Rumor Has It

Deck the Halls

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Despite the fact that I find myself, at this juncture of my life, surrounded by Scrooges, my love of all things Christmas cannot be quelled. While I want to give Thanksgiving its due—and will by eating my weight in stuffing and bread pudding—I am so ready to haul out the holly.

Last year, Christmas was kind of, well, depressing. While I am always and forever grateful that my family has remained healthy (knock on a yule log), not being able to spend the holidays with my loved ones was kind of a bummer. I bought no presents, a fact that will disappoint my mother (sorry, mom!) when she and my dad arrive in town for Thanksgiving with last year’s Christmas gifts in tow.

This year, however, I’m going to make up for lost time. I’m going to trim my (very tiny, very fake) tree, bake Christmas cookies and listen to the Beach Boys’ Christmas Album at full volume. Pour a seasonal cocktail or two into me and I might even sit on Santa’s lap.

Another thing I’ve committed to doing is shopping local. I’m a pretty good year-round supporter of local businesses, but largely owing to a youth spent working retail, I cannot resist the siren’s song of the mall during the holidays. Am I a bad consumer? A retail masochist? Afflicted with poor taste? The answer is yes. However, this year I plan to buy better.

I’ve always known the value of shopping local, but it took a worldwide pandemic and the potential loss of our treasured small-business community for me to understand the importance of keeping my dollars where I live. I’m not proud of that fact, but what I am is determined to come out of more than 18 months of COVID isolation having learned a few things.

I plan to start my hyperlocal shopping spree at the Make Sale Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair that takes place each year at Make.Shift. Despite my evil mall ways, I am a devoted Make Sale visitor and consumer, but this year I’ll buy more than just stocking stuffers at the Dec. 3-4 event at the downtown nonprofit.

Before that, however, I can contribute to Make.Shift’s COVID-relief fund for local artists by attending a Nov. 26 show at the Shakedown (which is my favorite way to fundraise) featuring Fretts, JP Falcon Grady, Nestor Cruz, and more. Despite the fact that venues are open and musicians can play shows, the arts community remains hard-hit by COVID shutdowns. Artists of all kinds are far less likely to have emergency funds on hand or access to financial safety nets. Like our local businesses, they need all of our help that they can get.

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