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Of moths and flames

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I’m not good at a great deal of things that are useful to the world at large. However, I do have some talents that come in handy, and one of those is being able to recognize an invitation I cannot not refuse when one comes my way. So when I got an invite to attend a Txotx dinner at Herb’s Cider’s fermentation facility, there was probably less than a millisecond between offer and acceptance.

Delicious Basque-themed food courtesy of Evolve Chocolate and Cafe’s Christy and Shannon…

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Think Black

A father, a son and the technology giant between them

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

“Double-consciousness lies at the heart of a basic question asked over and over again by members of racial minorities: Is what is happening to me because of who I am as a person, or who I am as a person of color? …What pathology, then, arises when the soul’s dogged strength alone cannot keep these warring ideals apart? What happens when that measuring tape of contempt turns inward as a yardstick by which one gauges oneself? It becomes the ‘internalized racism’ that my father…

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Body and Soul

Similarities to reality

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Abstract art evokes emotions by teasing our minds to look for similarities to reality.

Two accomplished artists offer fine abstract works at Skagit Valley galleries this month; Trish Maharam at Perry and Carlson in Mount Vernon and Drie Chapek at i.e. gallery in Edison. They represent opposite approaches to materials, color and composition.

Maharam descends from a family of fabric entrepreneurs. In her art, so natural to her that she compares it to breathing, she knits, felts and…

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Cider House Rules

An attraction to apples

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

When my coworker and I were dropped off in front of Herb’s Cider’s production facility on Mercer Avenue late Sunday afternoon, we weren’t sure what to expect.

As part of Washington Cider Week, we’d been invited to a traditional Basque Txotx dinner being prepared by Chef Christy Fox and Shannon Fox of Evolve Chocolate + Cafe, and had been told the seven-course feast would be paired with liquid libations chosen and crafted by head cider wizard Chris Weir.

It was clear upon our arrival…

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On Stage

Edgar Allan

The mystery and the mania

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

As cofounders of the Twin Cities Horror Festival, actors and musicians Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan are familiar with things that go bump in the night.

Performing as the Coldharts, the Minnesota-based duo furthers their love for the macabre by bringing original works inspired by the American Gothic to audiences far and wide. In 2013, they debuted Edgar Allan at the homegrown festival, bringing an unexpected spin to the life of enigmatic writer, poet and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe.…

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Water Week

Uncovering a valuable resource

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How in the heck does the water Bellingham residents use for drinking, soaking their plants, doing laundry or taking a shower make the trek from Lake Whatcom to their taps?

This mystery will be one of many those interested in finding out more about the state of Whatcom County’s resources can uncover during Whatcom Water Week, the annual happening that sees businesses, nonprofits and community groups focusing on the importance of water via stewardship opportunities, outdoor and indoor…

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The Gristle
A Rising Tide

A RISING TIDE: Bellingham’s Climate Action Plan Task Force and their counterpart, Whatcom County’s Climate Impact Advisory Committee, are scrambling to bring a package of recommendations to their respective legislative bodies by the end of the year. But—as we noted last week—as fast…

Eric Hirst
Value of a Water Right

Farmer Jones sells his 40-acre raspberry farm, which has a water right, for $25,000/acre. Soon thereafter, Farmer Smith sells her 65-acre raspberry farm, which lacks a water right, for $19,000/acre.

To what extent is this $6,000/acre difference in sale price related to water rights? Does…

Rumor Has It
Sex In The City:

To know Jenn Mason is to know she’s always looking for a dance party. When she cannot find a dance party, she will make one happen. I’m at least 99 percent sure that when she can’t wrangle enough folks to form a party, she’s just fine dancing with herself.

What I’m trying to say…

Fearless advocate

April Barker is a fearless advocate for our fragile environment, young families, and the diversity and growth of Bellingham.
At the Aug. 28 City Club, April responded knowledgably and…

A voice for my issues

I am voting for April Barker for mayor of Bellingham because I feel like she truly understands the worries I face as a 20-year-old young adult who hopes to work and thrive in the community I…

Break the cycle

Whatcom County is in danger of being bankrupted by law enforcement taxes. We need a cost-effective system for public safety. Even though crime has dropped over the last decades, costs of…

Today's Events
Eat Local Month


Sustainable Connections hosts its annual Eat Local Month through September. Upcoming events include a Find the Fork contest happening through the month, SeaFeast (Sept. 21-22), and…

Whatcom Water Week


Tours of local water and waste water treatment plants, a “Run with the Chums,” self-guided stormwater discovery tours, salmon-sighting with NSEA, coastal cleanups at Locust Beach and…

Anything Goes Arts and Crafts


Get crafty with a different staff-curated project as you engage with community members in a low-pressure environment at a monthly “Anything Goes Arts and Crafts” meeting from 10:30am-11:30am…

Nuclear Power and Weapons


“Nuclear Power and Weapons: Promise & Perils” will be the focus of a dynamic and engaging presentation with Dr. Sandy Lawrence from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Lynden Library, 216 4th St. Dr.…

'Hamster Church with Brad Lockhart


Echoes Bellingham hosts a “Conversation with Brad Lockhart, Bellingham’s Flag Guy,” as part of its ‘Hamster Church lineup from 6:30pm-8pm at the Old Parish Hall, 2116 Walnut St. Expect a fun,…



Those looking to share their creative verse as part of the weekly Poetrynight can sign up starting at 6:30pm at the Alternative Library, 519 E. Maple St. Readings begin at 7pm. Entry to the…



A weekly open mic for comedians, “Guffawingham!,” takes place at 9pm every Monday at the Firefly Lounge, 1015 N. State St. Entry is free. The event features approximately 20 standup…