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Creative Gifting
Beyond stocking stuffers

It’s not a crime to visit the mall during the holiday season, but it is criminal to overlook the scores of offerings to be found from the artists and crafters who populate our corner of the world—and whose livelihoods are directly impacted by purchases we make. Following are a number of…

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Anna and the Apocalypse
A zom-com for Christmas

Committing to its audaciously goofy premise with a commendably straight face, Anna and the Apocalypse is an all-singing, all-dancing, zombie-themed teenage comedy that occupies the hitherto unexplored middle ground between High School Musical and Shaun of the Dead. Arriving just in time for…

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Booksellers' Best
The gift of words

Last December, I bought books for everyone on my gift list—whether they were avid readers or not. This required a bit of sleuthing. What exactly were my 20-year-old twin nephews in Missouri interested in these days? I discovered terrific books and, best of all, learned more about the…

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Everybody's Store
A festive farewell in Van Zandt

“I’ve never had to wait for a parking spot here before,” my bearded tour guide growled as we idled behind a pickup truck parked beside Everybody’s Store last Saturday morning. “It gets busy here in the hinterlands once in a while—but nothing like this.”

“This” referred to the throng of…

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