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Bricks and Bakers

McKenzie Alley Mural Project

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What’s this? A new mural being painted in Fairhaven?

Not to miss observing the process, I recently hustled over to McKenzie Alley to discover artist Anne Schreivogl—looking somewhat out of place—perilously working two stories up on a scissor lift.

Here was the well-known, award-winning studio painter transforming the century-old, orange-colored brick located between the historic district’s 12th and 11th streets, creating a scene of cartoonish bakers rolling dough, hungrily watched…

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Elbow Grease

Scott Pemberton puts in the work

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

To better understand what ace guitarist and singer Scott Pemberton is trying to get across with his music, take a closer look at the lyrics for one of his most popular songs, “Elbow Grease.”

“How do you get where you want to be?,” the Portland-based musician asks during a music video of the song, with bandmates—and audience members familiar with the composition—answering “With hard work!”

“And how do you get the work done?” he queries.

“You’ve got to do it!” they reply.


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Winter Starts Now

A flurry of films

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mt. Baker Ski Area reported its first dustings of snow recently, with an “especially good hit” falling Weds., Oct. 6. During a short video from Chair 7, longtime Operations Manager Mike Trowbridge noted that, “Forecasts for this winter are looking pretty good, with another La Nina winter headed our direction. That should be a good combination of above-average precipitation and below-average temperatures, which should translate to a good amount of snow for this coming season.”

A flurry…

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Dine Out for Peace

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

If it becomes necessary to seek a solution to the conflict that arises when you and your significant other can’t agree upon which area eatery to order lunch or dinner from as part of Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center’s “Dine Out for Peace” fundraiser, it might be time to consider signing up for one of the many conflict resolution trainings the WDRC offers on a regular basis.

I kid, but being that October is Conflict Resolution Month, now is the perfect opportunity to help the downtown…

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Damnation Spring

Fear in the forest

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Set in the redwood forests of Northern California near the Oregon border, Ash Davidson’s impressive debut novel, Damnation Spring, tells the story of a logging family and community clinging to a vanishing way of life.

Davidson sets her story during the late 1970s, when the National Park Service is expanding, taking redwood groves out of reach of the timber industry, and the Environmental Protection Agency and Clean Water Act are more vigorously addressing the use of chemicals in the…

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Follow the Money

FOLLOW THE MONEY: That enormous campaign war chest of the Whatcom County Republican Party appears to have evaporated—if it existed at all—according to a complaint filed with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, the watchdog agency tasked with keeping money transparent in local…

Alan Rhodes
The Good, the Bad, the Ridiculous

Our local election is coming up and (no surprise here) I have an opinion or two. I don’t have enough print space to cover every contest, so I’ll mention just a few that I find especially interesting.

Whatcom County Council, At-Large Position A.

Challenger Kamal Bhachu—a Trump…

Rumor Has It
Set the Stage

“Are you going to Wilco at the Baker?”

Never has a question fed my soul more than that one. After they had to cancel their March 2020 tour due to the pre-vaccine ravages of COVID, Wilco finally made their way to the Mount Baker Theatre.

And it felt like a Real Event in the same way that…

Justice and balance

I really like Russ Whidbee, the candidate running for the atl-arge seat of Bellingham’s City Council. He is fiscally astute, pragmatic, and a man with a 40-year legacy of bringing people…

All about Eve

With the ongoing impacts of COVID, more and more of our community is struggling with housing insecurity. Having lived in Bellingham (particularly Ward 6) for many years, I know that this…

A problem-solver

As a newcomer to Bellingham a decade ago, I first met Michael Lilliquist as part of a Friday breakfast group. I quickly gained respect for Michael’s pragmatic, problem-solving approach as…

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Whatcom Housing Week


Register for a series of free virtual events meant to build awareness and support innovative housing solutions to create safe, equitable and affordable homes for everyone as part of Whatcom…

Live Music Mondays with Free Harmony


As part of a Live Music Mondays series, Free Harmony will perform from 6pm-8pm at Kulshan Brewing Company, 2238 James St. Entry is free to hear Chuck Dingée and Sharon Mayson’s beautiful…