Rumor Has It

You’ve got mail

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Like most people, I sometimes approach my inbox with trepidation—and not just because, as of this moment, it houses 39,728 emails, each of which is a piece of evidence in the case against my ever becoming a mature adult.

Along with shaming me, my inbox also yields its share of delights, such as a message I received recently from Nick Rennis, owner and steward of one of this area’s most sacred music spaces, the Business in Anacortes.

Every so often, when an offer too tempting to refuse comes his way, Rennis books a show. When that happens, it invariably catches my attention, as I find my interest piqued by what piques his interest. This time, it was an Orindal Records Showcase, which takes place Sat., March 7, not at the Business proper, but at the Depot Arts and Community Center.

Orindal Records was founded by Owen Ashworth, better known to many of us as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, which is on my short list of favorite band names, right next to I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness and Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome (the former is no longer a band. The latter, somehow, inexplicably still is).

Aside from his cool band name that I once referenced during my stint as a witness in an otherwise somewhat tedious court case (life is weird, folks), Ashworth is also an excellent musician who is no stranger to these parts, although he now goes by Advance Base. Joining him on tour will be Ruth Garbus, Claire Cronin, and Nicholas Krgovich, and the Anacortes show is their West Coast tour kickoff, so it’ll no doubt be a good one. Shows booked by Rennis tend to sell out, so nab your tickets at

Also recently making an appearance in my inbox was a message from Aaron Guest, and it was a missive that I have decidedly mixed feelings about, given that it marks the final email reminder I’ll ever receive from him about an upcoming Polecat show (or so he says).

As previously mentioned, the longtime local band is retiring (or so they say) after one last run of shows that will serve as their swan song (or so they’d have us believe). Their Bellingham shows take place Sat., March 7 at the Bellingham Circus Guild. Tickets still remain for the 4pm all-ages performance—and with kids costing just $5 each, Polecat is the cheapest babysitter in town, so bring the little ones along. I’d heard a rumor that the 8pm 21-and-older show was sold out, but I just checked and there appears to be a very limited amount of tickets left. Get them quick because they won’t be there long.

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