Rumor Has It

A necessary update:

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Last week, I wrote a kind of weird (even for me) Rumor Has It column about Wild Buffalo owner Craig Jewell and his girlfriend Kelsey Wylie. As I’m sure a lot of you surmised, a marriage proposal followed shortly thereafter.

My column was just one piece of a vast conspiracy involving Craig and Kelsey’s friends, as well as some people neither of them know nor will ever meet—because it’s Craig, it’s not like he’s going to take the love of his life to Olive Garden and propose over unlimited breadsticks.

Kelsey, we were all in on it, but we only did it to save you from a proposal that involved the Deming Logging Show and tandem log rolling.

I know it seems like I’m joking about that, but I’m not joking about that.

Probably pertinent: She said yes.

Congratulations, Craig and Kelsey. And thanks for letting me take part in the proposal plan. I can’t wait to be the flower girl at your wedding.

Despite the fact that I’ve been talking about New Year’s Eve for two weeks, I’m not done yet. It seems everyone wants to celebrate the end of 2019, aka the longest year of our lives.

Along with all of the other events mentioned in this issue and the last, Culture Cafe is throwing a party and it’s got a few things going for it: 1. Boombox Kid is responsible for the tunes. 2. It’s free. 3. You get a glow stick if you go. Confetti poppers and noisemakers are also available, but they are markedly inferior to glow sticks. Herb’s Cider is also getting in on the NYE action with deep house music courtesy of DJ Zoie Mizuna. Should you want to ring in 2020 overlooking downtown, Studio B will have three DJs and some of the best views in town. Having spent a New Year’s Eve or two at Glow, Studio B’s predecessor, I can attest that the show outside is as good as the show inside.

If you’re in Sunnyland, Twin Sisters is going all out for the occasion, building three bars so that people don’t spend the entire night waiting in line (bless you, Twin Sisters), cooking up an appetizer buffet and inviting Groovebot so you can dance your way into 2020. Tickets are $20-$25, and for an extra $5, you can reserve your seat and score full table service for the night, which seems way worth it to me.

Stones Throw Brewery, which loves any excuse to throw a party, is hosting its own shindig, and Bob Fossil will play, food truck New Public Cafe provide sustenance, and they’ll show the Times Square ball drop twice, live at 9pm and again at midnight because they’re accommodating like that. See you next year!

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