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Battle Angel

It is a view broadly held in Hollywood that writing is not the greatest of James Cameron’s manifold filmmaking gifts. The visual storytelling of his blockbusters is what sticks, not the plywood poetry he sticks in the mouths of his often-perfunctory characters. A new Cameron production…

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My Circus Valentine

Last February, Anneka Deacon felt the love from the approximately 1,000 humans who showed up at the Bellingham Circus Guild’s Cirque Lab to witness the heart-stopping magic of “My Circus Valentine.”

But the cofounder of the Circus Guild and the producer of the Valentine’s Day hootenanny…

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Lehmann and Lavelle
Abstraction in action

This month offers a fine opportunity to see and compare the work of two outstanding artists—Anita Lehmann at Perry and Carlson Gallery in Mount Vernon, and Margy Lavelle at i.e. gallery in Edison. Each creates “abstractions,” but their approaches are very different.

Lehmann’s works…

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Comfort Food
From Rome, with love

In a way that only comfort food can, a bowl of cacio e pepe—a pasta dish supposedly created by shepherds tending their flocks—saved me when I was a writing student in Rome. 

My classes took place in an ancient building in the Campo de Fiori, which means “field of flowers,” but belies…

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