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Border Crossings

International travel can get real hairy, real quickly.

Case in point: A friend of mine was once awoken from a backseat slumber to find the car he was a passenger in at the United States/Canada border in Blaine surrounded by a bunch of border agents with guns. The license the driver of the vehicle had handed the authorities misidentified my buddy as a wanted criminal with the same name, and it was many hours before he could convince them he wasn’t the perp they were looking for.

While most border crossings go more

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This Week

The Gristle

Close the Schools!

CLOSE THE SCHOOLS!: Should public schools close until the Legislature gets its act together?

That was among the remedies recommended by the Superintendent of Public Instruction in a legal brief filed with the state Supreme Court earlier this month. Sanctions of $100,000 per day have done nothing to persuade lawmakers to close an estimated $3 billion hole in the state budget to fully and properly fund basic education, a paramount duty under the state Constitution and a requirement of the court’s determination in McCleary v. Washington. More stern penalties are required, argued Randy Dorn

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Mars Invasion

Top scientists gather in Bellingham to discuss Red Planet exploration


Life. Are we unique? Are we alone? These are time-honored questions, and the answers may be approaching.

Our best candidate for exploration is one of our nearest neighbors, Mars, a small, cold desert world that might have had a vibrant and watery past. The surface of Mars is currently being explored by robots, some long past their expected engineered lives. Each has advanced scientific understanding of the surface of Mars. Soon they’ll be joined by another, designed to advance the discoveries made by other devices and instruments and tuned to a specific mission: The search for

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Seasonal Sounds

Of Bellingham and beyond


To know me—or to have read me for any length of time—is to know that I do not exactly embrace the Great Outdoors. While I get great pleasure out of gazing upon the natural splendor that is our corner of the world, I have little to no desire to immerse myself in it. That is why you’ll never find me climbing up a mountain only to ski down the other side, or hiking and biking my way to happiness and well-being. I very much admire people whose lives revolve around such pursuits—alien to

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A condiment for the people


In summer, one could do worse than to eat like a vegetable farmer.

While veggies are often labor intensive, famers have ways of preparing them quickly, because they have less time on their hands than you do. After years of exposure to their produce, growers have found the most efficient ways of preparing it in the most flattering of ways. When that food is romaine lettuce, the accompanying research has shown that the yummiest way to eat it is with Creamy—the proper noun, that is, short for creamy salad dressing.

On a

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On Stage

Summer Scenes

Helping kids act out


Looking back, I can see the reasons my parents had for sending me to camp in the summer—first a church-sponsored youth camp in the Idaho wilderness when I was in eighth and ninth grades, and then an intensive two-week drama camp at Western Washington University a couple of years later—were probably different from what I thought they were. I assumed they were sending my siblings and me to various camps to expand our worldviews and hone our inherent talents, but now I suspect they just wanted the house to themselves for a little while.

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Imagine It

Turning eco-dreams into reality


We’re not playing favorites, but if you’re pressed for time during Sustainable Connections’ 14th annual “Imagine This! Home & Landscape Tour” taking place Sat., June 25 at eight locales throughout Whatcom County, it might behoove you to single out Millworks Cohousing for a glimpse of the best ways to achieve eco-friendly living.

According to organizers, the eight custom-designed abodes that are a part of the cohousing collective on Bellingham’s Mill Street were built with a focus on sustainability. This means many of the green design features found throughout the other seven stops—such

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Border Crossings

An international affair


International travel can get real hairy, real quickly.

Case in point: A friend of mine was once awoken from a backseat slumber to find the car he was a passenger in at the United States/Canada border in Blaine surrounded by a bunch of border agents with guns. The license the driver of the vehicle had handed the authorities misidentified my buddy as a wanted criminal with the same name, and it was many hours before he could convince them he wasn’t the perp they were looking for.

While most border crossings

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Man, myth, legend


The life and work of artist David Hockney is lovingly examined in Hockney, an officially sanctioned but pleasingly gush-free cinematic monograph. Directed by Randall Wright, who has form with older British artists having also made a documentary about Lucian Freud and an earlier one for TV about Hockney (2003’s David Hockney: Secret Knowledge), Hockney benefits from unfettered access to the artist’s personal archive as well as extensive interviews with the still-productive 77-year-old himself.

