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The revolution will be televised

On Jan. 6, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of an assault near Sedro-Woolley. The victim said he had been sleeping in his bedroom when he was awakened by his elderly father yelling at the television in the living room. His father then opened the bedroom door, pointed a shotgun directly at his son, and fired a single round, narrowly missing him. The father then left the bedroom and began talking to the television again. The son was able to flee the residence uninjured and call 911. Deputies found the shotgun, a bullet hole through a pillow and a bullet lodged in the mattress. The father was taken into custody without incident. He told deputies that the TV news told him to do it.

Goodbye, 2020

On Dec. 31, Blaine officers responded to a party because someone had their car blocked in. The driver was reported to be intoxicated. The driver got his car out and drove off before the police arrived. When the police approached the house, they did not hear any loud music or people. The officers contacted the resident and saw two other men in the house. The officer determined there was no party, just a small gathering of people to celebrate the New Year. The police circulated to find the intoxicated driver, but could not locate him.

On Jan. 1, a Blaine officer learned of a domestic assault. After interviewing the parties, the officer learned that a woman threw a drinking glass at her husband, which hit him in the head. She also hit her 18-year-old son with a coat hanger when he tried to separate them. The officer placed the woman under arrest and she was transported to Whatcom County Jail.

On Dec. 31, Blaine Police learned of a quarrel between two brothers. Officers arrived to find only one of the brothers, as the other had already left the scene. The two brothers were arguing over money. During the argument, one of the brothers started walking toward the other, which prompted him to pull out a knife. The brother without the knife chased the other, who fled.

Not a crime to be rude

On Dec. 26, a Blaine woman complained to police that a man had security cameras inside of his apartment, which were pointing towards the parking lot. When she confronted him about the cameras, the man was rude to the woman. The police officer explained that it was not a crime to have cameras on his own property and it was not a crime to be rude. The woman hung up on the officer.

On Dec. 26, Blaine Police responded to a 911 hang up call. “It was determined a woman called 911 because a guest was acting strangely,” police reported. “The caller reported the guest had since left and did not anticipate any more problems.”

Restroom rumble

On Jan. 6, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office deputies broke up a fight in a restroom at the Whatcom County Courthouse. Deputies learned that a 33-year-old Bellingham man was using the restroom when he was approached by facilities personnel who asked him to leave the restroom, as scheduled maintenance was needed. The man refused, became confrontational, and aggressively pushed the county employee, breaking his finger and blocking his escape route. Deputies arrested the attacker. A search of his backpack revealed methamphetamine, a hatchet and four knives. Deputies also learned that the fire alarm device, located on the northern wall of the restroom, had been tampered with and thereby activated the fire alarm. When the man was booked into Whatcom County Jail, another large fixed-blade knife was found.

Unclear on the instruction

On Jan. 4, Blaine Police responded to a complaint of two transients sleeping inside the Post Office. When the officers arrived there was only one person sleeping on the counter. The man was given a verbal trespass warning.

On Jan. 4, a Blaine patrol officer responded to a trespass complaint at the Post Office. Two transients were sleeping inside. The men were given verbal trespass warnings.

On Jan. 4, a Blaine patrol officer was conducting routine patrols when he noticed a person previously trespassed from the Post Office sleeping inside. The man was cited for criminal trespass and released. He was also given a ride to Bellingham’s Base Camp.

’Tis the season

On Dec. 27, a Blaine woman reported that a transient came to her house without shoes, and asked if she could have a pair. The woman gave the visitor a pair of shoes. Police gave the visitor a ride to a shelter upon her request.

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