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History Hangouts
Anniversaries in action

I’d never given much thought to the twin-like similarities that exist between Bellingham’s Mount Baker Theatre and Mount Vernon’s Lincoln Theatre until a serendipitous glance at the venues’ upcoming calendars tipped me off to the empirical evidence that’s been in front of my face for years.…

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Spring Fling
The view at River Gallery

Skagit Valley boasts great scenery, world-class farming and a thriving arts culture. And in the valley no place is more scenic, or supportive of art, than the River Gallery, nestled in peaceful Dodge Valley near La Conner.

Among the 38 featured artists in the aptly named “Spring Show,”…

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Tulip Tour
Leave room for ice cream

The joke in Skagit Valley around this time of year is that it’s not tulips we’re celebrating, but the Skagit Traffic Festival. Hours on the freeway can easily be followed by hours sitting on rural backroads in bumper-to-bumper backups, especially on a sunny weekend when the fields are in…

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The Brink
The hate you give

The charm of odious men is overrated. At a certain point in The Brink, Alison Klayman’s brisk documentary tagalong behind far-right pot-stirrer Steve Bannon, an admirer tells Bannon that although he might have just come off poorly in an onstage debate, at least he’ll have surprised and…

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