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Jesus Guillén
An artistic legacy in La Conner

Jesus Guillén was born in 1926 in Texas. As a child, his father moved the family to Mexico for several years, where the festivals, culture and art of the Tarascan people made a lasting impression upon him—as evidenced by his painting of a flamboyant warrior, “Guerrero Aguila,” on display…

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Academy Adjacent
Red carpet read-alikes

The results of a Google keyword search for “watch Academy Award movies” are full of invitations to stream and watch online using various paid-subscription platforms. In past years, the Oscars—a celebration of stories that are considered exceptional, at least by the 8,469 eligible Oscar…

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The Lowest Pair
A new era of music at the MBT

When the Lowest Pair performs at the Mount Baker Theatre on Thurs., April 29, it probably won’t resemble the Violent Femmes concert I attended at the historic venue years and years ago—but I’m OK with that.

At the latter show, audience members packed the 1,500-seat theater to the rafters,…

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Earthy Eats
Waste not, want not

Americans are a wasteful bunch. Even rabid recyclers come up short in certain areas. Some ignore their leftover Trader Joe’s pork dumplings hanging out in the back of the fridge until they’re too far gone to save—thus adding to the 42 million tons of food that gets thrown away in the United…

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