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Hello, do you deliver?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, many people are stepping up to the plate to help keep their favorite neighborhood restaurants in business by patronizing them on a more regular basis—whether it’s via takeout, delivery or sit-down service—and talking up their attributes to friends and family.

That’s all well and good, but Southside resident Bob Paltrow took his support many steps further this week when he released a new song, “Hello, Do You Deliver?,” with an accompanying video that manages to be not only clever and creative, but also heartwarming and humorous.

Being that Paltrow is a professional musician, graphic designer and videographer, it’s not a big surprise that his ode to the array of locally owned restaurants and cafes in Fairhaven is highly watchable. Donned in a long-sleeved black shirt, shiny red tie and sunglasses with his cell phone at the ready, messages such as “support local,” “we are all in this together” and “OPEN” flash on the screen as the curly-haired musician queries whomever is supposed to be on the other end of the phone.

“Hello, do you deliver?” he croons. “It’s late and I’m hungry. What’s on your menu? Let me give you my address. I’d like something hot, hot, hot. And was just calling to seeeeeee what you’ve got.”

In the following four minutes he utilizes the refrain 1-360-I-AM-HUNGRY a number of times to great effect and directly references—and shows—the places he’s singing about (he also manages to sneak in a line about social distancing).

“On Rice Thai and the Colophon Cafe, Mambo Italiano, Fairhaven Poke,” Paltrow jauntily rhymes as the camera pans to the various locales. “We like to do it at least three times a day—a big fat beer is just a Stone’s Throw away. Pizza’zza, Black Cat—ala Le Chat Noir—I am always here no matter where I are.

“Galvanize the focal point,” he adds, “patronize your local joint, neighborhood food truck ain’t never gonna disappoint.”

Other venues that get the Paltrow treatment either in the context of the song, onscreen or mentioned in the liner notes include burger houses (the Filling Station and Zane), places with fancier fare (Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse), bakeries (Mount Bakery and Shirlee Bird Cafe), Mexican restaurants (Jalapenos and El Agave), cafes (Tony’s Coffeehouse, Skylark’s Hidden Cafe, Cafe Blue, Harris Avenue Cafe, and Firehouse Arts and Events Center among them), other pizza establishments (Fairhaven Pizza and Fat Pie Pizza), those featuring specialty beverages (CreativiTea and Galloway’s Cocktail Bar), and sushi specialists (Fujisan Sushi Restaurant).

In addition to making viewers hungry, “Hello, Do You Deliver?” is pretty much guaranteed to make them happy as well. Watching Paltrow’s various dance breaks is one of the primary reasons, but so too is the awareness that shining a light on the places that feed us even during times of hardship is a swell thing to do.

“Its easy to make a difference in your community, especially during these difficult times,” Paltrow says. “Support local businesses! Enjoy one of these great eateries the next time you are in beautiful Fairhaven.” 

To watch the video, go to

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