Representation in a time of crisis

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

In our home, here in the 40th Legislative District, we represent some of the most diverse communities in Washington. Our towns, cities, friendships and families make up a diverse and passionate community that have shown a consistent desire to help one another and push Washington State in the right direction. As elected officials—we, State Representatives Debra Lekanoff and Alex Ramel and state Senator Liz Lovelett—know that our jobs are so much bigger than the three of us and we are so honored to represent you and your voice in Olympia.

We are in the middle of an unprecedented time in history. From the COVID-19 pandemic to nationwide protests against systemic racism, from incredible political division to the monumental election coming up in November, our nation is at a turning point. While all of this is going on, the three of us wanted to come together and collectively tell you that we are here as one team for the 40th LD who are committed to serving you—those who entrusted us with this important work. Together we will represent the 40th LD into 2021 and beyond, speaking with a unified vision of bettering our communities and fighting for our district to make sure you are safe, you are healthy, and your voice is heard.

In recent months the three of us have collaborated together to host town halls so that, even while we physically distance, you have the power to actively engage with us to discuss your concerns and needs.

We continue to work together on budget priorities to ensure that the needs of our district are known and met. To ensure we are consistently on the same page, we have standing weekly meetings to update one another on our work and to make sure each person in our community can count on us to answer their questions about what is happening in their home.

In the 40th we stand for justice and equality; we reach out and help our neighbors stand up when they need help. We want to lead in legislation that provides a prosperous economy,  protects our beautiful environment right here at home, while firmly establishing Washington state’s place as a leader in the fight against climate change.  We will continue to collaborate on safe education policy and guidelines, essential workers protection and small businesses, and our homelessness and health care crises.

Our goal as your representatives is simple: We want to make sure that you, the people of the 40th LD, have the impactful and co-ordinated team representing your interests that you deserve. We are ready to honor the responsibility you have given us, and together we are committed to always putting the 40th LD first as we work to create a better future.

“We are so fortunate to have collaborative and goal-oriented representatives in the 40th LD. With Debra in Skagit, Alex in Bellingham, and myself in the islands—we truly cover the unique corners of our district. As a bicameral team, we have weekly check-in meetings to make sure we are updated on each other’s work and so that our constituents can count on having ‘no wrong door’ to access help and give input. With this relationship in place, we will continue to sponsor and pass policies at the heart of the 40th LD’s values: climate conscious, equity focused and supportive of our communities.”
—Senator Liz Lovelett
“Together with Senator Lovelett and Representative Ramel, I am honored to represent the 40th LD every single day. We bring three unique and important perspectives with us to the legislature and have always spread our arms wide to welcome all who call this place home. Together we can accomplish so much for our families and communities right here in the 40th LD.”
—Representative Debra Lekanoff 
“At a time marked by so much politicaldivision, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be part of such a collaborative team working for the common good for our community.”
—Representative Alex Ramel

Submitted by Se., Liz Lovelett and Reps. Debra Lekanoff and Alex Ramel

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