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Grift keeps giving

On Nov. 7, an Anacortes woman called police to report that she received a sweepstakes letter and a follow-up phone call from someone claiming to represent the awarding organization. The caller wanted bank account information and a portion of the $25,000 prize money. The woman did not provide information or money to the scammer.

On Nov. 13, an Anacortes woman was contacted via phone by a caller who attempted to convince her that police were going to arrest her if she did not pay her warrant fee. The woman did not provide information or money to the caller.

On Nov. 13, an Anacortes woman called police to report a fraud call involving a missed court date in Olympia threatening arrest by an Anacortes Police Officer. The woman did not provide information to the caller.

On Nov. 14, an Anacortes man called police after he had chatted with a woman from out of state a few times and she asked him for Amazon gift cards. Additionally, the woman sent disturbing images of other people. The man did not provide any personal or identifying information and was advised to block the woman’s number and cease contact with her.

Domestic disturbances

On Nov. 7, Anacortes Police broke up a quarrel between two roommates who were smoking outside their home. The dispute escalated when one of the roommates poured water on a lit cigarette in her roommate’s hand. The roommate then lit another cigarette and once again it was extinguished by a cup of water. The 44-year-old douser was arrested and booked into the county jail on a domestic violence assault charge.

On Nov. 15, Blaine Police and fire crews tried to assist a woman with a possibly broken hand. Her ex-spouse was surprised to see the woman as their kids were not home and she was aware of this. The man was not aware of how the woman injured her hand. The woman would not answer questions about her hand. Fire crews examined the woman and advised her to seek treatment immediately at the hospital. She declined medical and police services. Nothing criminal appeared to have occurred as the injury was old.

On Nov. 16, Blaine Police checked on a disturbance at a motel. Officers tried to talk to an extremely intoxicated man. The man had reportedly raised a clenched fist and lunged at his mother, causing her to involuntarily move out of the way. Police were transporting the suspect to the ER for alcohol-related issues when the man began bashing his head into the metal partitions in the squad car. An ambulance transported the man to the ER for a head injury. The man was eventually booked into jail.

On Nov. 15, a woman called Blaine Police to report an ex-boyfriend was at her front door, constantly knocking. While the police were en route the ex-boyfriend left the area. The woman said she would file for a protection order to keep him from bothering her.

On Nov. 20, Blaine Police learned a woman believed she was being harassed by her ex-husband. “Most recently, several pizzas were delivered to her house that she did not order,” Police reported. Officers explained how to obtain an anti-harassment order.

On Nov. 19, a Blaine man told police he believed his neighbor had backed her vehicle into his car when she was parking. He did not witness the incident, but he confronted her about it. She did not want to talk to him. He told the police he did not want to file a police report about the accident. He just wanted to make a report about her not wanting to talk to him about it. She called the police to report her neighbor was harassing her. She said she did not hit his car.

Postal problems

On Nov. 7, an Anacortes woman called police because she thought her locked mailbox was intentionally broken overnight. The responding officer noticed that the mailbox was tilted to the side, possibly as a result of a vehicle colliding with it. The woman was unsure if there were any contents removed from the box.

Improper shoppers

On Nov. 8, Anacortes Police invesigated a reported theft at a local grocery store. The store manager told police that she thought the man had been already trespassed from the store when he returned twice that that day and stole alcohol and dairy products. Officers located the 22-year-old in the parking lot and took him into custody for burglary and theft.

On Nov. 14, a man and a woman were banned from an Anacortes grocery store after the store manager observed they were stashing items in their clothing. The woman had some small electronic accessories stowed away, but turned them over to police.

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