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Celebrate Art

A multi-dimensional exploration

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

If creative gift-giving is on your Christmas checklist, take note that Heidi Epstein is being featured in a solo show at i.e. gallery in Edison.

A longtime Skagit County resident, Epstein has been an educator and interior designer whose history includes a B.A. in landscape architecture from U.C. Berkeley and a masters in painting and art education from the California College of Art. Her work, influenced by Zen Buddhist meditation, has been called buoyant, light, even “shimmery… barely…

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Night Lights

In search of illumination

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I’m not the sort of person who affixes Christmas decorations to the interior and exterior of my abode the second Halloween is over, but this year, more than ever, I understand the primordial urge to fill the long, dark nights leading up to the winter solstice with blasts of light and uplifting symbols of the season.

While I don’t plan on going as far as to place an oversized blow-up snowman on my front yard this December—like my neighbors a couple houses away are known to do—I hope to…

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Haul Out the Holly

Christmas is coming

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere I go—which, to be honest, isn’t very many places. These days, most of my travel happens between my bedroom, living room and kitchen.

However, like most folks, I log more time being logged in than I once did, and what I have gleaned from friends in my network is where we once waited until closer to Dec. 25 to deck the halls, in 2020 all the rules are out the window and we have no chill left, which means Christmas starts now.…

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Pour Local

Welcome to Washington Pint Days

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Raise your hand if you moved to the Evergreen State in part because of its abundance of craft breweries. While one mitt’s waving in the air, you might as well slap both hands together for a round of celebratory clapping in advance of Washington Brewers Guild’s inaugural Washington Pint Days.

The event taking place Thurs.-Fri., Dec. 3-4 at 75 breweries throughout the state aims not only to support local venues in a time of economic uncertainty, but also hopes to raise funds for the…

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Amy Goodman
Food for the hungry

Lines. Lines at food pantries stretch block after block through urban neighborhoods. In suburban and rural America, lines of cars are miles long, as people suffering from hunger and food insecurity, many for the first time, wait hours for a box of groceries. Lines at COVID-19 testing sites…

Robert Reich
Who Stood Up to Trump?

We always knew Trump would contest the election results. He’s spreading wilder and wilder conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud. Of course, these claims haven’t held up in court because there’s zero evidence. But the integrity of thousands of people responsible for…

Help struggling businesses

I am very proud to live in Bellingham and to see how much we all love our towns here in Whatcom County. Our towns thrive on the character and offerings of small businesses and those they…

Partnerships, not courts, solve water issues

Salmon are part of what makes Whatcom County such a beautiful place to live. Farms play a large role in protecting salmon, however, both farms and salmon are in peril.
The Lummi Nation and…

Smoke and noise

Over the past four years, I have resisted responding to Washington, D.C. shenanigans with a childhood epithet: “It takes one to know one.” While many of those times deserved the childish…