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Train vs. truck

On April 13, Bellingham Police learned of an collision involving a train and truck at a railway crossing downtown. Police arrived at the scene just after 2am and found an abandoned brown 4×4 pickup truck that had been struck. The occupants of the truck appeared to have fled. Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies assisted in an attempted K-9 tracking of the absent driver, but were unsuccessful.

Elusive pursuits

On March 26, Bellingham Police attempted to stop a driver they recognized had a felony warrant from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office for reckless driving. A car got between the arresting officer and the target vehicle, and the latter sped away at 60 in a 25 mile per hour zone. The car soon ducked out of sight. However, the following day Bellingham Police again spotted the driver and quickly took him into custody. “Search during arrest reveals he had suspected heroin, pills and a half ounce of methamphetamine on him, more than personal use.  He also had a digital scale and packaging material for resale on him,” police reported. “Quite possibly why he eluded arrest the night before, just a hunch.”

On April 9, Bellingham Police K9 Destro assisted Western Washington University police in locating two people who fled a collision and subsequent vehicle pursuit near campus.

On April 10, Bellingham Police attempted to stop a stolen vehicle that led officers on a short chase on Samish Way. Police broke off the pursuit due to a danger to the public.

On April 10, a helpful tip allowed Bellingham Police locate an abandoned white Dodge Charger that had eluded officers earlier in the day.

On April 1, an Anacortes patrol officer noticed a hatchback pulled to the side of the road and turned back to see if the driver needed assistance. “As the officer turned around, the driver closed the trunk and drove off,” police reported. “The officer pulled the car over after a few blocks because it was not driving straight on the road within the fog and center lines. On contact, the 54-year-old driver told the officer that she had pulled over due to a minor mechanical issue, but did not explain her driving behavior. When asked if she had been drinking, the woman admitted she consumed drinks earlier in the evening.” She was taken into custody for DUI and later transported to a local hotel to stay for the night.

Unclear on the instruction

On April 11, Sedro-Woolley Police learned of a burgundy SUV swerving into oncoming traffic and then running up onto the curb. An officer arrived on the scene just in time to observe the driver had exited the SUV and was now urinating on the back driver’s side. The driver showed multiple signs of intoxication, but—as English was not the man’s first language—struggled to communicate with the officer. Eventually the man was booked into jail for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Night movers

On April 7, a Bellingham resident saw two men with their car parked askew in front of a neighbor’s house as they loaded items with an orange hand truck. The resident saw the men drive away with an orange box on top of the car. Arriving officers noted the hand truck left sitting all alone in the cul-de-sac. An open garage was soon located, and the owner confirmed property was stolen, (including a generator in an orange/red box, among other things). Police soon located a vehicle that matched the description, minus the red box on the roof. Police talked to the two occupants, who were sweating profusely and smoking cigarettes nonstop. “They told a bit of a story (going to the store to buy cigarettes) that did not add up, and they forgot the stolen property was left in plain sight in the backseat,” police reported. “Oops!” The men confessed to their crimes and told the officers where the generator was. It was collected and returned to the owner. The burglars were booked.

A moveable feast

On April 11, Bellingham Police spoke to a man who was pushing a dumpster down the road that was more properly the property of a nearby business.

Grift keeps giving

On March 27, an Anacortes woman called police to report she had fallen victim to an email scam. The woman told police that she received an email from a friend asking for a $200 Google Play card for her nephew’s birthday. The woman complied with the request and two subsequent requests for additional cards. “Later that day, the victim received an email from her friend stating that her account was hacked and the hacker sent the email requesting gift cards,” police reported.

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