Rumor Has It

Of bongos and backwards balls

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Darn near every time I see him, my friend Howard says to me, “Have you been to Cafe Blue in Fairhaven yet?”

I must confess that I have not, despite hearing only good things about the relatively new coffee shop and bakery where they will give you a wee glass of warm milk for the dunking of your oversize chocolate chip cookie. I appreciate any establishment that understands the cookie is supposed to be big and the glass of milk small, not the other way around.

However, I believe my time to pay my first visit to Cafe Blue draws nigh, both because I can disappoint Howard no longer and also because they’re hosting an open mic in conjunction with Fairhaven’s Fri., Feb. 28 art walk. It’s not the cafe’s first foray into intermittent live music—however, it is the first time, to my knowledge, that they’ve specifically requested someone bring bongos.

I’m not particularly a fan of bongos, but I do appreciate the off-kilter sensibility of such a request. They also paired the open-mic announcement with a photo of a tiny plastic skeleton sporting what appears to be one-and-one-half arms and a decidedly casual lean.

Again, how have I not been there yet?

In what has become a rarity at Make.Shift, the coming weekend features back-to-back shows, which take place Fri., Feb. 28 and Sat., Feb. 29 at the multipurpose arts nonprofit. Making the slog up the I-5 corridor from Portland on Friday will be the Hague, who will be joined in the Make.Shift basement by Akrasia and Magnolia Baseball. Following their Bellingham show, the Hague will play in my hometown of Everett, and I’d like to apologize on behalf of Everett (mostly because Everett lacks shame and never apologizes for anything) for whatever the band finds or loses there. It’s not Everett’s fault, except that it is.

When Feb. 29, aka Leap Day, aka a day that does not really exist, comes along, so will Mx and Ms Combobulated’s Backwards Ball, which is as intriguingly named an event as quite possibly any I’ve ever heard. It’s also, as far as I’m aware, Bellingham’s first all-ages drag show, and I cannot be the only person who is way too excited it’s happening. Host Mx Combobulated and her “glamorous cohorts” promise to turn “what’s right side up left side down,” and all they ask in return is that you join them in “putting the extra in extravagance.”

Much like the wee glass of milk and the tiny skeleton with the casual lean, everything about this delights me. Probably because everything about it is delightful.

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