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Unclear on the instruction

On Aug. 23, an Anacortes grocer called police because of a man in the parking lot who appeared to be intoxicated and was acting strangely. A patrol officer spoke to the 60-year-old and learned he was frustrated because the GMC keys he had in his hand weren’t opening the door to the Honda he was standing by. The officer ran the registration of the Honda and determined that it did not belong to the man. The man was banned from the store and given a courtesy ride to another store in town.

On Aug. 23, an Anacortes grocer called police again to report that the 60-year-old man who was banned from the store earlier was back in the parking lot pulling on vehicle door handles and attempting to unlock the doors with the keys in his hands. Officers located the man at a nearby business. He was taken into custody for trespassing and given a courtesy ride to another location in city limits.

Improper shoppers

On Aug. 22, a 22-year-old Mount Vernon man stole chips, beer and whiskey from an Anacortes grocery store. Police discovered the man had a whiskey bottle in his back pocket, but he was adamant that he found it in a nearby parking lot. A check of the man’s records revealed a Department of Corrections warrant. He was booked in jail on his warrant and faces new charges of theft and burglary since he’d been trespassed from the same store earlier in the summer.

On Aug. 16, Anacortes Police learned a woman was yelling and throwing trash around a grocery store. A patrol officer spoke with the Mount Vernon woman who appeared to be in distress and was surrounded by broken glass. She complied with the officer’s request for her to move along and was served with a one-year trespass notice banning her from the store.

On Aug. 15, A 55-year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested for theft of alcohol and groceries and trespassed from an Anacortes grocery store for one year. The store manager called police after recognizing that the man stole from the store and returned awhile later. The man told the investigating officer that he did not have enough money for the items, which is why he took them.

On Aug. 21, Anacortes Police learned a man had stolen booze from a local convenience store and would not leave the property. Officers arrived and immediately noticed a man matching the suspect description provided, seated by the front doors to the store consuming a bottle of alcohol. “As the first officer approached, the suspect’s alcohol consumption seemed to increase,” police reported. “The store representative told police that he wanted the man charged with theft and banned from the store, so officers took the 25-year-old man into custody and placed him in a patrol car. A few minutes later, an officer went to the patrol car and opened the door to speak with the suspect. When the officer opened the door, the suspect lunged at the officer and disobeyed officer commands to stop resisting.” The man was ultimately placed back in the patrol car and booked in jail on theft and obstructing charges.

The celebration that never ends

On Sept. 4, the Bellingham Police Hazardous Devices Unit assisted the Whatcom County Sheriffs Department with the disposal of confiscated fireworks and old civil disturbance munitions.

In living color

On Sept. 6, Bellingham Police cited a woman for spray-painting the TV in her motel room. She was later arrested fo possession of a stolen vehicle and attempting to elude police.

Herbal remedy extremities

On Sept. 6, a houseguest consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms and attacked a Bellingham family. The tripper was transported to the hospital. The family declined to seek charges.

On Sept. 4, a York resident complained to Bellingham Police that a jar of marijuana had been stolen from his apartment.

Critter crimes

On Aug. 15, an Anacortes patrol officer took a report of a feral cat. According to the report, someone helped the cat get down from a tree and it scratched and bit at least two bystanders who were treated at the emergency room for their injuries. The cat also bit someone else after they attempted to remove it from a local restaurant. When the woman removed the cat, it bit her repeatedly. The cat was captured and placed in a 10-day quarantine at a local shelter.

On Aug. 17, Anacortes Police checked on a vehicle full of chickens and goats. An officer checked the welfare of the animals, who appeared to be in good health and were awaiting a trip to to Guemes Island.

On Sept. 5, a man attempted to board the Alaska ferry in Bellingham with four dogs he claimed were not his and he did not have papers for.

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