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Summer’s End
Music + Arts

Summer’s End Music + Arts Gathering is a pretty cool event. It marries music, art, dancing, giant board games and more together to create an experience that not only engages attendees, but also encourages attendees to engage with each other. It’s decidedly community-minded, but not…

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Crazy Rich Asians
More than a movie

Before it whisks you off on the sunniest, most extravagant Singaporean holiday imaginable, Crazy Rich Asians begins on a curiously dark and stormy night.

When Eleanor Young (a mesmerizing Michelle Yeoh) arrives dripping wet at an exclusive London hotel, the snob at the front desk declines…

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Jar of Hearts
A killer read

Twenty-five years ago, Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka struck a plea deal with prosecutors in return for her testimony that her husband, Paul Bernardo, raped and murdered at least three minors in a series of grisly deaths that began with Homolka’s younger sister Tammy.

Convicted of…

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The Chase
Plein Air Paint Out

Something Trish Harding told me nearly a decade ago resurfaced recently, and it explains a lot about why the prolific painter is so passionate about the Plein Air Paint Out (PAPO)—an event she’s been organizing every summer for the past 13 years that sees scores of artists taking to the…

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