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Reel Truths
An apology from the publisher

Cascadia Weekly has published feature film reviews without permission of their authors. The responsibility for this rests with me, the publisher, and I apologize and am available to those authors for cure.

All feature reviews were bylined and sourced, and our intent was never to deprive or…

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A briny blowout

An event that promotes itself by sending a human-sized crustacean named Crabby around town to shake its claws and multiple legs at people in order to draw their attention is something I can get behind.

Getting the chance to spot Crabby at Zuanich Point Park and around Squalicum Harbor…

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Climate Strike
Student warriors march for climate justice

Inspired by youth activists like Greta Thunberg, the student school strike movement has grown rapidly around the world. Youth organizers are now calling on adults to join them as allies to address the urgency of the climate crisis. Labor movements, social justice organizations and faith…

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Deep River
Epic action on the Columbia

In his debut novel, Matterhorn, based on his experiences as a Marine in Vietnam, Pacific Northwest author Karl Marlantes established himself as a master of evocative settings and characters developed over time. Deep River, his second novel, is a sprawling family epic set along the mouth of…

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