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Bellingham Folk Festival
They come in peace

Last year, Cayley Schmid, the mastermind behind Bellingham’s folk and Irish festivals, told me that one of her favorite things about the events is spying folks downtown with musical instruments during festival weekend and trying to figure out who they are and what they’re up to.


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Winter Greens
Kale for the win

Shortly before the first major storm of the new year swooped in to cover my vegetable garden with six inches of snow and send the temperatures plummeting, I spent a couple of hours harvesting many of the remaining greens that had been planted during warmer months.

By the time I was…

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Winter Warmers
Cups for community

Last week, when snowstorms blanketed the region and frigid temperatures persisted throughout the lengthening January days, not much beat wrapping my cold hands around a ceramic mug of coffee or hot chocolate as I gazed out my kitchen window onto a world that had been transformed into a…

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Winter Dances
Students storm the stage

By the time Western Washington University students make their way onstage for annual “Winter Dances” performances taking place Jan. 23-26 at the school’s Performing Arts Center mainstage, the work they will have put in to ensure their audiences are entertained will have gone far beyond what…

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