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Display Ad Sizes and Specifications

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Please use the following guidelines to create your ad. For specifications on other types of media not listed here, please contact your Cascadia Weekly Sales Representative at 360.647.8200.

Camera ready ads are due no later than 5 pm Friday prior to Wednesday publication. Space reservations and materials deadline for ads produced by Cascadia Weekly are due 5pm Thursday before publication date. Special section ads require earlier deadlines.

Sizes given as "Horizontal x Vertical," in inches.

Sponsorship Requests

Because of the large number of sponsorship requests, Cascadia Weekly cannot make cash contributions or donate advertising space free of charge.

We do, however, offer support in the form of “media sponsorships” to a limited number of non-profit organizations and events throughout the year. In order to be considered for media sponsorship you must fill out the Sponsorship Request Form. For more information, contact your Advertising Account Representative.

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Distributed at over 350 locations in Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties.

Distribution in:

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  • Bellingham
  • Blaine
  • Ferndale
  • Lynden
  • Acme
  • Deming
  • Sumas
  • Nooksack
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Burlington
  • Anacortes
  • Oak Harbor
  • Stanwood
  • Sedro Woolley

Cascadia Weekly is also distributed at: the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, the Anacortes ferry, the Mukilteo ferry and the Pt. Townsend ferry. Major distributions points are: Haggen Stores, Safeway, Albertsons, The Whatcom, Skagit and Island Library Systems, all major hotels and motels in the Tri-County area, Whidbey Island Navel Base, Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, Skagit Community College, major area bookstores, and a host of nightclubs, restaurants, clubs, theaters and public access venues.


  • Advertising Due Date: The deadline to place an ad and to submit copy for ads that require production work.
  • Camera Ready Ad: Requires absolutely no production work. Ads that are not the right size or have logos and graphics missing are not camera ready. Camera ready ads are due on Friday before our Wednesday publication date.
  • Proof Ad: A special ad that requires advance work so a client may see it. Proof ad deadline is the Thursday before our Wednesday publication date. Deadline for return of proofs is Monday noon before the publication date.
  • Spec Ad: A speculative ad that is designed for a customer in anticipation of an ad buy. Spec ads require additional development time for creativity.

General Specifications

PDF format strongly recommended!

Electronic files should be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). A proof should be faxed to 360.647.8204. We recommended that you use a compression program such as StuffIt or WinZip before sending files via email. Please put all of the files you are sending in one folder before you stuff or zip it. If you are sending files over 4 megs please upload them via our ftp utility, or burn the files onto removable media such as a CD. Do not email large files; they are easily corruptable if sent via email.

Application Specifications

Please consult the following instructions to achieve best reproduction quality for your ads:

The following native file formats are NOT supported.
If you use the following products, please export your files to a PDF or EPS format:

  • Adobe Pagemaker
  • Freehand (unless it's an eps file)
  • Corel Draw/Paint
  • Microsoft Office (Publisher, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint)

Quark XPress

If you are working with Quark, please follow these instructions before sending your ad:

  • DO NOT USE QUICK BOLDS/ITALICS/SHADOW/OUTLINE in Quark. They will not print with the desired effect.
  • Collect for output. See specs for linked images here
  • Export to PDF.


If you must send a native InDesign file, please follow these steps before sending it to us:

  • All fonts should be outlined. If not, provide us with all of the fonts used in the ad.
  • Collect all placed images in a separate folder.
  • Collect all fonts, both screen and printer (postscript), in a seperate folder.
  • Please stuff all files into one folder (InDesign file, fonts and linked images) before sending.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS with InDesign, export to PDF. This ensures that type kerning will match the designers original.

Adobe Illustrator

If you send Illustrator files (either Mac or PC), please follow these steps before sending it to us:

  • Convert the fonts to outlines.
  • Clean up stray points and paths.
  • Embed all images or links. See specs for see specs linked images
  • Save as an Illustrator eps.

Adobe Photoshop

If you are sending us a Photoshop file (either Mac or PC), please follow these steps before sending it to us:

  • Ad should be built to the correct size.
  • If you use text in your ad, it should be built at resolution of 400 dpi. Note: Changing the resolution after it has been built will not make the image sharper. Start at the right size and resolution, THEN build the ad.
  • If you are submitting a spot color ad, please make sure that all of the grayscale information is in the black channel. Any spot colors should be built in the magenta channel only.
  • Flatten all layers.
  • Save the image as a Mac tif without LZW compression or a Photoshop eps file. Note: DO NOT save the image as a jpg.


If you are sending us a PDF file, please follow these steps before sending it to us:

  • Embed all fonts and images when making a pdf of your ad.
  • Before generating a pdf, make sure your images are press ready. Go here for specs on linked images
  • Proof the ad for all typos before sending it to us. We cannot change typos in pdf's!
  • For ads with spot colors, all of the spot color information should be in the magenta channel.

Linked Files

Art that uses only 100% black and white should be saved at 600 dpi, converted to bitmap at 50% threshold, and then saved as a tif.

Note: Images should not be captured off of the web because the resolution (72 dpi) is too low to reproduce well in print.

Linked Files: Clipping Paths

When creating an image with a clipping path, save the path with a flatness of three pixel devices, and include the transfer function when saving. This must be saved as a photoshop eps.

Linked Files: Photos

All photographs should be saved at least at 200 dpi (300 dpi recommended), at the actual size it is suppose to print. All images should be saved as tif files, unless they use clipping paths. Save as an eps if using clipping paths. Do not save image files as jpgs.

Optimizing Photos

Grayscale Images:

  • Blacks in these images should be set to 85%-95% to allow for dotgain.
  • Mid-range grays (that should print 50%) should be set to around 40%.
  • Lightest tones should be around 4%.

Spot Color Images:

  • If you are sending us a PDF, all of the spot color information should be in the magenta channel.

Color Images:

  • All images in color should be in CMYK. Convert RGB or indexed color images to CMYK.
  • Total ink coverage should not go over 240%.

Sizes & Dimensions (wxh)

2 Unit Horizontal 5 x 2
2 Unit Vertical 2.5 x 4
4 Unit Vertical 2.5 x 8
4 Unit Square 5 x 4
6 Unit Horizontal 7.5 x 4
6 Unit Vertical 2.5 x 12
6 Unit Square - Quarter Page 5 x 6
8 Unit Horizontal 10.25 x 4
8 Unit Vertical 5 x 8
12 Unit Horizontal - Half Page 10.25 x 6
12 Unit Vertical - Half Page 5 x 12
16 Unit Square 10.25 x 8
18 Unit Vertical - Jr Page 7.5 x 12
24 Unit - Full Page 10.25 x 12
  48 Unit - Double Truck 22 x 12