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Lee Ann Womack

For a time, the song was impossible to escape.

It seemed that every time I turned on Top 40 radio, I would hear the song that began with, “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,” and then continued in that vein—“May you never take one single breath for granted,” “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,” etc.—before it reached its soaring chorus, “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance… I hope you dance.”

It wasn’t exactly a

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The Gristle

Polar Wastes

POLAR WASTES: Last week, without fanfare or protest, Whatcom County Council gaveled in the five new county voting districts approved by voters last November. As the Gristle predicted, they did not tamper in any way with the district and precinct language or map outlines unanimously approved in April by the appointed Redistricting Committee; and despite stentorian oaths and enraged threats of legal action from the political Right, no one challenged the outcome. Our next prediction is: Voters will like these new districts.

The new districts preserve and empower distinct communities of interest. Every city can

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'A Public Trust'

Washington lands commissioner race draws crowd of Democrats


This fall’s race for Washington’s commissioner of public lands—an office that oversees the state’s largest firefighting force and 5.6 million acres of land—is hotly contested since no incumbent is on the ballot.

Commissioner Peter Goldmark will not seek reelection to the quietly influential office. As the head of the state’s Department of Natural Resources, the commissioner is responsible for healthy public aquatic lands, forests, parks and more. The department leases land to provide critical school construction money, and its firefighting efforts are a key line of defense against destructive summertime wildfires, too.<

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Lee Ann Womack

My kind of woman


For a time, the song was impossible to escape.

It seemed that every time I turned on Top 40 radio, I would hear the song that began with, “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,” and then continued in that vein—“May you never take one single breath for granted,” “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,” etc.—before it reached its soaring chorus, “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance… I hope you

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Pure Bliss

A sugary trip to heaven


Sink your teeth into a slice of carrot cake and you’ll know instantly what Pure Bliss is all about.

The six-year-old destination dessert and cake shop at 1424 Cornwall Avenue in Bellingham is about sugary, buttery moments of blissful delight. If there’s any disappointment when you walk out, it’s only at not being able to stay longer, or accommodate a greater number of cakes, cookies and dessert wedges in your stomach before you head home.

Andi Vann, the 35-year-old entrepreneur behind

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Good Earth

Clay collective changes hands


It’s been nearly half a century since Good Earth Pottery opened its doors in historic Fairhaven. By the end of July, the clay collective will have undergone a slight change in its decades of existence—Linda Stone is retiring, and Ann Marie Cooper will be joining Deb Martin as a co-owner of the space. Apparently, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Cascadia Weekly: Has Good Earth always been owned by artists?

Ann Marie Cooper:

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A Four-Minute Life

A songwriter’s story


Near the end of Jesse McRae’s book My Four-Minute Life: The Journey of a Very Human Songwriter, the author and musician notes that he changed his address more than 100 times in 40 years without ever once gaining the ability to escape himself.

By the time readers have gotten to this point of the memoir, this epiphany is an understandable one. In the span of years covered by the 73-year-old songwriter, he recounts a troubled childhood, decades of drug and alcohol abuse, the dissolution

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On Stage

Launch Date

Great escapes at the MBT


The envelope containing the passport I recently received in the mail was peppered with a variety of stamps proclaiming that “bright lights,” “celebrity sights” and “renowned sounds” awaited me on my journey.

When I opened the dark-blue travel companion that had been sent by the powers that be at the Mount Baker Theatre, I was relieved to discover that the attractions mentioned above were of the entertainment variety, and wouldn’t require me to actually get on an airplane and leave town.


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Absolutely Fabulous

Welcome back, Eddy and Patsy


Blasting in with a flood of Bolly (Bollinger, their champagne of choice) nearly powerful and silly enough to blow away the post-Brexit blues, Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Joanna Lumley (Patsy) give their all to Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and drag it bitching and boozing over the fine line between ropey TV transfer and riotous night out.

I do wonder: If anyone unfamiliar with the long-running BBC TV comedy (which premiered in 1992) walked into the movie theater, would they have a clue about what

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Summer Rides

Pedal-powered fun, for everyone


In Washington, there are nearly as many types of bicyclists as there are coffee shops. And whether you’re a hard-core rider who owns so much spandex you might as well have stock in the company or a laid-back pedaler who prefers to amble along on an antique cruiser bike, there’s a ride for you. Read on for the evidence I’ve collected on three upcoming excursions that just might fit your biking bill.

At the 11th annual Tour de Whatcom taking

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Rooftop Cinema

We will build it


Many things have changed during my never-ending tenure as a projectionist at the Pickford Film Center, but one thing that has remained the same despite shifts in size, staff and location is our weird and undeniable love of taking our show on the road and setting up a movie theater wherever we can get away with it.

The places and settings we’ve transformed into temporary movie-going locales have included but are not limited to long-empty buildings, music venues, various fields and grassy knolls, classrooms

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Stars under the stars: »

Stars under the stars: »

Stars under the stars: »

Skagit Tours:As part of the annual "Skagit Tours," Seattle City Light, the North Cascades Institute, and the National Park Service offer Diablo Lake boat tours, Gorge powerhouse tours and Newhalem tours... »

Boating Center Open:The Community Boating Center is open from 12pm to sunset on weekdays, and 10am to sunset on weekends through the summer at their headquarters at 555 Harris Ave. Rentals include kayaks,... »

Bard on the Beach:William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Othello, and Pericles are currently showing in repertory as part of the 27th "Bard on the Beach" season at Vancouver,... »

Stars under the stars: »

Marrowstone Music Festival:Orchestral and chamber music rehearsals, master classes, and professional performances for the public will be part of the 73rd annual Marrowstone Music Festival taking place July 24-Aug. 7 at Western Washington... »

Kids Can Cook:Chicken tacos, fresh fruit shortcakes, cold summer soup, vegetable kebabs, and funny face salads will be on the lineup when Annalee Dunn leads a "Kids Can Cook: Eat Local!" class... »

We Grow Market:Stock up on organic fruit, veggies and flowers when the We Grow Market Stand—a vocational project for at-risk and homeless youth in our community—sells its wares from 3-... »

Summe Fish:Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Selva Wohlgemuth prepares halibut ceviche, roasted miso and honey black cod, and zesty rock fish tacos while highlighting the health and environmental benefits of local and sustainable... »

Literary Open Mic:Local writer and teacher Laurel Leigh helms a monthly literary-minded Open Mic at 7pm at Village Books, 1200 11th St. At the event, bot published and unpublished writers can share their... »

Poetrynight:Those looking to share their creative verse as part of Poetrynight can sign up at 7:45pm at the Bellingham Public Library, 210 Central Ave. Readings start at 8pm. Entry is by... »

Guffawingham:A weekly open mic for comedians, “Guffawingham!,” takes place at 9:30pm every Monday at the Green Frog, 1015 N. State St. Entry is free.  »

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