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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stop the presses (not literally because that would be bad) because I finally have some music to write about.

First, Robert Blake (is he still Robert Sarazin Blake? Robt Sarazin Blake? Robert Sometimes Sarazin Blake? Is he reading this right now and sighing and rolling his eyes at me? I only know the answer to that last question), never one to let something like a complete societal shutdown ruin his good time, has been livestreaming concerts from his kitchen table as part of a series he’s dubbed “From the Kitchen Table.” They take place once a week or so, and feature his music-making friends. So far, he’s hosted the Mammals, Jefferson Hamer, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms, and John Elliott. He typically schedules them for the early evening hours, that pre-dinner, post-work time that used to be known as “happy hour” before that was abolished so that we could drink alone, at home, in our pajamas (it’s not as sad as it sounds, I swear).

However, given that Blake does a lot of European touring and presumably has developed a fan base over there (otherwise why would he do so much European touring?), his next “From the Kitchen Table” concert will take place at 10am Fri., April 17 to accommodate the time change and allow his faraway fans to see him play without setting their alarms for the middle of the night. If you’re not in Europe at the moment, which is quite likely all of you, you can watch while you eat your cornflakes. Or quaff your morning beer, whatever. I’m not here to judge. Find Blake on Facebook, click the link for the livestream, and if you like what you see, PayPal him some money.

But Blake is not the only musical game in town. After sitting on a completed record for so long that I almost forgot its existence (I never forgot its existence), Dryland is releasing the album they recorded with acclaimed producer Matt Bayles (Botch, Mastodon, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, all your other favorite bands) called Dances With Waves on Mon., April 20, aka 4/20 because they’re cheeky like that. You can procure their masterpiece digitally or via CD, but all the cool kids will buy it on limited-edition 12-inch vinyl complete with amazing cover art courtesy of local artist and possible Jedi master Logan McQuaig. Dances With Waves and all other things Dryland can be found at, which is also where a creepy/cool sticker of Dennis Hopper resides among the other band merch.

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