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A nice long weekend

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

When they first opened their beautiful space at 100 Grand Ave.—aka the former longtime home of Michael’s Books—the folks at Thousand Acre Cider House had no idea what was coming. None of us did.

They just wanted to be the owners of a cozy neighborhood spot that happened to have 18 rotating ciders and six beers on tap, along with a carefully and expertly chosen selection of bottles for their customers. They wanted to share their love of cider with their patrons while cultivating greater knowledge of their favorite fermented beverages in a laid-back, enjoyable atmosphere.

Instead, they just celebrated their first anniversary during a worldwide pandemic that has sorely tested every business in their industry.

However, like many food and drink purveyors around these parts, Thousand Acre threw their considerable creativity and energy into adapting to what have become constantly changing circumstances. It hasn’t been an ideal first year in business, by any means, but owners Jenny and James Hagemann have proven themselves capable of not only weathering this unique trial by fire, but also excelling. Despite the many obstacles they’ve had to overcome to keep the doors open and the cider flowing, they’ve created the cozy neighborhood spot of their dreams—even if it doesn’t look quite like they thought it would.

Now that they’ve navigated closures, curbside pickup, outdoor seating, indoor seating, a new snack menu and F*ck It Buckets, they’re ready to get back to something near and dear to their community-minded hearts: hosting events, especially those that help others.

Toward that end, they’ve planned a long weekend of activities—and there’s a live-ish concert in the mix.

It all kicks off Thurs., Sept. 17 when they’ll tap a keg of Otherlands Beer’s Excessive Celebrations Festbier in honor of Oktoberfest. It’s a traditional Oktoberfest beer brewed for a decidedly unorthodox version of that event, and Thousand Acre will pour you a pint and throw in a homemade pretzel for $7. Your pint purchases will support the cidery, Otherlands, and the D.I.S.H. Foundation, the nonprofit responsible for providing the menu of hunger-satiating snacks to go with Thousand Acre’s thirst-slaking ciders and brews.

With Friday comes the live-ish music I mentioned. The concert itself is indeed live, but in order to comply with Phase 2 regulations, it will be beamed to Thousand Acres thanks to a partnership with True Tone Audio. Thousand Acre got into the show-showing business when they acted as a downtown hub for a remote broadcast of Downtown Sounds, and it was an idea that proved popular. The Walrus will take the stage at 6pm for what looks to be a series in the making. Sure, you could watch them perform their sets of your favorite classic songs from the comfort of your home, but where’s the fun in that?

Come Saturday, you’re invited to help Thousand Acre raise money for those affected by the wildfires that have darkened our skies and consumed millions of acres of land in Washington, Oregon, and California. At their Pint Night for Wildfire Relief, Thousand Acre will donate $1 from every flight, full pour and cidertail (that’s a cider cocktail to you and me) they sell to the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services. During a time when businesses are barely making it, such generosity comes at a cost. Let’s make it worth their while.

On Sunday, the cidery will host their monthly bottle club tasting, and have invited Christine Walter, award-winning cidermaker at Bauman’s Century Family Farm, to be their featured guest. This is a reservation-only event—$20 gets you a spot and five or six tastes, which will be refunded when you purchase at least $20 in bottles—and the bottle club tastings tend to sell out. Nab or spot or risk spending Sunday at home. Again.

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