Rumor Has It

Drink it up

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Good golly, Miss Molly, music is everywhere in Bellingham right now. Everywhere. Live music is happening in so many places that I wouldn’t be surprised if it started cropping up at truly unorthodox spots. Banks will start to have shows. Hair salons will host open-mic nights. You’ll go to the DMV and a jazz quartet will be playing in the corner. Sadighi’s will become the spot where every band plays its first show.

So let’s get down to it.

Pretty Penny, the vintage clothing store on Elm Street in the Columbia Neighborhood, occasionally likes to open its doors after hours and invite people in to watch bands among its carefully curated collection of wearable goods. It’ll do just that Thurs., Feb. 20, when the Censors, My Eyes Shut (I’m sorry for every time I almost typed “Eyes Wide Shut”), and True Stars will offer up a night at the weirder fringes of Bellingham’s music scene. Doors open at 7pm—come for the party, leave with a party dress.

But wait, Thursday is not done with you yet. It wants you to drop by Gruff Brewing for a show featuring the stacked lineup of Supercrush, Dead Soft, No Guts, and Spine Readers. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve been to Gruff, and it’s a cool place to hang out, but maybe not the most ideal place to see a show.” I’ve seen a show at Gruff and you’re right—but it doesn’t matter even one tiny bit. Plainly put, Gruff is just one of those spots where it’s really fun to watch bands. Which might be why they’re having more and more of them play there.

Thousand Acre Cider House, a place that exists to make me sad that I can’t drink cider (24 taps! Desserts from Antler Baking! Chips and dips for $2! Currently a peach cider tap takeover!), or beer, or any liquid inside their inviting space except water, has been using their Grand Avenue square footage to hold all kinds of events, up to and including East Coast Dave and the Midwest Swingers at 7:30pm Fri., Feb 21. Feel free to stop in and check it out. I’ll be the one drinking the tall glass of water.

I can consume everything on the menu at Mallard Ice Cream—I know this because I have consumed everything on the menu at some point or another. Normally, I can’t take down an indecision scoop in a waffle cone and see live music at my favorite downtown dessert spot, except for Sun., Feb. 23, when I can pair my sweet tooth with the sweet sounds of Vervex and Skylar Kaster. However, given that this is the last show of Mallard’s free concert series, this is the most limited of limited-time offers. Take advantage before it melts away.

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