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What’s Up! Awards

A pretty good idea

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I’ve known Brent Cole, editor and publisher of What’s Up! magazine, for many years now, long enough to know that he hatches most of his plans by saying, “This might be a bad idea, but…”

I like to imagine that’s how the What’s Up! Awards began some 16 or so years ago.

I have to imagine it because although I was part of the What’s Up! staff around the time the awards ceremony was founded, those early years are a little hazy in my memory.

I do remember the awards show…

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Ticket Cascadia

Growth Patterns

Observing nature through oil and stone

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

On the bitter-cold day I visited Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison to see Patty Haller’s oil paintings of flowers and forest scenes, it was like entering a verdant greenhouse. No wonder so many of her beautiful paintings have been chosen by hospitals—they offer healing, visual therapy.

And the stoneware sculptures by Brian O’Neill in the exhibit, “Growth Patterns,” are a perfect complement to Haller’s sinuous designs and exuberant color. His work has been seen at the…

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SVCR Blood Sweat Tears

Nest Moves

The Trojan horse of breakfast

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Egg-in-a-nest, a perennial children’s favorite, never seems to get old. To prepare it is to create a tractor beam between a child’s mouth and breakfast. As we grow up, it maintains a residence in many an adult heart. The novelty of using edible materials as a form of cookware with which to encase other edible materials doesn’t easily wear off.

With young and old alike, eggs-in-a-nest are especially appropriate this time of year because the winter season is also nesting season. Get…

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Winter Winnings

Whatcom READS!

Road tripping with Jonathan Evison

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sometimes a book’s title really draws in readers, but the 2017 Whatcom READS! selection, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, sounds more like a textbook for a Bellingham Technical College nursing course than the tragicomic road trip novel that it is. 

Don’t let the title stop you from picking up this worthy tale by Jonathan Evison and joining your friends and neighbors across Whatcom County in discussing the nature of redemption and what it means to truly care for…

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Winter Winnings

March On

Women of the world, unite!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When Saturday morning dawns, the nation’s 45th president will have already been inaugurated and, consequently, the world will be a much scarier place for many—including women, minorities, immigrants, rational humans who believe in addressing the catastrophic effects of global warming, defenders and admirers of the natural world, people who depend on health insurance to help keep themselves and their loved ones alive and well, and so on (let’s face it, the list is practically…

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On Stage

Turned Off

An inauguration day primer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When he who really should not be named becomes President of the United States on the morning of Fri., Jan. 20, a growing number of congressional delegates from across the nation won’t be in attendance to see the reality television star pledge his questionable allegiance to our country.

If you’re among those citizens who are also intent on sitting out the inauguration, we’d like to offer up a few ways for Bellinghamsters to avoid the spectacle.

Start your day by attending a Don’t…

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Ticket Cascadia

20th Century Women

A piece of the past

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

20th Century Women isn’t a great film, but it does something great. It replicates a quality of memory in a way that I’ve never quite seen before. It captures the way we think about people we knew and the lives they lived when we remember them from the distance of decades.

Written and directed by Mike Mills, and loosely based on his own childhood, it tells the story of a teenage boy being raised by a single mother in a big house in Santa Barbara. To make extra money, Mom has two…

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Ticket Cascadia

A Light in Dark Times

Sikhs invite interfaith service at temple near Lynden

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The religious faithful from all sects teemed into the Sikh temple in Lynden last week for a prayer service. The interfaith service at Guru Nanak Gursikh Gurdwara Sahib temple marked the 350th birthday of the last guru, Guru Gobind Singh, and marked a reawakening, ten years after the 100th anniversary of the expulsion of Sokhs from Bellingham.
The service began with a keynote address from Noémi Ban, a Holocaust survivor and Bellingham resident. Ban, 94, spoke of the need for love and…

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SVCR Blood Sweat Tears
Best of Bellingham
Best Neighborhood


What makes a great neighborhood? In the years we’ve been polling readers for their favorite places, this category has moved steadily north—as has the emphasis on great parks, trails, schools, places to hang out, and homes that are stylish, established yet affordable have come into focus. The Elizabeth Park Summer Concert Series is just one example of a neighborhood laying out all of its finest for the enjoyment of others. Roll on, Columbia!

Best of Bellingham write-ups by Tim Johnson, Carey Ross, Amy Kepferle, Scott Pelton, and Trail Rat
Photos by Patrick Beggan (

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The Gristle
Stormwater Rising

STORMWATER RISING: The Washington State Supreme Court continues to strengthen and clarify water standards.

Last week, the high court declined to hear the appeal of a Skagit County water rights decision. Skagit had denied a building permit because the water source was in conflict with a…

MBT Cook Trove
A dereliction of duty

What we saw in this last election was a lot of misdirected anger from people feeling they are being left…

The Republican coup

“The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls…

Inside out

In 1981, the Republican Party gave us “The Great Communicator.” Now, they have produced “The Great Fabricator.” I hope the…

Northwood Steak and Crab
Today's Events
Maple Alley Inn


Hot, home-cooked meals are served as part of the Opportunity Council’s Maple Alley Inn from 9:30-10:30am Tuesdays at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (2117 Walnut St.) and 11:30am-1:30pm…

Looking for Betty


Author and historian Paula Decker shares stories from Looking for Betty MacDonald at 2pm at the Burlington Public Library, 820 E. Washington Ave. NW. MacDonald, the author of The Egg and I,…

Seafood Class


Chef Shawn Tolliver helms a “Scallops & Oysters” cooking class from 5-8pm at the Great Blue Heron Grill at Blaine’s Semiahmoo Resort, 8720 Semiahmoo Pkwy. Entry is $65 and includes food and…

Pumped for Puddles Run


Staff and volunteers are always on hand to guide the way at the weekly All-Paces Run starting at 6pm every Tuesday at Fairhaven Runners, 1209 11th St. The runs are 20 minutes out and back on…

WAKE Meeting


Don Cheyette of Seattle Adventure Sports will teach his tricks for expedition trip planning and execution at an “Expeditioning Made Easy” presentation at tonight’s Whatcom Area Kayak…

Triple Italy


Fresh off adventures in Sardegna, Emilia-Romagna, and Umbria, Mataio Gillis will helm an “Italy, Italy, Italy” class at 6:30pm at Ciao Thyme, 207 Unity St. In addition to introducing…

Skagit Folk Dancers


Join the Skagit-Anacortes Folk Dancers for a weekly International Folk Dancing event from 7-9:30pm at Bayview Civic Hall, 12615 C St. No partners are needed; just show up and dance. Entry to…

Books on Tap


Deming Library staff Erin Suda and Katrina Carabba will lead a “Books on Tap” discussion focusing on Jonathan Evison’s The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving from 7-8:30pm at the North Fork…

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