where there’s none

On Nov. 5, Bellingham Police scolded a transient who was being disorderly by setting up his camp in a bus transit station.

On Nov. 5, Bellingham Police took the report of a transient who’d stolen a new TV out of a vehicle parked at Walmart.

Whatcom wankers

On Nov. 3, Bellingham Police responded to a report that a man near the Fairhaven Amtrak station had dropped his pants and was masturbating. Witnesses reported than man was walking around with his genitals hanging out. The 38-year-old was booked on charges of indecent exposure with sexual motivation.

Amoire armistice

On Nov. 7, Bellingham Police desperately tried to make sense of a quarrel between neighbors in York neighborhood over an abandoned dresser.

Roundabout Hulk-out

On Nov. 6, patrol officers spoke to someone who had witnessed screaming and stomping near the Westerly Road roundabout at Bellingham Community College.

Teen troubles, ctd.

On Oct. 27, a store manager in Anacortes called police to report two teens stole a $10 bottle of vodka. Although the suspects were not on the premises upon officer arrival, a review of the surveillance footage led to positive identification of the two 17-year-olds. They admitted to the theft.

On Nov. 6, Bellingham Police lectured a boy who had dropped a manhole cover down into a manhole in Whatcom Falls neighborhood.

On Nov. 6, Bellingham Police checked on threats issued by a student to other students at Squalicum High School.

On Nov. 4, Bellingham Police checked into a liquor violation at Sehome High School.

On Nov. 4, Bellingham Police logged a drug violation at Fairhaven Middle School.

On Nov. 6, Bellingham Police struggled to make sense of emerging nonsense at Cordata Elementary School.

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