Either by accident or design, the film’s release will roughly coincide with the publication

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Bard on the Beach:William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Othello are currently showing as part of the 27th "Bard on the Beach" season at Vancouver, BC's Vanier Park.... »

The Who's Tommy (CANCELLED):If you were hoping to attend Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth's production of The Who's Tommy this weekend, please be advised that the show has been postponed to sometime in 2017.... »

Anything Goes:Watch the age-old tale of boy-meets-girl—and the complications that ensue—when the Cole Porter musical Anything Goes concludes this weekend at 7:30pm shows Thursday through Saturday, and 2pm Sunday... »

Plover Rides:The Plover ferry runs through the summer from 12-8pm Fridays and Saturdays and 10am-6pm Sundays departing on the hour from the Blaine Visitor's Dock, Gate II at Blaine... »

Fables and Fairy Tales:Storybook characters of the past will come to life via 20 tales sculpted through ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and musical theater when the Dance Studio presents its 37th annual year-end production, ... »

Shakespeare's Wonderland:Shakespeare Northwest presents a free viewing of Shakespeare's Wonderland: An Elizabethan View through the Looking Glass at 2pm Saturday at La Conner's Gilkey Square. The show can also be seen... »

Biketopia Music Festival:The bike collective Pleasant Revolution performs at the Biketopia Music Festival taking place from 3-9pm Saturday at the Lookout Arts Quarry (246 Old Hwy 99N) and from 12-3pm Sunday... »

Rabbit Ride:Join members of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club for a "Rabbit Ride" starting at 8am every Sunday at Fairhaven Bicycle, 1108 11th St. The 32-mile route takes riders down Chuckanut and... »

Veteran Breakfast:Veterans, their families and guests can choose from a menu of waffles, French toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, biscuits, gravy, coffee and juice at today's Veterans Breakfast... »

Teen Writers Conference:If you're a teen looking for some advice and ideas to hone your writing skills, sign up for today's "Write On! Teen Writers Conference" taking place from 9am-4pm at... »

Gardens of Note:Tour eight beautiful private gardens at Skagit Symphony's eighth annual "Gardens of Note" garden tour taking place from 10am-4pm in the Anacortes area. Entry is $25 and includes live music... »

Memorial Run:Blaine Runners Group will host its inaugural "5K Memorial Run" starting at 10am at the Blaine Marina Park, 272 Marine Dr.. Entry to the event honoring loved ones who have passed... »

Bellingham KIDS Traverse:Kids ages 6-12 can form solo (Chinook), tandem (Coho) or relay (Chum) teams for Recreation Northwest's Bellingham KIDS Traverse starting at 10am and 12pm at Squalicum Creek Park, 1001 Squalicum Way.... »

Point Roberts Garden Tour:Get a peek at private gardens, listen to live music and ask questions of experts at the Point Roberts Garden Tour taking place from 10am-4pm at nine gardens in... »

K2K Race:Sign up for today's K2K Race starting at 12pm at K2 (1538 Kentucky St.) to Kulshan Brewing Company (2238 James St.). The family-friendly 2K walk will feature a post-race beer garden,... »

Sandy Point Garden Walk:Six private gardens will be open to the public from 1-4pm at the annual Sandy Point and Neptune Beach Garden Walk. People can walk, bike or drive to each... »

Summefest:Celebrate summer solstice and music honoring an age-old Finnish/Nordic tradition at a "SummerFest, Juhannus" event taking place from 3-7pm at the Lairmont Manor, 405 Fieldston Rd. In addition to... »

Songs for a Summer's Day:Acclaimed vocalist Sonia Alexis performs a recital to raise funds for the Northwest Washington Medical Society Scholarship Endowment at a "Songs for a Summer's Day" concert at 3pm at the... »

Summer Soup, Summer Salad:Karina Davidson will helm a "Summer Soup, Summer Salad" course from 6:30-9pm at the Community Food Co-op, 1220 N. Forest St. Each three soup-and-salad meals will highlight cuisines from different... »

Sunday Night Fusion:A community partner dance dubbed "Sunday Night Fusion" takes place from 7-9pm every Sunday at Presence Studio, 1412 Cornwall Ave. The event explores "co-creative partner dance inspired by a variety... »

Trio Lumina:Listen to works by famous classical, romantic and modern composers in a variety of genres of music when the renowned Trio Lumina features eclectic chamber music at a "Night at... »

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