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LeAnn Rimes

Making Patsy proud

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Although she is just halfway into her third decade of life, LeAnn Rimes has somehow been a working musician for 27 years. During that time, the country singer has toured the world several times over, released multiplatinum albums, won a pair of Grammys, nabbed three Academy of Country Music awards, scored a Country Music Association Award, has an even dozen Billboard Music awards to her credit and is responsible for the single most successful song of the 1990s. In her spare time, and…

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Smoking Crow

Take Flight

Winter is for the birds

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

In the dreary winter months in the Pacific Northwest, the urge to take flight to warmer climes can be overwhelming. But if your wings are clipped until spring, don’t despair. January is ripe with opportunities to observe the majestic birds that spend the season here, and you can live vicariously through their abilities to soar.

For the next two weekends—from 10am-4pm Jan. 20-21 and Jan. 27-28—the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center at Rockport’s Howard Miller Steelhead…

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Btown Valentines

Eggs and Tomatoes

An international affair

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hypothetically, say you find yourself hosting some Syrian or Mexican folk. No big deal, just an impromptu mid-winter brunch in some sunny American kitchen. But suppose the pantry is running on empty, and all you have to cook are eggs, and some kind of tomato sauce. Now the gang must decide, should we have our tomatoes and eggs Mexican-, Syrian-, or American-style?

Eggs, cooked with tomato sauce, or served with tomato sauce, is universal. The Portuguese version is called baked eggs on…

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Smoking Crow
On Stage

Broad Comedy

When feminism is funny

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

In a clever sketch dubbed “The United States Extreme Right Cheerleading Squad,” the talented women of Broad Comedy execute some sweet moves while “rah-rah-rah-ing” about everything from not being worried about climate change (because of Armageddon) to gay marriage (“Who needs equal rights when you’re white and straight?”) to gun rights (“I’m ecstatic and emphatic about my semi-automatic”).

They’re spot on in getting their satiric points across—all with smiles on their faces and…

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Btown Valentines

Phantom Thread

A well-spun tale

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The delectable peculiarities of Phantom Thread come from all over, from countless inspirations. Some are cinematic: Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 Gothic standard Rebecca, for one, and David Lean’s little-known and fascinating 1949 romantic triangle The Passionate Friends, for another.

Other inspirations are personal, presumably, since a movie this distinctive in its delicate perversity is likely saying something about the preoccupations and ambitions of its writer/director, Paul Thomas…

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Btown Valentines

Oscar Buzz

Reading versus viewing

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Every January, buzz about the Academy Awards starts to build in anticipation of the big event in March. And every year, I make a resolution to see more of the nominated films before the winners are announced. 

For me, there’s always a dilemma; if the movie is based on a book, should I wait to read the book first, then see the film? Here are four of last year’s Oscar contenders, all based on books, with time-saving suggestions about reading vs. viewing. 

Fredrik Backman’s A Man…

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Btown Valentines

Food Justice

Forums explore issues of 
migrant labor

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

On August 6, 2017, Honesto Silva Ibarra, a farmworker in Sumas, died after exposure to brutal working conditions—inadequate food and water, as well as high temperatures and dangerous levels of air pollution from forest fires.

The unnecessary death of this farmworker brought home to Whatcom County the reality of guest worker programs. Silva Ibarra was one of more than 500 workers brought to work on Sarbanand Farms in Sumas on an H-2A visa as a guest worker. Only one other farm in…

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Btown Valentines

Creative Uprising

Of marching and mending

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

At last year’s Women’s March on Bellingham, the streets of the downtown core were packed to the gills with citizens of varying ages, ethnicities, sexualities and genders. If the many thousands of humans who joined the throng hadn’t been there to give voice to the fact that they were opposed to the pussy-grabbing, climate-change-denying, racist septuagenarian who had recently been elected to the highest office in the land, the sunny January day would’ve been a splendid one.

That said,…

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Smoking Crow
Best of Bellingham
Best Band

The Wednesdays

Music scenes, including ours, have traditionally been boys’ clubs—but the Wednesdays win in this category is a welcome indication of a change that has been a long time in coming. Unabashedly feminist and unapologetically political, the Wednesdays are making music with a message—and people are listening. With a motto of “Dismantling the patriarchy by day, playing basement blues punk by night,” coupled with an electrifying live show, the Wednesdays are making their mark and making it count.

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The Gristle
New Energy

NEW ENERGY: Environmental groups descended on the state Capitol this week, urging aggressive action on climate change. The climate in Olympia seems friendly to that action.

Governor Jay Inslee delivered his 2018 State of the State address earlier this month at the opening of the…

Backyard Cottages

Behind the bureaucratic acronym “DADU” are many benefits to the homeowners, retirees, rentersand working people of Bellingham. Detached Accessory Dwelling Units can help address Bellingham’s housing shortage, provide opportunities for aging in place, and preserve ecosystems and…

Down the Hatch

I see that Orrin Hatch, the senior Senator from Utah, is set to end his Senate career after 40 years.
I’ll miss him: his upright Mormon righteousness, his stately presence and, most of all,…

Big numbers

Yep! $6.5 trillion is a big number but you ain’t seen nothing yet.
The ledger “errors” noted in a recent article on a Defense Department audit were simply an absence of “journal…

Supply and demand in housing forms

A housing shortage, like the one we have in Bellingham, does not discriminate based on political ideology. Imagine a socialist world where all homes are owned by the city, which has no profit…

Today's Events
Pastel Painting Demo


Trish Harding will helm a free “Soft Pastel on Pure Pigment Underpainting Demo” from 10am-12pm at Studio UFO, 301 W. Holly St. Space is limited, so be sure to be on time.

All-Paces Run


Staff and volunteers are always on hand to guide the way at the weekly All-Paces Run starting at 6pm every Tuesday at Fairhaven Runners, 1209 11th St. The runs are 20 minutes out and back on…

Beowulf Marathon Reading


Attend the third “almost annual” marathon community reading of the earliest English epic, Beowulf, starting at 6pm at Honey Moon, 1053 N. State St. (in the alley).  Participants will take…

Bellingham Reads


Discuss Steven Hamilton’s The Lock Artist at a Bellingham Reads book discussion group meeting from 6:30-7:30pm at the Dodson Room at the Bellingham Public Library, 210 Central Ave. The group…

Discovering Dragonflies


Retired professor James Walker—also known as the “Dragonfly Whisperer” leads a North Cascades Audubon Society presentation, “Discovering Dragonflies,” from 7-9pm at Whatcom Museum’s Old…

Skagit Folk Dancers


Join the Skagit-Anacortes Folk Dancers for a weekly International Folk Dancing event from 7-9:30pm at Bayview Civic Hall, 12615 C St. No partners are needed; just show up and dance. Entry to…

Cameo Jazz Sessions


Jazz and art will combine when Cameo Jazz kicks off tonight from 7-9pm at the Pegasus Gallery, 301 W. Holly St. The weekly event will feature small jazz groups, ranging from soloists to…

Comedy Open Mic


The weekly Shakedown Punch Up Comedy Open Mic begins at 7:30pm at the Shakedown, 1212 N. State St. Entry is free. If you’d like to take your turn onstage, show up at 7pm to sign up for a…

March Cohn and the Blind Boys of Alabama


Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Marc Cohn and the Blind Boys of Alabama perform at 7:30pm at Mount Vernon’s Lincoln Theatre, 712 S. First St. The 25th anniversary concert tour stop…

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