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Life In Normal(ish) Times

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I would not say that life is getting back to normal—I’m not even sure what “normal” is going to look like in post-pandemic times—but things seem to be trending in a more normal(ish) direction as the vaccine rollout rolls out.

With that comes a resumption of activities that ceased abruptly a year ago—you know, back when we thought this whole COVID thing was going to last a couple of weeks at best.

Remember that? We were so innocent then.

While it’s going to be a loooong minute before most of us are comfortable being in a room full of strangers, packed in like sweaty sardines and screaming along with whatever is happening onstage, live music is beginning to trickle back, cautiously and safely.

Of course, the big event is Keep Music Live’s Band Together concert, a livestream featuring a wild amount of very big talent that you can read about in this week’s music story.

Closer to home, things are happening as well. The Firehouse Cafe and Events Center is putting their outdoor space to good use beginning at noon Sat., March 20 for a Spring Pop-Up featuring local artists and local music.

Now that conditions are improving—and I’m not just talking about the weather, but a bit more sunshine certainly doesn’t hurt—the Firehouse is able to give us an increased number of vital and necessary opportunities to support them. The nice thing about them and other arts organizations rumbling back to life (at whatever pace and in whatever form that happens) is that such support opportunities tend to be pretty fun.

And I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t love a whole surfeit of fun to engage in right now.

Back to the Spring Pop-Up, the art part of it will consist of tie-dye fiber art, batik and other wearables, hand-dyed wool fabric, original paintings, greeting cards, jewelry, baskets, hand-knit rugs and blankets, plants and candles made from reclaimed wood, and crafts and salves inspired by nature.

Oh yeah, and handmade gargoyles. Homemade gargoyles is the exact kind of weird Bellingham stuff I’ve been missing for the past year.

If you show up between 2pm and 4pm you’ll be lucky enough to hear live music—not a livestream, but actual living, breathing musicians playing before your very eyes—from the Moving Hats.

It should go without saying, but given the world we live in, I’m going to say it anyway: Even though the event is outdoors, masks are required. Because that’s what life in normal(ish) times looks like.

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