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In an earlier iteration of Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival, audiences watching the compendium of short films designed to change the way America sees, makes and shares porn were lucky enough to witness a couple of amorous couches who couldn’t keep their cushions off of each other—at least when the resident humans left them alone long enough for them to test out the tensile strength of their own springs. 

Created in 2007 by a crew of Bellingham-based actors and burgeoning filmmakers who put their unique brand of sexy on display, The Room was laugh-out-loud funny, but it was also racy and clever and a perfect example of how people often think outside the box when submitting works to the annual DIY celebration of love, lust and inclusivity.

That last point is an important one. Since Savage conceived of and curated the first HUMP! in 2005—something The Stranger advice columnist continues to do to this day—the focus of the film festival has been on sex-positivity and diversity. The amateur filmmakers who submit works and are chosen to become temporary porn stars in theaters across the land come in a delightful array of body shapes, kinks, ages, colors, sexualities, genders and fetishes, and that’s the way he wants it.

Audiences can see for themselves what creative sexual expression looks like when the 14th annual HUMP! Film Festival returns to Bellingham for Feb. 15-16 screenings at the Pickford Film Center. There, even people who aren’t known to be fans of pornography may be surprised to find themselves laughing, hooting, gasping—and sometimes peeking at the screen through their fingers—as they get an intimate look at what exactly goes on behind people’s closed doors.

On the roster are films about everything from orgasmic hallucinations (Bloom) to horny Boy Scouts (Campground), a middle-school game that gets more than a little crazy (Spin), a look at how terrible adults are at hiding their dirty little secrets (Porn Yesterday), a milkmaid encountering something strange in the dairy room (Whatever Floats Your Goat), a young couple stuck in a sexual rut who decide to explore Planet Earth and beyond (Around the World in 80 Lays, voted Best in Show), and additional tales about real-life relationships, consent, afternoon delights, masochism and release, fantasies brought to life, and a mountaintop orgy (among other things).

“We are so excited for this year,” Savage says of the libidinous lineup.“You know how they told us that this election was the most important election of our lifetimes but this year it was really true? Well, we’re always telling you that this year’s HUMP! is the best HUMP! ever but this year it’s really true. The HUMP! Jury was blown away by the hilarity, hotness, diversity and quality of this year’s films and we can’t wait for you to see them.”

WHAT: Dan Savage’s 14th annual HUMP! Film Festival
WHEN: 7:30pm and 9:45pm Fri., Feb. 15; 7:30pm and 9:15pm Sat., Feb. 16
WHERE: Pickford Film Center, 1318 Bay St.
COST: $18

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