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Double Major

On May 19, Bellingham Police responded to a call from a person worried about the intoxication level of her friend who had attended a concert at Civic Field earlier that evening.

On May 19, Bellingham Police responded to a suspicious circumstance at Civic Field involving a possible altercation between occupants of two vehicles.

On May 18, Bellingham Police checked on a fence that had been broken down by an unknown person.

Major minor

On May 19, University Police assisted with efforts to turn off the fountain in Red Square prior to the 18th annual Lowrider car show on campus.


On May 18, Bellingham Police tried to calm a woman who was yelling at her neighbors on Texas Street.

On May 19, Bellingham Police returned to Texas Street because the woman was still yelling at her neighbors.

On May 20, Bellingham Police responded to a report of juveniles yelling in an apartment in Roosevelt neighborhood.

Broken window policing

On May 13, Sehome High School staff arrived to find vandals had broken out a number of windows at the new school. Staff reported that 11 windows were shattered along the north side of the school.

On May 3, Blaine Police responded to a man who was standing in the median of Interstate 5 throwing rocks at people and cars. Officers arrived and found the individual actively fighting with a Washington State Patrol trooper. Blaine officers assisted with taking the man into custody.  One Blaine officer sustained minor injuries after being struck in the face by the individual. The man was taken to Whatcom County Jail for assault.

On May 18, an Edgemoor family complained to Bellingham Police that a window in their vehicle had been broken by a BB gun.

On May 17, two men tried to throw a ceramic pot through a vehicle window in Fairhven. “They were unsuccessful,” Bellingham Police commented.

Viaggravated assault

On May 12, Blaine Police learned a man had driven through a coffee stand and drew the barista’s attention to the erection in his pants. “He admitted to the incident but blamed the issue on medications,” police reported.

Pocketbook crooks 

On May 12, three men entered a business in Sunnyland and stole wallets from the employee break room. “The suspects used the stolen credit cards from the victims to purchase gift cards at Fred Meyer,” Bellingham Police reported. 

On May 16, Bellingham Police learned a woman’s wallet while she shopped at Walmart.

On May 16, a concerned citizen found a wallet near Civic Field in Bellingham. “Since the citizen was unable to contact the owner, the wallet was brought to the Bellingham Police station. An officer attempted to contact the owner, but was unable to,” police reported. “Therefore the wallet was impounded for safekeeping.”

Road trips

On May 13, Blaine Police took care of a situation involving two couples who had been traveling in the same vehicle, but had been turned away by Canada Customs and had reapplied for entry into the United States. Both of the men in the car had standing no-contact orders with the women. “The orders were confirmed and the two men arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail,” police reported.

On May 13, Blaine Police arrived at the Peace Arch to assist the Washington State Patrol with a violent raging drunk from British Columbia.

The non-emergent emergency

On May 14, Bellingham Police noted that a resident had called 911 approximately 40 times in the span of three hours with non-emergent calls.

The continuing crisis

On May 8, Burlington Police were dispatched to investigate suspicious circumstances in the parking lot of a local business. “Upon arrival officers located the scoundrels in question, who explained they were waiting for their friend so they could sabotage her in what was an epic, ongoing squirt gun battle between students at Burlington-Edison High School,” police reported. “Officers were ultimately unable to stop the scoundrels from heinously splashing their friend, but little did they know she had her own H20 delivery device, and responded in kind. Thankfully all left with smiles (including the officers) and were onto their next victims.” 



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