A Birthday Broadcast

KZAX turns four

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I want to say that I remember what I was up to four years ago, back when low-power community radio station KZAX solidified its presence (after a somewhat bumpy start) as the entity it has now become. But since time has no meaning and days are like weeks which are like minutes which are like months, I can’t recall what I was doing four months ago, much less four years.

However, KZAX knows how to mark the time and on their calendar, they’re celebrating their fourth birthday, and they’d like us to celebrate with them. Normally, they’d likely take over Make.Shift for lively festivities involving a heaping helping of all-ages live music. Obviously, they have to opt for alternate plans, a situation that has its pluses and minuses.

In the minus column is the fact that we can’t gather together as we’d like to mark the occasion. Not ideal, but hopefully our adherence to semi-isolation will shorten the length of time we are forced to spend with ourselves in our own personal space.

On the plus side, this party, which takes place Sat., June 20, has no capacity limits or cover charge (although donations are always needed, welcome and appreciated) and you can attend in your pajamas—or in the nude if you’d like, which is one of the rare instances when it’s perfectly acceptable to attend a birthday party in your birthday suit. The locale of this anything-goes affair is at 94.9 on the radio dial, or online at Tune in for all, some or even just part of the party, no matter how much or how little you partake, no one will bust your chops for showing up late, not staying to see their band or talking during someone’s set (you probably still shouldn’t get in the habit of doing that though).

As for who will be entertaining you, KZAX’s Forrest Camire will host and he went to no small amount of effort to pull together a local lineup for those of us who are feeling live-music starved. On tap will be live streams from Analog Brass, Rosi, Chrvns, Jerry Core, and Vivigoldz. Taking over at 9pm will be DJ host Huey Villard of KZAX radio show the Dark Route, who promises four hours of industrial, death rock, EBM and cold wave music with help from DJ Nervosa and Miss Mirrorshades. In addition to broadcasting via the radio airwaves and online, the Dark Route will be available on Twitch as well. The unorthodox birthday party is happening thanks in part to a sponsorship from Satori, yet another Bellingham business impacted by COVID-19 that is choosing to continue their commitment to supporting worthwhile community endeavors.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I’m a diehard radio listener, and truly appreciate KZAX’s mix of music and their dedication to giving airtime to underrepresented people and viewpoints. During this critical time in the community, we need all the community radio we can get.

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