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Shelter in place

On May 24, Bellingham Police checked on a report of people cursing at one another in an apartment in the Lettered Streets neighborhood.

On May 25, a vacuum and a picture frame were damaged during an argument on Texas Street in Bellingham.

On May 11, a Porta Potty was knocked over at a construction site in Anacortes and $60 of cleaning supplies were stolen.

On May 10, Blaine Police checked on a report of a landlord-tenant dispute. Officers learned the landlord of the apartment building would like to evict the tenant in one of his units after just a few days of renting to her. “The landlord advised officers the tenant moved her boyfriend into the apartment who is not on the lease and is causing a lot of disturbances,” police reported. Officers advised the landlord it’s a civil matter and he would need to file the proper eviction paperwork through the Sheriff’s Office.

On May 9, Blaine Police were dispatched to a motel room after an occupant thought someone was attempting to unlock their door from the outside. “Officers arrived and discovered no one in the area,” police reported. “Officers determined the individual may have been impaired by drugs.”

On May 22, a man called Bellingham Police to complain about his neighbor.

On May 24, Bellingham Police learned of a large fight that had broken out in the courtyard of an apartment complex in York neighborhood. No charges were filed in the dispute.

On May 24, Bellingham Police tried to resolve a dispute between neighbors in Birchwood neighborhood.

On May 24, Bellingham Police took a report of another dispute in Birchwood neighborhood.

On May 20, Bellingham Police took a report of a dispute in Puget neighborhood.

On May 14, Blaine Police learned several teens appeared to be getting ready to fight. Officers contacted several individuals who were yelling at each other in front of a residence. Police spoke with all the persons involved and determined no crime was committed and no one wished to pursue a complaint. The combatants agreed to stop yelling at each other and go their own separate ways.

On May 10, Blaine Police learned a man had walked into a home without permission and began yelling at children inside. Officers learned the man was upset about the behavior of the children. Police advised the man to seek out an adult to address the children’s behavior.

On May 19, Bellingham Police checked on a report of a missing child. The child was quickly located in another room of the residence.

More zero than Zorro

On May 10, Anacortes Police learned of a shirtless man who was swinging a sword. “An officer contacted the swordsman who had since robed and said he was just playing around,” police reported.

Good fences make good neighbors

On May 9, a woman crashed her white Chevrolet pickup through a fence in Blaine and left the scene. The driver was eventually located and arrested for hit and run and driving under the influence.

On May 16, Anacortes Police tried to make contact with a woman seen in a construction zone. They were unable to locate her, but did make note of the derogatory messages she had written in lipstick on heavy equipment parked in the area.

Pet police

On April 25, “two small socialites showed up on the back doorstep of a Kingsway residence,” Anacortes Police reported. “The responding officer took custody of the well-adorned K9s—one was wearing a pink sweater, the other had a harness with hearts on it—and took them to the pound after attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful.”

On April 27, an Anacortes man wanted police to know about a coyote that had taken up residence in the greenbelt behind his home.

On April 20, an Anacortes resident wanted to report her neighbor’s neglected cat. The Animal Control Officer learned that the neighbor was willing to rehome the cat so she could get the care she needed. The ACO took custody of the feline and brought her to the Cat’s Meow so she could be cared for and put up for adoption.

Make offer, get results

On May 23, a man attempted to bribe a Bellingham Police officer. The 36-year-old was arrested.

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